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Dog Days Dash (Prime) Extra Pack

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Dog Days Dash (Prime) Extra Pack: 48 cards
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DD-WE17-04 Adel, Hero Mask Character  search
DD-WE17-16 Brave Connect Event  search
DD-WE17-43 Change My Heart Event  search
DD-WE17-37 Cinque, Hero Crystal Character  search
DD-WE17-05 Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage Character  search
DD-WE17-05P Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage Character  SP  search
DD-WE17-01 Couvert, Admiration Kept Inside Character  search
DD-WE17-09 Couvert, Apprentice Lord Character  search
DD-WE17-12 Couvert, Heavenly Spear Coumars Character  search
DD-WE17-07 Couvert, Lord of Pastillage Character  search
DD-WE17-13 Couvert, Mage Type Character  search
DD-WE17-03 Couvert, Welcoming Character  search
DD-WE17-42 Dalkian, Strongest in the Continent Character  search
DD-WE17-38 Ecle, Awkward Feelings Character  search
DD-WE17-39 Ecle, Battle of the Sealed Cave! Character  search
DD-WE17-18 Garnet Spark Climax  search
DD-WE17-20 Gaul, Hero Crystal Character  search
DD-WE17-44 Heart Relation Climax  search
DD-WE17-29 Hero Time Event  search
DD-WE17-35 Isuka Makishima Character  search
DD-WE17-26 Jaune & Vert Character  search
DD-WE17-23 Leo, Acting Lord of Galette Character  search
DD-WE17-27 Leo, Lion King Samurai Character  search
DD-WE17-21 Leo, Millhi's Childhood Friend Character  search
DD-WE17-40 Millhi, Looking Up Character  search
DD-WE17-36 Millhi, Summer Reunion Character  search
DD-WE17-34 Millhi, World Idol Character  search
DD-WE17-34P Millhi, World Idol Character  SP  search
DD-WE17-25 Nanami Takatsuki Character  search
DD-WE17-30 Nanami's Hair-Grooming Climax  search
DD-WE17-24 Nanami, Master And Rival Character  search
DD-WE17-22 Nanami, One Summer Adventure Character  search
DD-WE17-28 Nanami, Wave-Riding Hero Character  search
DD-WE17-19 Noir, Summer Camp Character  search
DD-WE17-11 Rebecca Anderson Character  search
DD-WE17-14 Rebecca, Demon Crystal Character  search
DD-WE17-02 Rebecca, Divine Sword Mercurius Character  search
DD-WE17-02P Rebecca, Divine Sword Mercurius Character  SP  search
DD-WE17-08 Rebecca, Flying-Type Hero Character  search
DD-WE17-10 Rebecca, Putting Her Hair Down Character  search
DD-WE17-06 Rebecca, Speeding Through the Sky Character  search
DD-WE17-32 Riko, Inventist Character  search
DD-WE17-45 Shiny Heart Shiny Smile Climax  search
DD-WE17-15 Valerio Calvados Character  search
DD-WE17-31 Wave Rider Climax  search
DD-WE17-17 Witch Cannon, Supreme Demon King Mode Climax  search
DD-WE17-33 Yukikaze, Battle of the Sealed Cave! Character  search
DD-WE17-41 Yukikaze, Summer Camp Character  search

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