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Commander's Edition

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Commander's Edition: 343 cards
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191 'Mech Hangar Command  search
192 'Mech Trap Command  search
1 Accelerated Turnaround Command  search
2 Adam Steiner Command  search
3 Aerospace Fighter Mission Command  search
4 Airstrikes Close to Home Command  search
5 Albatross Revised (ALB-3U) Mech  search
6 Aletha Kabrinski Command  search
7 Alex Mallory Command  search
8 Anastasius Focht Command  search
9 Annihilator (ANH-2A) Mech  search
10 Anvil Revised (ANV-3M) Mech  search
11 Arms Reduction Command  search
12 Arrow IV Battery Command  search
13 Assassin (ASN-23) Mech  search
14 Assault on the Rear Echelon Command  search
15 Atlas (AS7-D) Mech  search
16 Atlas Revised (AS7-K) Mech  search
17 Avatar (AV1-OC) Mech  search
18 Awesome (AWS-8Q) Mech  search
19 Awesome Revised (AWS-9M) Mech  search
20 Bait and Switch Mission  search
21 Banshee (BNC-5S) Mech  search
22 Bearer of McKennsy Hammer Command  search
23 Behemoth (Stone Rhino) Mech  search
24 Berserker Revised (BRZ-A3) Mech  search
25 Black Hawk A (Nova) Mech  search
26 Black Hawk C Revised (Nova) Mech  search
27 Black Hawk D (Nova) Mech  search
28 Black Hawk Prime (Nova) Mech  search
29 Black Knight (BL6-KNT) Mech  search
30 Black Lanner Prime Mech  search
31 Black Market Connections Command  search
32 Blackjack (BJ-2) Mech  search
33 Blackjack (BJ2-OB) Mech  search
34 Blitzkrieg Mission  search
35 Blood of Kerensky Command  search
36 Blow the Pass! Mission  search
37 Booty Cache Command  search
38 Brutal Punch Mission  search
39 C3 Retrofit Command  search
40 Caesar Revised (CES-3R) Mech  search
41 Candace Liao Command  search
42 Catapult (CPLT-C1) Mech  search
43 Catapult (CPLT-C3) Mech  search
44 Cauldron-Born A Mech  search
45 Centurion (CN9-D) Mech  search
46 Cerberus (MR-V2) Mech  search
47 Charger Revised (CGR-3K) Mech  search
48 Cicada (CDA-3M) Mech  search
49 Civilian Settlement Command  search
50 Clint Revised (CLNT-2-3U) Mech  search
51 Com Guard Response Team Mission  search
52 Commando (COM-5S) Mech  search
53 Communications Failure Mission  search
54 ComStar High Command Command  search
55 ComStar Investment Command  search
56 ComStar Support Command  search
57 Contract with 21st Centauri Lancers Command  search
58 Contract with Black Thorns Command  search
59 Contract with Eridani Light Horse Command  search
60 Contract with Gray Death Legion Command  search
61 Contract with Hansen's Roughriders Command  search
62 Contract with Kell Hounds Command  search
63 Contract with Northwind Highlanders Command  search
64 Contract with Snord's Irregulars Command  search
65 Coordinator Theodore Kurita Command  search
66 Corridor of Fire Command  search
67 Corvis Mech  search
68 Coventry Metal Works Command  search
69 Creative Terraforming Command  search
70 Critical Hit Mission  search
71 Crockett (CRK-5003-1) Mech  search
72 Cyclops (CP 10-Z) Mech  search
73 Daikyu (DA1-01) Mech  search
74 Daimyo (DMO-1K) Mech  search
75 Daishi Prime (Dire Wolf) Mech  search
76 Dasher B (Fire Moth) Mech  search
77 Dasher Prime (Fire Moth) Mech  search
78 Davion High Command Command  search
79 Death Commando Strike Command  search
80 Death from Above Mission  search
81 Defensive Formation Mission  search
82 Deploy Reinforcements Mission  search
83 Dervish (DV-7D) Mech  search
84 Difficult Terrain Command  search
85 Disguised Coordinates Command  search
86 Double-Time Offense Command  search
87 Dr. Ariel Reed Command  search
88 Dragon (DRG-1N) Mech  search
89 Dragonfly A (Viper) Mech  search
90 Dragonfly B (Viper) Mech  search
91 Dragonfly Prime (Viper) Mech  search
92 DropShip Site Command  search
93 Earthwerks Limited Command  search
94 ECM Retrofit Command  search
95 Enforcer (ENF-5D) Mech  search
96 Evantha Fetladral Command  search
97 Exterminator (EXT-4D) Mech  search
98 Falcon Hawk (FNHK-9K1A) Mech  search
99 Falconer (FLC-8R) Mech  search
100 Fanatical Leader Command  search
101 Feint Mission  search
102 Fenris C (Ice Ferret) Mech  search
103 Fenris D (Ice Ferret) Mech  search
104 Field Command Post Command  search
105 Firefly (FFL-4B) Mech  search
106 Firestarter (FS9-OD) Mech  search
107 First Circuit Summons Command  search
108 Flashman (FLS-8K) Mech  search
109 Flea (FLE-17) Mech  search
110 Fog-Shrouded Moors Command  search
111 For the Chancellor! Mission  search
112 Forged Mission Orders Mission  search
113 Galahad (Glass Spider) Mech  search
114 Gallowglas (GAL-1GLS) Mech  search
115 Gearhead Command  search
116 Ghost Bear High Command Command  search
117 Gladiator A (Executioner) Mech  search
118 Gladiator B (Executioner) Mech  search
119 Good Shooting! Mission  search
120 Grand Dragon (DRG-5K) Mech  search
121 Grand Titan Revised (T-IT-N10M) Mech  search
122 Grasshopper (GHR-5H) Mech  search
123 Grendel Prime Mech  search
124 Grim Reaper (GRM-R-PR29) Mech  search
125 Guillotine (GLT-5M) Mech  search
126 Gunslinger (GUN-1ERD) Mech  search
127 Haakon Magnusson Command  search
128 Hatamoto-Chi (HTM-27T) Mech  search
129 Hatchetman Revised (HCT-5S) Mech  search
130 Headhunter Command  search
131 Heavy Fog Mission  search
132 Heavy Woods Command  search
133 Hellhound (Conjurer) Mech  search
134 Hercules (HRC-LS-9000) Mech  search
135 Hermes (HER-1S) Mech  search
136 Hermes II (HER-5S) Mech  search
137 Heroic Sacrifice Mission  search
138 Hidden Reserves Command  search
139 Highlander (HGN-732) Mech  search
140 Hitman (HM-1) Mech  search
141 Hohiro Kurita Command  search
142 Holographic Decoy Command  search
143 Hoplite (HOP-4D) Mech  search
144 Hunchback (HBK-4G) Mech  search
145 Hunchback IIC Mech  search
146 Hunchback Revised (HBK-5M) Mech  search
147 Huron Warrior (HUR-W0-R4L) Mech  search
148 Hussar (HSR 200-D) Mech  search
149 Imp Revised (IMP-3E) Mech  search
150 Inside Job Command  search
151 Intimidating Paint Job Command  search
152 ISF Counterespionage Command  search
153 Jade Falcon High Command Command  search
154 Jagermech (JM6-DD) Mech  search
155 Jenner (JR7-D) Mech  search
156 Jenner IIC Mech  search
157 Jerrard Cranston Command  search
158 Jump Jet Retrofit Command  search
159 Kai, Champion of Solaris Command  search
160 Katana (CRK-5003-2) Mech  search
161 Katherine Steiner-Davion Command  search
162 Khan Bjorn Jorgensson Command  search
163 King Crab (KGC-000) Mech  search
164 Kintaro (KTO-19) Mech  search
165 Kintaro (KTO-20) Mech  search
166 Komodo (KIM-2) Mech  search
167 Koshi B (Mist Lynx) Mech  search
168 Koshi C (Mist Lynx) Mech  search
169 Koshi Prime (Mist Lynx) Mech  search
170 Kraken (Bane) Mech  search
171 Kurita High Command Command  search
172 Lance Commander Command  search
173 Lancelot (LNC25-01) Mech  search
174 Laser System Retrofit Command  search
175 Last Stand at Hanover Mission  search
176 Linebacker B Mech  search
177 Linebacker Prime Mech  search
178 Loki B (Hellbringer) Mech  search
179 Long Range Targeting System Command  search
180 Luck of the Fox Mission  search
181 Mad Cat B (Timber Wolf) Mech  search
182 Mad Cat Prime (Timber Wolf) Mech  search
183 Man O' War B (Gargoyle) Mech  search
184 Man O' War Prime (Gargoyle) Mech  search
185 Mandrill Mech  search
186 Marissa Morgan Command  search
187 Masakari Prime (Warhawk) Mech  search
188 Maskirovka Operatives Command  search
189 Massive Battlefield Confusion Mission  search
190 Mauler Mech  search
193 MedEvac Team Command  search
194 Mercenary Commission Contacts Command  search
195 Misrouted Command Command  search
196 Missile Rack Retrofit Command  search
197 Missile Spotter Mission  search
198 Mongoose (MON-66) Mech  search
199 Morgan Hasek-Davion Command  search
200 Morgan Kell Command  search
201 Move to Partial Cover Mission  search
202 Naga D Mech  search
203 Naga Prime Mech  search
204 Naginata (NG-C3A) Mech  search
205 Narrow Valley Command  search
206 Night Gyr B Mech  search
207 Nightsky Revised (NGS-4S) Mech  search
208 Nobori-nin A (Huntsman) Mech  search
209 Omi Kurita Command  search
210 OmniMech-Pod Cache Command  search
211 Orion (ON1-M) Mech  search
212 Overrun Mission  search
213 Overwhelm Mission  search
214 Owens Revised (OW-1) Mech  search
215 Owens Revised (OW-1D) Mech  search
216 Panther (PNT-9R) Mech  search
217 Penetrator Revised (PTR-4D) Mech  search
218 Peregrine (Horned Owl) Mech  search
219 Perimeter Alarm Command  search
220 Phantom A Mech  search
221 Phantom B Mech  search
222 Phantom Prime Mech  search
223 Phelan Ward Command  search
224 Piranha Mech  search
225 Point Defense System Command  search
226 Pouncer B Mech  search
227 Pouncer C Mech  search
228 Pouncer Prime Mech  search
229 Primus Sharilar Mori Command  search
230 Prince Victor Steiner-Davion Command  search
231 Prometheus (Dire Wolf) Mech  search
232 Pryde's Pride Mission  search
233 Puma A (Adder) Mech  search
234 Puma C (Adder) Mech  search
235 Puma D (Adder) Mech  search
236 Puma Prime (Adder) Mech  search
237 Pushing the Envelope Mission  search
238 Quick Salvage Operation Mission  search
239 Quickdraw (QKD-4G) Mech  search
240 Quickdraw (QKD-5M) Mech  search
241 Rakshasa (MDG-1A) Mech  search
242 Rapid Cool-Down Mission  search
243 Raven (RVN-3L) Mech  search
244 Reactor Breach Mission  search
245 Recon Pilot Command  search
246 Redline Pilot Command  search
247 Relentless Assault Mission  search
248 Repair Facility Command  search
249 Rhonda Snord Command  search
250 Rhonda's Highlander (HGN-732) Mech  search
251 Risky Combat Jump Mission  search
252 Ristar MechWarrior Command  search
253 Rocky Gorge Command  search
254 Rolling Hills Command  search
255 Rookie Pilot Command  search
256 Ryoken B (Stormcrow) Mech  search
257 Ryoken C (Stormcrow) Mech  search
258 Ryoken D (Stormcrow) Mech  search
259 Sacrifice for the Dragon! Mission  search
260 Salamander (PPR-5S) Mech  search
261 Sandhurst Royal Military Academy Command  search
262 Scarabus (SCB-9A) Mech  search
263 Sharpshooter Command  search
264 Shin Yodama Command  search
265 Shogun (SHG-2F) Mech  search
266 Sibko Allegiance Mission  search
267 Simone Devon Command  search
268 Single Combat Command  search
269 Smoke Jaguar High Command Command  search
270 Snake (SNK-1V) Mech  search
271 Solaris Games Veteran Command  search
272 Spider (SDR-5V) Mech  search
273 Spider Revised (SDR-7M) Mech  search
274 St. Ives Operations Officer Command  search
275 St. Ives Salvage Crew Command  search
276 Staging Ground Command  search
277 Stalker (STK-3F) Mech  search
278 Steal 'Mech Command  search
279 Stealth (STH-1D) Mech  search
280 Steiner High Command Command  search
281 Strafing Run Command  search
282 Strip Mining Operation Command  search
283 Studied Move Mission  search
284 Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy Command  search
286 Sun-Tzu Liao Command  search
285 Sunder (SD1-OB) Mech  search
287 Supernova Mech  search
288 Support: Assembly Command  search
289 Support: Logistics Command  search
290 Support: Munitions Command  search
291 Support: Politics Command  search
292 Support: Tactics Command  search
293 Tactical Advantage Mission  search
294 Tactical Nuke Command  search
295 Taking the Hit Mission  search
296 Targeting Ace Command  search
297 Targeting Computer Retrofit Command  search
298 Teachings of the Unfinished Book Command  search
299 Tempest Revised (TMP-3M) Mech  search
300 Temporary Cease-Fire Mission  search
301 The Remembrance Command  search
302 Think Tank Command  search
303 Thomas Marik Command  search
304 Thor B Revised (Summoner) Mech  search
305 Thor D (Summoner) Mech  search
306 Thorn (THE-N) Mech  search
307 Thumper Battery Command  search
308 Thunder (THR-1L) Mech  search
309 Topple Mission  search
310 Tracking System Failure Command  search
311 Training Facility Command  search
312 Trapped! Mission  search
313 Treachery! Command  search
314 Trebuchet (TBT-5N) Mech  search
315 Trebuchet (TBT-7M) Mech  search
316 Turkina A Mech  search
317 Uller B (Kit Fox) Mech  search
318 Uller D (Kit Fox) Mech  search
319 Uller Prime (Kit Fox) Mech  search
320 Underworld Connections Command  search
321 Unnamed Sources Command  search
322 Unopposed Mission  search
323 UrbanMech (UM-R63) Mech  search
324 UrbanMech IIC Mech  search
325 Venom Revised (SDR-9K) Mech  search
326 Veteran MechWarrior Command  search
327 Vicious Kick Mission  search
328 Victor (VTR-9B) Mech  search
329 Victor (VTR-9K) Mech  search
330 Vindicator Revised (VND-3L) Mech  search
331 Vlad of the Wards Command  search
332 Vulture C (Mad Dog) Mech  search
333 Vulture Prime (Mad Dog) Mech  search
334 Whitworth (WTH-1) Mech  search
335 Wolf High Command Command  search
336 Wolfgang Hansen Command  search
337 Wolfhound (WLF-2) Mech  search
338 Work Stoppage Command  search
339 Wraith (TR1) Mech  search
340 Wyvern (WVE-5N) Mech  search
341 Wyvern IIC Mech  search
342 Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW) Mech  search
343 Zeus (ZEU-9S) Mech  search

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