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Disgaea D2 Extra Pack

TIP You can see decks in a standard format, as a list of cards, or in an extended format, with the images, stats, and game text of all the cards displayed in detail.
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Disgaea D2 Extra Pack: 40 cards
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DG-SE17-29 "Dignity of Overlord" Laharl Character  search
DG-SE17-16 "Emergency Revival" Pure Flonne Character  search
DG-SE17-01 "Little Sister Aura" Sicily Character  search
DG-SE17-11 "Majin of Aloofness" Etna Character  search
DG-SE17-11S "Majin of Aloofness" Etna Character  SP  search
DG-SE17-06 "Overlord" Sicily Character  search
DG-SE17-19 "Rampaging Treasure" Xenolith Character  search
DG-SE17-30 "Sadistic" Etna Character  search
DG-SE17-04 "Seat of Overlord" Sicily Character  search
DG-SE17-28 "Voluptuous" Laharl-chan Character  search
DG-SE17-34 Barbara, Demon Waiting instructions Character  search
DG-SE17-07 Birth of New Overlord Climax  search
DG-SE17-20 Conversation Between Big Brother and Little Sister Climax  search
DG-SE17-36 Eternal Idol Climax  search
DG-SE17-09 Etna, Cute Little Demon Character  search
DG-SE17-18 Etna, Dumbfounded Character  search
DG-SE17-17 Etna, Meanie Demon Character  search
DG-SE17-13 Etna, Player 2 Character Character  search
DG-SE17-23 Etna, Sharp Tsukkomi Character  search
DG-SE17-14 Flonne, Fallen Angel of Love Character  search
DG-SE17-25 Flonne, Loves Tokusatsu Character  search
DG-SE17-08 Flonne, Preacher of Love Character  search
DG-SE17-22 Laharl, Egocentric Overlord Character  search
DG-SE17-22S Laharl, Egocentric Overlord Character  SP  search
DG-SE17-24 Laharl, Leader of the Netherworld Character  search
DG-SE17-32 Laharl, New Overlord Character  search
DG-SE17-26 Laharl, Son of the Last Overlord Character  search
DG-SE17-31 Laharl-chan Character  search
DG-SE17-33 Laharl-chan, Idol Overlord Character  search
DG-SE17-21 Netherworld Enveloped by Love Climax  search
DG-SE17-35 Next Episode Preview Event  search
DG-SE17-12 Prinnigar X Character  search
DG-SE17-10 Pure Flonne, Awakened Angel Character  search
DG-SE17-10S Pure Flonne, Awakened Angel Character  SP  search
DG-SE17-27 Reborn Krichevskoy Character  search
DG-SE17-03 Sicily, Field Trip Feel Character  search
DG-SE17-02 Sicily, Mysterious Angel Character  search
DG-SE17-02S Sicily, Mysterious Angel Character  SP  search
DG-SE17-05 Sicily, Present from Celestia Character  search
DG-SE17-15 Xenolith, Mysterious Demon Character  search

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