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Sword Art Online Vol.2 Booster Pack

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Sword Art Online Vol.2 Booster Pack: 98 cards
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SAO-S26-058 "Demonic Sword Gram" Event  search
SAO-S26-008 "Living Legend" Heathcliff Character  search
SAO-S26-071 "Navigation Pixie" Yui Character  search
SAO-S26-71S "Navigation Pixie" Yui Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-027 "Speedholic" Leafa Character  search
SAO-S26-078 "The Seed" Event  search
SAO-S26-028 "Veteran Player" Leafa Character  search
SAO-S26-059 Accident in Battle Climax  CR  search
SAO-S26-075 Agil, Broker Character  search
SAO-S26-014 Akihiko Kayaba Character  search
SAO-S26-017 Alicia Rue, Lord of "Cait Sith" Character  search
SAO-S26-013 Asuan, "Conquering Team"'s Off Day Character  search
SAO-S26-006 Asuna Yuuki Character  search
SAO-S26-06S Asuna Yuuki Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-018 Asuna's Present Event  search
SAO-S26-012 Asuna, "Undine" Girl Character  search
SAO-S26-007 Asuna, Bride of the Fairy King Character  search
SAO-S26-004 Asuna, Debuting Home Cooking Character  search
SAO-S26-04S Asuna, Debuting Home Cooking Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-009 Asuna, Family Side Character  search
SAO-S26-005 Asuna, Inside the Bird Cage Character  search
SAO-S26-010 Asuna, Kind Appearance Character  search
SAO-S26-002 Asuna, Light of Hope Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-2SP Asuna, Light of Hope Character  SP  search
SAO-S26-001 Asuna, Optimistic Feeling Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-01R Asuna, Optimistic Feeling Character  RRR  search
SAO-S26-003 Asuna, Precious Time Character  search
SAO-S26-016 Asuna, Putting Self in the Frontline Character  search
SAO-S26-011 Asuna, Shy Smile Character  search
SAO-S26-015 Asuna, Ways to Enjoy Vacation Character  search
SAO-S26-079 Confronting the Strongest Player Climax  CR  search
SAO-S26-057 Eugene, Commander Character  search
SAO-S26-039 Fairy Dance Climax  CR  search
SAO-S26-064 Kazuto, Challenging "ALO" Character  search
SAO-S26-64R Kazuto, Challenging "ALO" Character  RRR  search
SAO-S26-070 Kazuto, Encounter with MMO Character  search
SAO-S26-050 Keiko Ayano Character  search
SAO-S26-052 Keiko in Uniform Character  search
SAO-S26-049 Keiko, Cease-Fire Agreement Character  search
SAO-S26-073 Kirito in "Flower Garden" Character  search
SAO-S26-062 Kirito, "Dual Wield" Demon Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-62S Kirito, "Dual Wield" Demon Character  SP  search
SAO-S26-065 Kirito, "Spriggan" Youth Character  search
SAO-S26-65S Kirito, "Spriggan" Youth Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-076 Kirito, Battle in the Frontlines Character  search
SAO-S26-067 Kirito, Newlywed Life Character  search
SAO-S26-069 Kirito, Two Worlds Character  search
SAO-S26-066 Kirito, Unwavering Determination Character  search
SAO-S26-063 Kirito, Waiting Out Rain Character  search
SAO-S26-077 Klein, Frank Man Character  search
SAO-S26-022 Leafa & Suguha, Virtual And Reality Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-22S Leafa & Suguha, Virtual And Reality Character  SP  search
SAO-S26-021 Leafa, "Sylph" Expert Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-025 Leafa, Girl of Virtual World Character  search
SAO-S26-25S Leafa, Girl of Virtual World Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-033 Leafa, Taking Off From Territory Character  search
SAO-S26-030 Leafa, Troubled Maiden Character  search
SAO-S26-023 Leafa, Unyielding Girl Character  search
SAO-S26-044 Lisbeth, "Leprechaun" Girl Character  search
SAO-S26-44S Lisbeth, "Leprechaun" Girl Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-053 Lisbeth, Adventure to Gather Materials Character  search
SAO-S26-046 Lisbeth, Brilliant Smile Character  search
SAO-S26-46S Lisbeth, Brilliant Smile Character  SP  search
SAO-S26-056 Lisbeth, Kind Warmth Character  search
SAO-S26-055 Lisbeth, Making a Decision Character  search
SAO-S26-048 Lisbeth, Realization of Affection Character  search
SAO-S26-040 Memory of Last Night Climax  CC  search
SAO-S26-035 Oberon, Game Master Character  search
SAO-S26-019 On Top of "Yggdrasil" Climax  CR  search
SAO-S26-032 Recon, Caring about Something Character  search
SAO-S26-080 Reunion with Yui Climax  CC  search
SAO-S26-020 Revelation of "the Wife" Climax  CC  search
SAO-S26-047 Rika Shinozaki Character  search
SAO-S26-051 Rika, Cease-Fire Agreement Character  search
SAO-S26-51R Rika, Cease-Fire Agreement Character  RRR  search
SAO-S26-037 Sakuya, Lord of "Sylph" Character  search
SAO-S26-041 Silica, "Cait Sith" Girl Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-41S Silica, "Cait Sith" Girl Character  SP  search
SAO-S26-045 Silica, Embarrassed Look Character  search
SAO-S26-45S Silica, Embarrassed Look Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-043 Silica, Looking Up at the Sky Character  search
SAO-S26-054 Silica, On Guard to Kindness Character  search
SAO-S26-042 Silica, Relieved Smile Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-026 Suguha, Changing Character  search
SAO-S26-26S Suguha, Changing Character  SR  search
SAO-S26-034 Suguha, Cooking Character  search
SAO-S26-029 Suguha, Kirito's Little Sister Character  search
SAO-S26-024 Suguha, Supprorting Big Brother Character  search
SAO-S26-24R Suguha, Supprorting Big Brother Character  RRR  search
SAO-S26-031 Suguha, Tutor Character  search
SAO-S26-036 Suguha, Youth Days Character  search
SAO-S26-038 Swilvane Specialty Event  search
SAO-S26-060 Until the Smile Returns Climax  CC  search
SAO-S26-072 Yui in Summer Dress Character  search
SAO-S26-061 Yui, Adventure to Find Mama Character  RR  search
SAO-S26-61S Yui, Adventure to Find Mama Character  SP  search
SAO-S26-068 Yui, Memories Regained Character  search
SAO-S26-074 Yui, Simple Answer Character  search

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