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Lure of the Dark Side

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Lure of the Dark Side: 30 cards
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106-3-539 4-LOM Unit  Fixed  search
102-5-522 Adaptive Strategy Event  Fixed  search
103-1-524 Against All Odds Objective  Fixed  search
104-1-528 Agent of the Emperor Objective  Fixed  search
102-1-519 Commando Operations Objective  Fixed  search
106-4-540 Containment Field Enhancement  Fixed  search
105-5-24 Control Room Enhancement  Fixed  search
103-2-525 Dash Rendar Unit  Fixed  search
105-6-536 Echoes of the Force Fate  Fixed  search
102-2-520 General Crix Madine Unit  Fixed  search
103-4-527 Holding All the Cards Event  Fixed  search
103-5-527 Holding All the Cards Event  Fixed  search
104-3-530 Imperial Shadow Guard Unit  Fixed  search
104-2-529 Mara Jade Unit  Fixed  search
104-4-531 Mara Jade's Lightsaber Enhancement  Fixed  search
106-6-542 Pay Out Event  Fixed  search
105-4-535 Political Reliability Observer Unit  Fixed  search
104-6-532 Rage Event  Fixed  search
102-3-521 Rebel Commando Unit  Fixed  search
102-4-521 Rebel Commando Unit  Fixed  search
102-6-523 Seeds of Decay Fate  Fixed  search
103-3-526 Shifty Lookout Unit  Fixed  search
104-5-72 Sith Library Enhancement  Fixed  search
106-5-541 Springing the Ambush Event  Fixed  search
103-6-133 Target of Opportunity Fate  Fixed  search
106-1-537 The Findsman's Intuition Objective  Fixed  search
105-1-533 Victory or Death Objective  Fixed  search
105-2-534 Victory-class Star Destroyer Unit  Fixed  search
105-3-534 Victory-class Star Destroyer Unit  Fixed  search
106-2-538 Zuckuss Unit  Fixed  search

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