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Booster 7: Fated Rivalry

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Booster 7: Fated Rivalry: 111 cards
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B07-098 !! (Bakon!) Event  UC  search
B07-071 Aloof Wendy Z/X  search
B07-101 Ambitious Skilled General, Kuroda Kanbei Z/X  Z/XR  search
B07-024 Armed Dogu, D-GU Z/X  search
B07-030 Atomic Pile, Wezen Z/X  search
B07-058 Atonement Lamb Event  search
B07-078 Bay Bridge's Desperate Struggle Event  search
B07-086 Beastman, Were-Armadillo Z/X  UC  search
B07-094 Beastman, Were-Monkey Z/X  search
B07-089 Beastman, Were-Shepherd Z/X  search
B07-087 Beautiful Folding Fan, Renge Z/X  search
B07-033 Bell Sound, Sciarrino Z/X  search
B07-045 Bengal the Sculptor Z/X  UC  search
B07-083 Bird Girl, Were-Parrot Z/X  search
B07-068 Black Moon of Abyss, Almathar Z/X  SR  search
B07-031 Blow Machine, Battery Z/X  search
B07-036 Blue Star Regalia, Lawrencium Z/X  SR  search
B07-064 Calamity Headpiece, Lanze Z/X  search
B07-069 Captive Hollow Giant, Huge Gigas Z/X  search
B07-057 Cats Running Around in Yard Event  search
B07-067 Chopping Vorpal Scythe Z/X  search
B07-037 Clash of the Blue and Red Event  UC  search
B07-015 Clothing Craftsman, Lacquery Z/X  SR  search
B07-023 Conquest Machine, Conqueror Z/X  search
B07-054 Curl's Number 2 Henchman, Bombay Z/X  UC  search
B07-008 Daughter of Thunder God, Tachibana Ginchiyo Z/X  search
B07-066 Demon of Ark, Arcae Z/X  UC  search
B07-072 Demon of Dark Night, Nox Z/X  search
B07-073 Demon of Jet-Black, Niger Z/X  search
B07-001 Divine Shield Craftsman, Aigis Z/X  search
B07-090 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Sagara Z/X  SR  search
B07-092 Eight Way Meteor of Lunar Mansion, Kimikagesou Z/X  UC  search
B07-050 Evilbane, McKinley Z/X  UC  search
B07-042 Evilbane, Shankar Z/X  UC  search
B07-095 Faithful Dual Sword, Enoki Z/X  search
B07-091 Fantasy Butterfly, Swallowtail Z/X  search
B07-019 Feathers Dyed Crimson Event  search
B07-075 Ferryman of Hades, Charon Z/X  search
B07-080 First Three Days of the New Year Event  UC  search
B07-081 Fruit Loving Heartsease Z/X  search
B07-016 Goddess of Justice, Astraea Z/X  SR  search
B07-088 Grape Bagworm, Grape Cocoon Z/X  search
B07-014 Great Crimson Horn, Ruby Tricera Z/X  search
B07-093 Green Hunter, Feuille Z/X  SR  search
B07-039 Heartless Eliminate Event  UC  search
B07-035 Heavy Machinery Union, Bohrium Z/X  search
B07-044 Holy Beast, Aura Frost Z/X  search
B07-056 Holy Beast, Aura Kraken Z/X  search
B07-103 Illusion in the Deep Green, Benihime Z/X  Z/XR  search
B07-006 Iron Pyrite, Pyrite Tortoise Z/X  UC  search
B07-110 Kagamihara Azumi Player  CVR  search
B07-108 Kamiyugi Sakura Player  IGR  search
B07-109 Kamiyugi Yachiyo Player  IGR  search
B07-107 Kenbuchi Soma Player  IGR  search
B07-085 Lacework Sorrel Z/X  UC  search
B07-049 Lawbringer, Chamlang Z/X  search
B07-048 Lawbringer, Yerupaja Z/X  UC  search
B07-096 Lily Sickle, Lyrical Sickle Z/X  UC  search
B07-047 Livre the Book Z/X  search
B07-063 Loitering Corpse, Jiangshi Z/X  UC  search
B07-009 Magical Beast of the Country of Mirror, Jabberwocky Z/X  search
B07-099 Midnight Escape Drama Event  search
B07-025 Mirage Dagger, Bellatrix Z/X  search
B07-022 Mobile Passenger Boat, Gallium Z/X  UC  search
B07-077 Negative Wave Event  search
B07-018 Nine-Tails' Fire Dance Event  search
B07-010 Noble-minded Three Musketeers, Athos Z/X  search
B07-017 Oath of the Peach Garden Event  UC  search
B07-002 One Horned Rabbit, Almiraj Z/X  search
B07-034 Original XIII Type.IX "Rt23Ar" Z/X  SR  search
B07-082 Overseer Elder Z/X  search
B07-041 Parfum the Fragrance Z/X  search
B07-021 Play Stream, Float Z/X  search
B07-062 Puppeteer Girl, Puella Z/X  UC  search
B07-052 Rebel of Faith, Sir Garmatha Z/X  SR  search
B07-059 Refugee from Parallel World Event  search
B07-012 Roaming God, Zeus Z/X  search
B07-100 Sagara's Request Event  search
B07-053 Sage of Blazing Light, Fausseflamme Z/X  SR  search
B07-046 Scintillement the Spark Z/X  search
B07-043 Scoop Chasing Munchkin Z/X  search
B07-097 Seal of Sky Abyss Event  UC  search
B07-038 Secret Plan Event  UC  search
B07-076 Seeker of Abyss, Lich Z/X  UC  search
B07-104 Sento Reia Player  IGR  search
B07-111 Sento Reia Player  CVR  search
B07-060 Separated Pair Event  UC  search
B07-079 Sera Loves Castella Event  search
B07-027 Sharp Slicer, Enif Z/X  search
B07-011 Short Tempered Sulfur, Sulfur Boar Z/X  UC  search
B07-070 Skeleton Samurai, Skeletal Bushido Z/X  search
B07-061 Slashing Cookie Z/X  UC  search
B07-029 Storm Machine, Cyclone Z/X  UC  search
B07-028 String Princess of Ancient Moon, Lucia Z/X  search
B07-004 Talented Beauty, Kou Getsuei Z/X  UC  search
B07-007 Temple Bake-danuki, Bunbuku Chagama Z/X  search
B07-106 Tennoji Yamato Player  IGR  search
B07-020 The Three Musketeers' Hatsumode Event  UC  search
B07-003 Timid Platinum, Platina Hamster Z/X  search
B07-032 Transformed Gladius, Molybdenum Z/X  UC  search
B07-005 Transforming Crystal, Prism Chameleon Z/X  UC  search
B07-065 Transient Jaw, Bajonett Z/X  search
B07-102 Twelve Apostles - Gemini Ambriel Z/X  Z/XR  search
B07-013 Vagrant Swordsmith, Nagamitsu Z/X  search
B07-026 Valiant Collider, Castor Z/X  search
B07-040 Versus Chaser Event  search
B07-051 Victoire the Victory Z/X  search
B07-084 Violent Bullet, Kunugi Z/X  search
B07-074 Wings of Stars, Crepus Z/X  SR  search
B07-105 Yuzuriha Misaki Player  IGR  search
B07-055 Zephyr the Breeze Z/X  search

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