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Little Busters! Anime Booster Pack

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Little Busters! Anime Booster Pack: 111 cards
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LB-W21-052 "Bath with Big Sis" Haruka Character  search
LB-W21-043 "Big Sister, Thinking of Little Sister" Kanata / “妹思いのお姉さん”佳奈多 Character  search
LB-W21-008 "Candidate for Next Captain" Sasami Character  search
LB-W21-036 "Cause And Effect" Haruka Character  search
LB-W21-025 "Cute is Justice" Kud / “可愛いは正義”クド Character  search
LB-W21-025S "Cute is Justice" Kud / “可愛いは正義”クド Character  SR  search
LB-W21-073 "Dream And Reality" Mio & Midori Character  search
LB-W21-062 "Dream of Going to the Universe" Kud / “宇宙への夢”クド Character  RR  search
LB-W21-062P "Dream of Going to the Universe" Kud / “宇宙への夢”クド Character  SP  search
LB-W21-030a "Fitting Clothing" Riki Character  search
LB-W21-030b "Fitting Clothing" Riki Character  search
LB-W21-061 "Fun Time" Komari / “楽しい時間”小毬 Character  RR  search
LB-W21-061P "Fun Time" Komari / “楽しい時間”小毬 Character  SP  search
LB-W21-042 "Gaze of Curiosity" Yuiko / “好奇な視線”唯湖 Character  search
LB-W21-042R "Gaze of Curiosity" Yuiko / “好奇な視線”唯湖 Character  RRR  search
LB-W21-032 "Good Friends" Komari & Rin Character  search
LB-W21-031 "Holding Hands" Haruka & Kanata Character  search
LB-W21-002 "Ideal Miyazawa-sama" Sasami Character  search
LB-W21-002R "Ideal Miyazawa-sama" Sasami Character  RRR  search
LB-W21-024 "Important Things" Haruka / “大切なもの”葉留佳 Character  search
LB-W21-067 "Kind Resident Assistant" A-chan senpai / “やさしい寮長”あーちゃん先輩 Character  search
LB-W21-072 "Kud's Mother" Chernushka Character  search
LB-W21-035 "Kud's Roommate" Kanata /“クドのルームメイト”佳奈多 Character  search
LB-W21-044 "Little Busters" Haruka Character  search
LB-W21-044S "Little Busters" Haruka Character  SR  search
LB-W21-006 "Little Busters" Kengo & Masato Character  search
LB-W21-006S "Little Busters" Kengo & Masato Character  SR  search
LB-W21-003 "Little Busters" Komari Character  search
LB-W21-003S "Little Busters" Komari Character  SR  search
LB-W21-023 "Little Busters" Kud Character  search
LB-W21-023S "Little Busters" Kud Character  SR  search
LB-W21-066 "Little Busters" Kyousuke Character  search
LB-W21-066S "Little Busters" Kyousuke Character  SR  search
LB-W21-064 "Little Busters" Mio Character  search
LB-W21-064S "Little Busters" Mio Character  SR  search
LB-W21-065 "Little Busters" Riki / “リトルバスターズ”理樹 Character  search
LB-W21-065P "Little Busters" Riki / “リトルバスターズ”理樹 Character  SP  search
LB-W21-005 "Little Busters" Rin Character  search
LB-W21-005S "Little Busters" Rin Character  SR  search
LB-W21-046 "Little Busters" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W21-046S "Little Busters" Yuiko Character  SR  search
LB-W21-075 "Living Like How I Wanted" Kengo Character  search
LB-W21-029 "Maiden in Love" Sasami Character  search
LB-W21-016 "Marvelous Things" Komari Character  search
LB-W21-027 "Masato's Rival" Kengo Character  search
LB-W21-026 "Moral Committee President" Kanata / “風紀委員長さん”佳奈多 Character  search
LB-W21-026R "Moral Committee President" Kanata / “風紀委員長さん”佳奈多 Character  RRR  search
LB-W21-014 "Muscle in Danger" Masato Character  search
LB-W21-051 "Muscle Sensation" Masato Character  search
LB-W21-063 "New Bond" Komari Character  search
LB-W21-009 "New Bond" Rin Character  search
LB-W21-033 "No.1 Pretty Girl within School" Sasami Character  search
LB-W21-021 "Normal Smile" Haruka / “いつもの笑顔”葉留佳 Character  RR  search
LB-W21-021P "Normal Smile" Haruka / “いつもの笑顔”葉留佳 Character  SP  search
LB-W21-010a "One Cut, Two Pieces" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W21-010b "One Cut, Two Pieces" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W21-070 "Place Closest to Sky" Komari Character  search
LB-W21-011 "Prime Suspect" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W21-071 "Rainy With A Chance of Sun" Mio Nishizono Character  search
LB-W21-037 "Rampaging Weapons" Rin Character  search
LB-W21-028 "Save the Cafeteria!" Rin Character  search
LB-W21-048 "Secret of Two" Mio Character  search
LB-W21-056 "Spartan Committee Chairman" Kanata Character  search
LB-W21-001 "Step to Courage" Rin / “踏み出した勇気”鈴 Character  RR  search
LB-W21-001P "Step to Courage" Rin / “踏み出した勇気”鈴 Character  SP  search
LB-W21-068 "Strike Box" Kud Character  search
LB-W21-047 "Tearful Confession" Kanata Character  search
LB-W21-077 "Tentacles" Kud Character  search
LB-W21-069 "The Wish of Two" Komari Character  search
LB-W21-015 "Things That Are Lost" Komari Character  search
LB-W21-012 "Time of Beginning" Kyousuke Character  search
LB-W21-034 "Transfer Female Student" Kud Character  search
LB-W21-022 "Troubled Thoughts" Rin Character  search
LB-W21-022S "Troubled Thoughts" Rin Character  SR  search
LB-W21-045 "True Wish" Midori Character  search
LB-W21-049 "Trust from Deep Inside" Haruka Character  search
LB-W21-041 "Two as One" Mio / “ふたりはひとつ”美魚 Character  RR  search
LB-W21-041P "Two as One" Mio / “ふたりはひとつ”美魚 Character  SP  search
LB-W21-074 "Watching Over the Future" Koshiki Character  search
LB-W21-053 "Widening World" Mio Character  search
LB-W21-013 "Yui-chan" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W21-080 --Let's go... Live. Climax  CC  search
LB-W21-080S --Let's go... Live. Climax  SR  search
LB-W21-040 Awkward Friendship Climax  CC  search
LB-W21-040S Awkward Friendship / 不器用な友情 Climax  SR  search
LB-W21-078 Farewell Yukichi!! / さらば諭吉ぃっ!! Event  search
LB-W21-057 Fly You to the Classroom! Event  search
LB-W21-038 Hah, It Was Great Event  search
LB-W21-020 Invincible Kurugaya Climax  CC  search
LB-W21-020S Invincible Kurugaya / 無敵の来ヶ谷 Climax  SR  search
LB-W21-076 Komari & Kud Wearing Aprons Character  search
LB-W21-059 Little Busters! Climax  CR  search
LB-W21-059R Little Busters! Climax  RRR  search
LB-W21-017 Looking Up at the Night Sky Event  search
LB-W21-050 Moving "Time", Riki Character  search
LB-W21-018 My Best Puppet Show Climax  CR  search
LB-W21-018R My Best Puppet Show Climax  RRR  search
LB-W21-007 Natsume -slash- Naoe Character  search
LB-W21-019 New Story Climax  CR  search
LB-W21-019R New Story Climax  RRR  search
LB-W21-039 Regained Bond Climax  CR  search
LB-W21-039R Regained Bond / 取り戻した絆 Climax  RRR  search
LB-W21-004 Searching for "Secret", Rin Character  search
LB-W21-055 The Other "Mio Nishizono", Midori Character  search
LB-W21-060 The Promise Made Back Then Climax  CC  search
LB-W21-060S The Promise Made Back Then Climax  SR  search
LB-W21-079 To the 50-Nautical-Mile-High Sky Climax  CR  search
LB-W21-079R To the 50-Nautical-Mile-High Sky Climax  RRR  search
LB-W21-058a Warmth of Family Event  search
LB-W21-058b Warmth of Family Event  search
LB-W21-054 Yuiko Wearing An Apron Character  search

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