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Starter Deck Vol.4: Bewitching Magic

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Starter Deck Vol.4: Bewitching Magic: 23 cards
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C09-018 Beastman, Were-Cheetah Z/X  PR  search
C09-007 Bone Knight, Skeletal Knight Z/X  search
C09-009 Chief Clerk, Skeletal Sales Z/X  search
C09-011 Chopping Vorpal Scythe Z/X  search
C09-013 Dark Bishop Skeletal Bishop Z/X  UC  search
C09-004 Demon of Abyss, Abysso Z/X  UC  search
C09-008 Demon of Blade, Lamina Z/X  search
C09-010 Demon of Domination, Imperium Z/X  search
C09-006 Demon of Vengeance, Ultio Z/X  search
C09-003 Eight Great Dragon Kings, Anavatapta Z/X  SR  search
C09-021 Eight Way Meteor of Lunar Mansion, Kimikagesou Z/X  UC  search
C09-023 Feuille is Always Energetic! Event  UC  search
C09-020 Graceful Birdman, Were-Kuina Z/X  search
C09-019 Invisible Iron-Cutting Sword, Kikyou Z/X  UC  search
C09-005 Jack-o'-Lantern the Pumpkin Ghost Z/X  search
C09-017 Lacework Sorrel Z/X  UC  search
C09-012 Non-Stopping Jet Coaster Z/X  UC  search
C09-015 Rabbit Girl Were-Rabbit Z/X  search
C09-016 Rose Helmet, Wild Rose Z/X  search
C09-022 Seal of Sky Abyss Event  UC  search
C09-014 Sweet Honeybee, Queen Bee Z/X  UC  search
C09-002 Sword Maiden of Midnight, Crepus Z/X  SR  search
C09-001 Tennoji Yamato Player  SR  search

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