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WX-01 Served Selector

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WX-01 Served Selector: 112 cards
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WX01-029 Adamasphere, Natural Pyroxene SIGNI  SR  search
WX01-109 Adamasphere, Natural Pyroxene SIGNI  Secret  search
WX01-018 Anti-Spell ARTS  LC  search
WX01-043 Araial, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX01-028 Arc Aura Spell  SR  search
WX01-035 Athena, Goddess of Blessing SIGNI  search
WX01-046 BAD CONDITION Spell  search
WX01-049 Baromet, Natural Plant SIGNI  search
WX01-048 Bigtatt, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-059 Bow, Shooting Bow SIGNI  search
WX01-087 Cait Sith, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-039 Cannon, Ballista SIGNI  search
WX01-036 Catapaul, Large Bow SIGNI  search
WX01-026 Charging ARTS  LC  search
WX01-077 Code Art ADB SIGNI  search
WX01-075 Code Art ASM SIGNI  search
WX01-082 Code Art FAN SIGNI  search
WX01-076 Code Art IDOL SIGNI  search
WX01-044 Code Art PZL SIGNI  search
WX01-078 Code Art STG SIGNI  search
WX01-081 Code Art TV SIGNI  search
WX01-079 Code Art WTC SIGNI  search
WX01-031 Code Heart VAC SIGNI  SR  search
WX01-110 Code Heart VAC SIGNI  Secret  search
WX01-017 Code Piruluk Alpha LRIG  LC  search
WX01-016 Code Piruluk Beta LRIG  LC  search
WX01-015 Code Piruluk Gamma LRIG  LC  search
WX01-005 Code Piruluk Omega LRIG  LR  search
WX01-093 Dandelion, Natural Plant SIGNI  search
WX01-014 Dominating Fury ARTS  LC  search
WX01-072 Dragunov, Small Gun SIGNI  search
WX01-086 Eagle, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-054 Egis, Ultimate Shield SIGNI  search
WX01-065 Emeralda, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-052 Encompassing Knowledge Spell  search
WX01-027 Energe, Original Spear SIGNI  SR  search
WX01-108 Energe, Original Spear SIGNI  Secret  search
WX01-050 Enlarge Spell  search
WX01-024 Fantastic ARTS  LC  search
WX01-030 Fires of Atonement Spell  SR  search
WX01-042 Fissure of Condemnation Spell  search
WX01-073 Flame Ball, Falling Star Spell  search
WX01-085 FREEZE Spell  search
WX01-098 Germinate Spell  search
WX01-038 Get Dantalian Spell  search
WX01-062 Get Open Spell  search
WX01-063 Get Ready Spell  search
WX01-053 God Eater, Ultimate Sword SIGNI  search
WX01-003 Hanayo-Four, Hundred-Fire Profusion LRIG  LR  search
WX01-107 Hanayo-Four, Hundred-Fire Profusion LRIG  Secret  search
WX01-013 Hanayo-One, the Flame LRIG  LC  search
WX01-011 Hanayo-Three, Blazing Flame Dance LRIG  LC  search
WX01-004 Hanayo-Two Remodeled, Roaring Flame LRIG  LR  search
WX01-106 Hanayo-Two Remodeled, Roaring Flame LRIG  Secret  search
WX01-012 Hanayo-Two, Hard Flame LRIG  LC  search
WX01-061 Haniel, Thoughts of Seeking SIGNI  search
WX01-103 Jetting Knowledge Spell  search
WX01-091 Koalan, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-068 Kohaku, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-083 Kumanomin, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX01-089 Kuro, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-023 Late Bloomer ARTS  LC  search
WX01-070 Macury, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-047 Mandore, Natural Plant SIGNI  search
WX01-064 Metallica, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-096 Mi-Ke, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-058 Michael, Voice of Reconciliation SIGNI  search
WX01-021 Midoriko, Bridal Combat Girl Type Two LRIG  LC  search
WX01-022 Midoriko, Dancing Combat Girl Type One LRIG  LC  search
WX01-020 Midoriko, Feminine Girl Type Three LRIG  LC  search
WX01-019 Midoriko, Shining Empress Girl Type Four LRIG  LC  search
WX01-006 Midoriko, War Empress Type Four LRIG  LR  search
WX01-041 Ordnance, Roaring Gun SIGNI  search
WX01-040 Orichalc, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-033 Osaki, Phantom Beast Deity SIGNI  SR  search
WX01-111 Osaki, Phantom Beast Deity SIGNI  Secret  search
WX01-088 Owl, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-095 Pandan, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-074 Prismatic Fire Pillar Spell  search
WX01-069 Ranchan, Explosive Gun SIGNI  search
WX01-034 Repair Spell  SR  search
WX01-099 Reverse Summon Spell  search
WX01-067 Rin, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-055 Riot, Large Shield SIGNI  search
WX01-060 Round, Small Shield SIGNI  search
WX01-066 Rubyl, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-025 Salvage ARTS  LC  search
WX01-097 Salvia, Natural Plant SIGNI  search
WX01-071 Sapphi, Natural Stone SIGNI  search
WX01-057 Sephiram, Shooting Bow SIGNI  search
WX01-101 Servant D SIGNI  search
WX01-102 Servant O SIGNI  search
WX01-051 Servant Q SIGNI  search
WX01-100 Servant T SIGNI  search
WX01-080 Shakotan, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX01-045 Shark Lance, Water Phantom SIGNI  search
WX01-092 Shiro, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-032 SNATCHER Spell  SR  search
WX01-090 Sparrow, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-056 Square, Medium Shield SIGNI  search
WX01-094 Swallow, Phantom Beast SIGNI  search
WX01-112 Tama LRIG  search
WX01-002 Tamayorihime, Dawn Miko LRIG  LR  search
WX01-104 Tamayorihime, Full Moon Miko LRIG  Secret  search
WX01-007 Tamayorihime, Lunar Eclipse Miko LRIG  LC  search
WX01-009 Tamayorihime, Nova Miko LRIG  LC  search
WX01-008 Tamayorihime, Shooting Star Miko LRIG  LC  search
WX01-001 Tamayorihime, Sun Miko LRIG  LR  search
WX01-105 Tamayorihime, Sun Miko LRIG  Secret  search
WX01-084 THREE OUT Spell  search
WX01-037 Valkyrie, Unforgettable Fantasy SIGNI  search
WX01-010 Xenogate ARTS  LC  search

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