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Set 28

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Set 28: 96 cards
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76 Beetle Storm Spell  Common  search
77 Binding Root Magic/Burst  Rare  search
19 BladeG Spirit  Rare  search
14 Bone-Deer Spirit  Common  search
80 Bubbly Confuse Spell  Common  search
74 Burst Venom Magic/Burst  Common  search
24 Cancerd-Reverse Spirit  Common  search
7 Cape Rocker Spirit  Common  search
26 Chiwawanko Spirit/Burst  Common  search
52 Crystalhydra Spirit/Burst  Common  search
9 General-Dragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
83 Gordias Wave Spell  Common  search
72 Ground Break Magic/Burst  Common  search
81 Imaginary Gate Magic/Burst  Rare  search
16 Jungle Crow Demon Spirit  Common  search
22 Knife Cicada Spirit  Common  search
29 Leading-Orix Spirit  Rare  search
10 Living Gargoyle Spirit  Common  search
5 Magatsu-Dragoon Spirit  Common  search
28 Mechaoko-Jo Spirit  Common  search
30 Mechatoris Spirit  Common  search
78 Mist Barrage Spell  Uncommon  search
33 Noisy Raven Spirit/Burst  Common  search
13 Phantom Hound Spirit  Common  search
40 Princess-Hachikazuki Spirit  Common  search
6 Pterawachsen Spirit/Burst  Common  search
27 Raideen-Wolf Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
4 Red Fox Spirit  Rare  search
1 Ryuuman-Doshatto Spirit  Common  search
3 Ryuuman-Infinity Spirit  Common  search
8 Ryuuman-Oceanrod Spirit/Burst  Common  search
79 Shut Out Spell  Common  search
32 Strikewurm-Leo-Reverse Spirit  Common  search
82 Swallow Tail Spell  Rare  search
35 TankMobil-Maus Spirit/Burst  Common  search
21 Tanugurin Spirit  Common  search
50 The BeastAmur Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
47 The Beastman Coyote Spirit  Uncommon  search
45 The Beastman Ocelot Spirit  Common  search
65 The BeastUltimateSky Yukihyodor Ultimate  Uncommon  search
18 The BlackCorpseDragon Shadoruga Spirit/Burst  Uncommon  search
54 The BlazeUltimateSky Ryuuman-Burst Ultimate  Uncommon  search
44 The CannonAngelia Canon Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
55 The DarkUltimateSky Ibis Ultimate  Uncommon  search
38 The Diva Marl Spirit  Uncommon  search
43 The DivaAdmiral Mirefa Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
68 The Dominating Shell Sky Castle Nexus  Common  search
85 The EvilStarMachineDeity Loki Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
42 The FairyScholar Sakia Spirit  Common  search
17 The FallenKnight Orcus Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
12 The FallenKnight Tums Spirit  Common  search
15 The FallenPrincess Elsha Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
70 The Far Away Moon World Nexus  Common  search
31 The FateGod Norn Spirit  Common  search
84 The FirstShellEmperor Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
66 The Flaming Divine Sword Nexus  Common  search
25 The FourShellSky Daikoku Spirit  Uncommon  search
23 The FourShellSky Hotaruhime Spirit  Common  search
20 The FourShellSky Kamejuuji Spirit  Common  search
92 The FourShellSky Kamejuuji Spirit  Common  search
93 The FourShellSky Kamejuuji Spirit  Common  search
94 The FourShellSky Kamejuuji Spirit  Common  search
95 The FourShellSky Kamejuuji Spirit  Common  search
96 The FourShellSky Kamejuuji Spirit  Common  search
51 The GiantSeaCreature Stellard Spirit  Common  search
34 The HeavyCruiserMachine Peacocruiser Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
11 The HellSorecere Seere Spirit  Common  search
69 The Jigurazu Steel Grassland Nexus  Common  search
58 The LightningUltimateSky Thunder-Wolf Ultimate  Uncommon  search
67 The Lost Paradise Nexus  Common  search
89 The NextGenerationMachineBeast Blizza-Liger Ultimate  X Rare  search
48 The PirateCaptain Edgar Spirit  Common  search
49 The PirateOfficer Cephas Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
41 The SacredBeast Kaichi Spirit  Common  search
60 The SteelUltimateSky Golden-Buffalo Ultimate  Uncommon  search
39 The Trainee Cape Pentan Spirit  Common  search
71 The Treasures of the Ocean Empire Nexus  Common  search
61 The WaterUltimateSky Princess-Oto Ultimate  Uncommon  search
36 Tick Tick Rabbit Spirit  Common  search
37 Tick Tick Raccoon Dog Spirit  Common  search
46 Twin Neck Hydra Spirit  Common  search
75 Ultimate Deadly Spell  Uncommon  search
73 Ultimate Flame Spell  Common  search
87 Ultimate-Arthur Ultimate  X Rare  search
53 Ultimate-Assassin-Dragon Ultimate  Uncommon  search
64 Ultimate-Caeser Ultimate  Master Rare  search
62 Ultimate-Chocodra Ultimate  Master Rare  search
91 Ultimate-Drian Ultimate  X Rare  search
63 Ultimate-Elguinius Ultimate  Uncommon  search
59 Ultimate-Geronimond Ultimate  Uncommon  search
90 Ultimate-Kaguya Ultimate  X Rare  search
56 Ultimate-Lancelot Ultimate  Rare  search
86 Ultimate-Mugendragon Ultimate  X Rare  search
88 Ultimate-Seiryubi Ultimate  X Rare  search
57 Ultimate-Shokatsuryo Ultimate  Uncommon  search
2 Whitehole-Dragon Spirit  Uncommon  search

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