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Log Horizon Extra Pack

TIP Build your decks of cards and check those created by other expert players. Discuss the pros and cons of each deck, and rate them to select our Deck of the Week!
Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Log Horizon Extra Pack: 53 cards
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LH-SE20-02 Akatsuki, Assassin Character  RR  search
LH-SE20-09 Akatsuki, Maiden's Heart Character  search
LH-SE20-03 Akatsuki, Master's Ninja Character  RR  search
LH-SE20-03S Akatsuki, Master's Ninja Character  SP  search
LH-SE20-06 Akatsuki, Not Good at Dressing Herself? Character  search
LH-SE20-14 Akatsuki, Quiet Worker Character  search
LH-SE20-11 Akatsuki, Two's Waltz Character  search
LH-SE20-23 Akatsuki-chan Changed Clothes Event  search
LH-SE20-25 Crescent Moon Alliance Climax  search
LH-SE20-39 Crusty Character  search
LH-SE20-12 Henrietta Character  search
LH-SE20-13 Henrietta, Reliable Accountant Character  search
LH-SE20-47 Isaac Character  search
LH-SE20-05 Isuzu Character  search
LH-SE20-22 Isuzu, Bard Character  search
LH-SE20-10 Isuzu, Rudy's Owner? Character  search
LH-SE20-36 Lenessia Character  search
LH-SE20-49 Log Horizon Climax  search
LH-SE20-21 Marielle, Cleric Character  search
LH-SE20-01 Marielle, Nagisa's Angel Character  RR  search
LH-SE20-01S Marielle, Nagisa's Angel Character  SP  search
LH-SE20-18 Marielle, Owner of Crescent Moon Character  search
LH-SE20-48 Mind Shock Event  search
LH-SE20-40 Minori Character  search
LH-SE20-27 Minori, Field Monitor Character  RR  search
LH-SE20-41 Minori, Maiden's Heart Character  search
LH-SE20-34 Naotsugu, Guardian Character  search
LH-SE20-33 Naotsugu, Reliable Partner Character  search
LH-SE20-26 Nyanta Character  RR  search
LH-SE20-38 Nyanta, Everyone's Chief Character  search
LH-SE20-31 Nyanta, Log Horizon Character  search
LH-SE20-20 Puchi Akatsuki Character  search
LH-SE20-42 Puchi Naotsugu Character  search
LH-SE20-45 Puchi Shiroe Character  search
LH-SE20-16 Rundelhaus Character  search
LH-SE20-07 Rundelhaus, Adventurer Character  search
LH-SE20-15 Rundelhaus, Sorcerer Character  search
LH-SE20-08 Serara Character  search
LH-SE20-04 Serara, Crescent Moon Alliance Character  search
LH-SE20-17 Serara, Loves Nyanta-san Character  search
LH-SE20-32 Shiroe, Determination to Change the World Character  search
LH-SE20-29 Shiroe, Full Control Encount Character  search
LH-SE20-35 Shiroe, Guildmaster Character  search
LH-SE20-28 Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative Character  RR  search
LH-SE20-28S Shiroe, Log Horizon Representative Character  SP  search
LH-SE20-46 Shiroe, Scribe Character  search
LH-SE20-30 Shiroe, Two's Waltz Character  search
LH-SE20-19 Shouryu Character  search
LH-SE20-50 Simplified Full Control Encount Climax  search
LH-SE20-37 Soujirou Character  search
LH-SE20-44 Touya Character  search
LH-SE20-43 Touya, Samurai Character  search
LH-SE20-24 Two's Waltz Climax  search

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