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Energize: 189 cards
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1 A Klingon Matter Dilemma  search
95 Aid Clone Colony Mission  search
30 Ak'voh Event  search
103 Akorem Laan, Revered Poet Personnel: Bajoran  search
170 Aldara Ships: Cardassian  search
147 Amaros, Earnest Vanguard Personnel: Non-aligned  search
148 Arctus Baran, Mercenary Captain Personnel: Non-aligned  search
31 Assassination Plot Event  search
96 Athos IV, Maquis Base Mission  search
97 Avert Danger Mission  search
74 Bank Heist Interrupt  search
29 Bat'leth Equipment  search
118 Benjamin Sisko, Man of Resolve Personnel: Federation  search
113 Boheeka, Clandestine Connection Personnel: Cardassian  search
32 Born for Conquest Event  search
104 Borum, Selfless Hero Personnel: Bajoran  search
104a Borum, Selfless Hero Personnel: Bajoran  search
133 Bregath Personnel: Klingon  search
33 Brief Reunion Event  search
98 Brute Force Mission  search
119 Cal Hudson, Attaché to the Demilitarized Zone Personnel: Federation  search
99 Cargo Haul Mission  search
34 Cargo Run Event  search
2 Casualties of War Dilemma  search
120 Chakotay, Freedom Fighter Personnel: Federation  search
35 Common Ground Event  search
36 Complications Event  search
36a Complications Event  search
37 Confessions in the Pale Moonlight Event  search
37a Confessions in the Pale Moonlight Event  search
38 Conscription Event  search
75 Coordinated Attack Interrupt  search
3 Crippling Attack Dilemma  search
39 Crowd Control Event  search
4 Dedication to Duty Dilemma  search
40 Deep Roots Event  search
76 Diplomatic Masquerade Interrupt  search
41 Disable Sensors Event  search
77 Discreet Inquiry Interrupt  search
5 Disgraceful Assault Dilemma  search
6 Disruptor Accident Dilemma  search
134 Divok Personnel: Klingon  search
7 DNA Security Scan Dilemma  search
135 Drex, Arrogant Warrior Personnel: Klingon  search
78 Emergency Treatment Interrupt  search
114 Enabran Tain, Retired Mastermind Personnel: Cardassian  search
115 Evek, Harsh Interrogator Personnel: Cardassian  search
8 Exposed Power Relay Dilemma  search
121 Ezri Dax, Station Counselor Personnel: Federation  search
9 Face to Face Dilemma  search
9a Face to Face Dilemma  search
42 Ferocity Event  search
10 Flim-Flam Artist Dilemma  search
43 For the Cause Event  search
44 For the Sisko Event  search
175 Fortune Ships: Non-aligned  search
79 Fresh Tactic Interrupt  search
161 Galathon, Steadfast Rival Personnel: Romulan  search
171 Guingouin Ships: Federation  search
149 Harana Personnel: Non-aligned  search
11 Head to Head Dilemma  search
11a Head to Head Dilemma  search
45 Heart of Glory Event  search
12 Hired Muscle Dilemma  search
80 Honorable Death Interrupt  search
13 Houdini Mines Dilemma  search
174 I.K.S. Qam-Chee Ships: Klingon  search
81 If Wishes Were Horses Interrupt  search
100 Investigate Maquis Activity Mission  search
82 Ja'chuq Interrupt  search
150 Jaglom Shrek Personnel: Non-aligned  search
122 Jake Sisko, Temporal Anchor Personnel: Federation  search
122a Jake Sisko, Temporal Anchor Personnel: Federation  search
105 Jaro Essa, Leader of the Circle Personnel: Bajoran  search
123 Joseph Sisko, Creole Chef Personnel: Federation  search
124 Julian Bashir, "Unnatural Freak" Personnel: Federation  search
116 Jural Personnel: Cardassian  search
136 K'mpec, Klingon Supreme Commander Personnel: Klingon  search
137 Kahless, The Greatest Warrior of Them All Personnel: Klingon  search
138 Kahless, The Unforgettable Personnel: Klingon  search
139 Kargan, Rash Captain Personnel: Klingon  search
125 Keiko O'Brien, School Teacher Personnel: Federation  search
126 Kelly, Relief Tactical Officer Personnel: Federation  search
140 Khar Personnel: Klingon  search
178 Khazara Ships: Romulan  search
141 Khos Personnel: Klingon  search
106 Kira Nerys, Impassioned Major Personnel: Bajoran  search
169 Kitara Ships: Bajoran  search
151 Kobb Personnel: Non-aligned  search
142 Konmel, Renegade Warrior Personnel: Klingon  search
143 Koral, Dour Smuggler Personnel: Klingon  search
144 Korris, Renegade Captain Personnel: Klingon  search
46 Kotra Event  search
107 Kurn, Bajoran Security Officer Personnel: Bajoran  search
108 Leeta, Dabo Girl Personnel: Bajoran  search
47 Legal Proceedings Event  search
152 Liam Bilby, Family Man Personnel: Non-aligned  search
48 Life Support Event  search
145 Losta Personnel: Klingon  search
146 M'vil Personnel: Klingon  search
49 Machinations Event  search
49a Machinations Event  search
153 Macius Personnel: Non-aligned  search
154 Maques, Cairn Delegate Personnel: Non-aligned  search
172 Maquis Raider Ships: Federation  search
14 Meaningless Words Dilemma  search
15 Memory Invasion Dilemma  search
50 Mental Discipline Event  search
176 Mercenary Ship Ships: Non-aligned  search
127 Michael Eddington, Noble Hero Personnel: Federation  search
128 Miles O'Brien, Transporter Chief Personnel: Federation  search
101 Mine Nebula Mission  search
162 Mirok, Interphase Researcher Personnel: Romulan  search
155 Narik Personnel: Non-aligned  search
117 Natima Lang, Professor of Political Ethics Personnel: Cardassian  search
16 Nausicaan Pirates Dilemma  search
163 Neral, Senate Proconsul Personnel: Romulan  search
129 Niles Personnel: Federation  search
164 Palteth Personnel: Romulan  search
51 Peldor Joi Event  search
52 Personal Forcefield Event  search
53 Picking Up the Basics Event  search
17 Picking Up the Pieces Dilemma  search
54 Pickpocket Event  search
18 Plasma Shock Dilemma  search
55 Political Leverage Event  search
56 Power to the Weapons Event  search
83 Powerful Example Interrupt  search
84 Precautionary Measures Interrupt  search
19 Quaint Technology Dilemma  search
20 Racial Tension Dilemma  search
156 Raimus, Criminal Master Personnel: Non-aligned  search
57 Rash Aggression Event  search
130 Rebecca Sullivan, Resistance Fighter Personnel: Federation  search
58 Reconfiguration Event  search
85 Relentless Interrupt  search
59 Retaliation Event  search
109 Ro Laren, Maquis Sympathizer Personnel: Bajoran  search
157 Roga Danar, Decorated Subhadar Personnel: Non-aligned  search
157a Roga Danar, Decorated Subhadar Personnel: Non-aligned  search
158 Sakonna, Gunrunner Personnel: Non-aligned  search
60 Salvaging the Wreckage Event  search
60a Salvaging the Wreckage Event  search
159 Sark Personnel: Non-aligned  search
61 Shadow Operation Event  search
86 Shared Delicacy Interrupt  search
62 Sickbay Event  search
165 Sirol, Diplomatic Adversary Personnel: Romulan  search
63 Smuggling Run Event  search
21 Sorting Things Out Dilemma  search
64 Staunch Determination Event  search
22 Stolen Computer Core Dilemma  search
65 Straying from the Path Event  search
87 Stricken Dumb Interrupt  search
23 Subspace Accident Dilemma  search
166 T'Rul, Curt Subcommander Personnel: Romulan  search
177 Tama Ships: Non-aligned  search
88 Team of Ambassadors Interrupt  search
24 Telepathic Deception Dilemma  search
66 Temba, His Arms Wide Event  search
179 Terix Ships: Romulan  search
89 The Prophets' Guidance Interrupt  search
110 The Sirah, The Storyteller Personnel: Bajoran  search
67 The Text of the Kosst Amojan Event  search
90 The Truth of War Interrupt  search
131 Thomas Riker, Defiant Leader Personnel: Federation  search
25 Timescape Dilemma  search
167 Toraan Personnel: Romulan  search
168 Toreth, Cautious Commander Personnel: Romulan  search
26 Training Accident Dilemma  search
27 Traitor Exposed Dilemma  search
102 Treat Plague Ship Mission  search
180 Trolarak Ships: Romulan  search
68 Under Scrutiny Event  search
28 Unexpected Dilemma  search
69 Unexpected Difficulties Event  search
70 Unseen Manipulations Event  search
173 Valjean Ships: Federation  search
111 Varis Sul, Tetrarch of the Paqu Personnel: Bajoran  search
71 Vast Resources Event  search
160 Vekor Personnel: Non-aligned  search
91 Vile Deception Interrupt  search
92 Vision of Violence Interrupt  search
72 Visionary Event  search
93 We Are Klingon Interrupt  search
73 We Will Not Surrender Event  search
94 Well-Crafted Lure Interrupt  search
132 William Patrick Samuels, Maquis Saboteur Personnel: Federation  search
112 Winn Adami, Devious Manipulator Personnel: Bajoran  search

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