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Kill La Kill Booster Pack

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Kill La Kill Booster Pack: 120 cards
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KLK-S27-011 "Super" Self-Paced Mom, Sukuyo Character  search
KLK-S27-089 Absolute Terror, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-071 Ambitious, Satsuki Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-014 Anachronostic Brat, Matarou Character  search
KLK-S27-086 At the Top of the Tower, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-016 Barazou, Town's Illegitimate Doctor Character  search
KLK-S27-073 Before the Final Battle, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-047 Berserk" Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-036 Boxing Club Leader, Fukuroda Character  search
KLK-S27-026 CEO of REVOCS, Ragyo Character  search
KLK-S27-006 Class 2-A, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-018 Classic Trap Event  search
KLK-S27-064 Connected By Blood, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-093 Data Master, Inumata Character  search
KLK-S27-048 Declaration of War! Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-043 Deepening Bonds, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-033 Disciplinary Committee Trap Developer, Oogure Character  search
KLK-S27-083 Discovering a Path to Victory, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-038 Disguise Event  search
KLK-S27-010 Eating Croquettes, Mako Character  search
KLK-S27-081 Family Konjac Business, Sanageyama Character  search
KLK-S27-069 Fated Battle Climax  CC  search
KLK-S27-054 Feelings of Togetherness! Mako Character  search
KLK-S27-076 Fierce Spirit, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-007 Fight Club Member, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-004 Fight Club President, Mako Character  search
KLK-S27-053 Finding a Voice, Senketsu Character  search
KLK-S27-046 First Encounter with Senketsu, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-074 First Step Towards Ambition, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-012 Following Along, Guts Character  search
KLK-S27-015 Freeloading off the Mankanshoku Family, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-075 Genius Hacker, Inumata Character  search
KLK-S27-068 Graduating From a Sailor Uniform Climax  CR  search
KLK-S27-68R Graduating from Sailor Uniform Climax  RRR  search
KLK-S27-027 Grand Couturier, Nui Character  search
KLK-S27-035 Hakodate, Tennis Club PResident Character  search
KLK-S27-028 Head Butler of the Kiryuin Family, Cloide Character  search
KLK-S27-077 High Aspirations, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-100 Honnouji Academy Elite Four, Ultimate Battle Regalia! Climax  CC  search
KLK-S27-019 I Said It's My Turn Now! Climax  CR  search
KLK-S27-19R I Said, It's My Turn! Climax  RRR  search
KLK-S27-020 Itadakima-su! Climax  CC  search
KLK-S27-088 Jakuzure, Elite Four of the Student Council Character  search
KLK-S27-066 Junketsu Event  search
KLK-S27-095 Junketsu Event  search
KLK-S27-66S Junketsu Event  SR  search
KLK-S27-95S Junketsu Event  SR  search
KLK-S27-080 Keeping Order, Gamagoori Character  search
KLK-S27-099 Life Fiber Override, Kamui Junketsu! Climax  CC  search
KLK-S27-070 Life Fiber Synchronize, Kamui Senketsu! Climax  CC  search
KLK-S27-056 Looking for a "Girl With a Scissors Blade", Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-013 Mako with Glasses Character  search
KLK-S27-02S Mako, Can't Be Stopped Character  SP  search
KLK-S27-01S Mako, Not-so-great Daughter of Illegitimate Doctor Character  SR  search
KLK-S27-03R Mako, Worrying Character  RRR  search
KLK-S27-029 Mental Refitting" Ragyo Character  search
KLK-S27-065 Mikisugi, Mysterious Man Character  search
KLK-S27-042 My Final Decision Is to Wear It! Ryuuko Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-063 Naked Nudist, Mikisugi Character  search
KLK-S27-060 Naniwa Kinman High School, Takarada Character  search
KLK-S27-057 Neighbouring Seat, Mako Character  search
KLK-S27-001 Not-So-Great Daughter of a Sketchy Doctor, Mako Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-052 Nudist Beach Member, Kinagase Character  search
KLK-S27-037 Nui, Mysterious Girl Character  search
KLK-S27-24R Nui, Owner of Scissors Character  RRR  search
KLK-S27-25S Nui, Passing by Character  SR  search
KLK-S27-22S Nui, Threaded Gears of Fate Character  SP  search
KLK-S27-025 Passing By, Nui Character  search
KLK-S27-021 Preparing for the Birth of the Cocoon Planet, Ragyo Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-023 Pulling Threads, Nui Character  search
KLK-S27-031 Ragyo's Secretary, Hououmaru Character  search
KLK-S27-030 Ready-Made, Nui Character  search
KLK-S27-067 Red Gauntlet Event  search
KLK-S27-044 Rescuing Senketsu! Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-06S Ryuko of 2-A Character  SR  search
KLK-S27-42S Ryuko, Decided to Wear and Finish the Fight! Character  SP  search
KLK-S27-46S Ryuko, First Encounter with Senketsu Character  SR  search
KLK-S27-41R Ryuko, to a New Self Character  RRR  search
KLK-S27-058 Ryuko, Transfer Student Character  search
KLK-S27-008 Ryuuko In Pajamas Character  search
KLK-S27-049 Ryuuko's Father, Isshin Character  search
KLK-S27-045 Ryuuko's Only Outfit, Senketsu Character  search
KLK-S27-091 Sanageyama, Elite Four of the Student Council Character  search
KLK-S27-085 Satsuki's Butler, Soroi Character  search
KLK-S27-078 Satsuki's Childhood Friend, Jakuzure Character  search
KLK-S27-034 Satsuki's Mother, Ragyo Character  search
KLK-S27-73S Satsuki, Before the Final Battle Character  SR  search
KLK-S27-71R Satsuki, Being Ambitious Character  RRR  search
KLK-S27-72S Satsuki, For the World Wishing to Protect Character  SP  search
KLK-S27-062 Satsuki, Looking up at the Sky Character  search
KLK-S27-094 Satsuki, Smiling Character  search
KLK-S27-024 Scissors Owner, Nui Character  search
KLK-S27-061 Senketsu's Power, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-45S Senketsu, Ryuko's Outfit Character  SR  search
KLK-S27-079 Sewing Club President, Iori Character  search
KLK-S27-084 Shingantsu Stronger than Tengantsu, Sanageyama Character  search
KLK-S27-040 Shinra Kotetsu, Absolute Domination! Climax  CC  search
KLK-S27-005 Sightseeing in Osaka, Mako Character  search
KLK-S27-096 Soroi's Black Tea Event  search
KLK-S27-092 Student Council Elite Four, Gamagoori Character  search
KLK-S27-087 Student Council Elite Four, Inumuta Character  search
KLK-S27-017 Suspicious Croquettes Event  search
KLK-S27-059 Talking Sailor Uniform, Senketsu Character  search
KLK-S27-022 The Wheel of Fate, Nui Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-098 There Is Nothing Wrong With My Actions! Climax  CC  search
KLK-S27-041 To a New Self, Ryuuko Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-097 To Honnouji Academy Climax  CR  search
KLK-S27-97R To Honnouji Academy Climax  RRR  search
KLK-S27-082 To the Beginning of the Song, Jakuzure Character  search
KLK-S27-050 Together with Senketsu, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-090 Transforming With Each Perversion, Gamagoori Character  search
KLK-S27-039 Unexpected Confession Climax  CR  search
KLK-S27-39R Unexpected Confession Climax  RRR  search
KLK-S27-009 Unmoving, Mako Character  search
KLK-S27-002 Unstoppable, Mako Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-072 Wanting to Protect the World, Satsuki Character  RR  search
KLK-S27-051 Wearing Junketsu, Ryuuko Character  search
KLK-S27-055 Wearing Senketsu, Satsuki Character  search
KLK-S27-032 Whimsical, Nui Character  search
KLK-S27-003 Worrying, Mako Character  search

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