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Sengoku Basara Booster Pack

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Sengoku Basara Booster Pack: 116 cards
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SB-S06-031 "Avatar of Toushou" Ieyasu Tokugawa Character  search
SB-S06-041 "Azure Crusher" Hanbei Takenaka Character  search
SB-S06-090 "Beautiful Sword" Kasuka Character  search
SB-S06-034 "Best Cuisine" Matsu Character  search
SB-S06-061 "Blue and Red" Masamune & Yukimura Character  search
SB-S06-040 "Bluffing" Yoshimoto Imagawa Character  search
SB-S06-027 "Brilliantly Strong" Keiji Maeda Character  RR  search
SB-S06-027R "Brilliantly Strong" Keiji Maeda Character  RRR  search
SB-S06-028 "Broad-Minded" Toshiie Maeda Character  search
SB-S06-067 "Chant of Battle Spirit" Yukimura Sanada Character  search
SB-S06-043 "Cold-Blooded Strategist" Motonari Mouri Character  search
SB-S06-059 "Cold-hearted" Sasuke Sarutobi Character  search
SB-S06-006 "Coldly Looking Down" Mitsuhide Akechi Character  search
SB-S06-055 "Conqueror God of War" Shingen Takeda' Character  search
SB-S06-035 "Conqueror" Hdeyoshi Toyotomi Character  search
SB-S06-016 "Crush" Mitsuhide Akechi Character  search
SB-S06-017 "Demon King of the Sixth Domain" Nobunaga Oda Character  search
SB-S06-015 "Dispelling Evil" Ranmaru Mori Character  search
SB-S06-054 "Expert of Utsusemi" Sasuke Sarutobi Character  search
SB-S06-054S "Expert of Utsusemi" Sasuke Sarutobi Character  SR  search
SB-S06-062 "Flawless" Motochika Chosokabe Character  search
SB-S06-044 "Flowery Path of Koi" Keiji Maeda Character  search
SB-S06-058 "Furinkazan" Shingen Takeda Character  search
SB-S06-094 "Gale Flight" Kotaro Fuuma Character  search
SB-S06-093 "Genius of Battle" Kenshin Uesugi Character  search
SB-S06-026 "Genius Strategist" Hanbei Takenaka Character  RR  search
SB-S06-083 "God of War" Kenshi Uesugi Character  search
SB-S06-013 "Greedy Emperor" Kennyo Honganji Character  search
SB-S06-066 "Groundshaking" Musashi Miyamoto Character  search
SB-S06-078 "Hero of Oshu" Masamune Date Character  search
SB-S06-065 "Hero of Sengoku Period" Motochika Chosokabe Character  search
SB-S06-080 "Humanity's Chivalry" Koujurou Katakura Character  search
SB-S06-080S "Humanity's Chivalry" Koujurou Katakura Character  SR  search
SB-S06-092 "Kunoichi" Kasuga Character  search
SB-S06-012 "Lamenting Soul" Nobunaga Oda Character  search
SB-S06-057 "Last Fortress of Takeda" Shingen Character  search
SB-S06-077 "Lightning Speed Holy General" Kenshin Uesugi Character  RR  search
SB-S06-011 "Love Battle!?" Itsuki & Xavi Character  search
SB-S06-014 "Mamushi's Daughter" Nouhime Character  search
SB-S06-051 "Man of Sea" Motochika Chosokabe Character  RR  search
SB-S06-051S "Man of Sea" Motochika Chosokabe Character  SR  search
SB-S06-086 "Masamune's Confidant" Koujurou Katakura Character  search
SB-S06-001 "Naive And Romantic" Itsuki Character  RR  search
SB-S06-001S "Naive And Romantic" Itsuki Character  SR  search
SB-S06-005 "Natural Child" Itsuki Character  search
SB-S06-069 "One Cut Kill" Yoshihiro Shimazu Character  search
SB-S06-088 "One-Eyed Dragon" Masamune Date Character  search
SB-S06-053 "Oni of the West Sea" Motochika Chosokabe Character  search
SB-S06-091 "Overflowing Love" Xavi Character  search
SB-S06-063 "Passionate" Yukimura Sanada Character  search
SB-S06-018 "Poisoned Teeth" Mitsuhide Akechi Character  search
SB-S06-081 "Precocious And Resolute" Ujimasa Houjou Character  search
SB-S06-082 "Refined Guy" Masamune Date' Character  search
SB-S06-082R "Refined Guy" Masamune Date' Character  RRR  search
SB-S06-068 "Reliable Brother" Motochika Chosokabe Character  search
SB-S06-036 "Remained Time" Hanbei Takenaka Character  search
SB-S06-079 "Right Eye of the Dragon" Koujurou Katakura Character  search
SB-S06-009 "Rumor Gossiper" Oichi Character  search
SB-S06-064 "Sanada Ninja Squad Leader" Sasuke Sarutobi Character  search
SB-S06-019 "Singular" Hidehisa Matsunaga Character  search
SB-S06-003 "Sky Conquering Demong King" Nobunaga Oda Character  search
SB-S06-003R "Sky Conquering Demong King" Nobunaga Oda Character  RRR  search
SB-S06-056 "Sky Conquering Lance" Yukimura Sanada Character  search
SB-S06-056R "Sky Conquering Lance" Yukimura Sanada Character  RRR  search
SB-S06-004 "Son of Demon King" Ranmaru Mori Character  search
SB-S06-084 "Southern Barbaric Ways" Xavi Character  search
SB-S06-052 "Speedy Under the Blue Sky" Sasuke Sarutobi Character  RR  search
SB-S06-042 "Storm of Koi" Keiji Maeda Character  search
SB-S06-033 "Strong Troops, Rich Country" Hideyoshi Toyotomi Character  search
SB-S06-037 "Strongest of Sengoku" Tadakatsu Honda Character  search
SB-S06-039 "Surface of Ice" Motonari Mouri Character  search
SB-S06-030 "Talented And Beautiful" Matsu Character  search
SB-S06-030S "Talented And Beautiful" Matsu Character  SR  search
SB-S06-029 "Trickery General" Motonari Mouri Character  search
SB-S06-076 "Under the Moonlight, For You" Kasuga Character  RR  search
SB-S06-076S "Under the Moonlight, For You" Kasuga Character  SR  search
SB-S06-085 "Unlimited Six-Claw Style" Masamune Date Character  search
SB-S06-087 "Unrivaled in World" Masamune Date Character  search
SB-S06-002 "Unrivaled Profusion" Nouhime Character  RR  search
SB-S06-002S "Unrivaled Profusion" Nouhime Character  SR  search
SB-S06-008 "Unwavering Faith" Nagamasa Asai Character  search
SB-S06-038 "Vagabond" Keiji Maeda Character  search
SB-S06-089 "Vice General" Koujurou Katakura Character  search
SB-S06-032 "Warrior Emperor" Hideyoshi Toyotomi Character  search
SB-S06-032S "Warrior Emperor" Hideyoshi Toyotomi Character  SR  search
SB-S06-010 "Wife of Demon King" Nouhime Character  search
SB-S06-060 "Young Fighter of Takeda" Yukimura Sanada Character  search
SB-S06-007 "Younger Sister of Demon King" Oichi Character  search
SB-S06-023 Ambition of Unification Climax  CR  search
SB-S06-23SP Ambition of Unification Climax  SP  search
SB-S06-071 Battle of Kawanakashima Event  search
SB-S06-049 Beauty Dies Young Climax  CC  search
SB-S06-073 Best of Japanese Troops Climax  CR  search
SB-S06-73SP Best of Japanese Troops Climax  SP  search
SB-S06-021 Bloodline of Demon Event  search
SB-S06-048 Conflict Climax  CR  search
SB-S06-48SP Conflict Climax  SP  search
SB-S06-095 Dragon And Right Eye Event  search
SB-S06-047 Dreamy Event  search
SB-S06-050 Fissure Climax  CC  search
SB-S06-025 Flowery Oath Climax  CC  search
SB-S06-046 Food Couple Event  search
SB-S06-070 From the Same Birthplace Event  search
SB-S06-072 Kabukimono Event  search
SB-S06-098 King of Date Troops Climax  CR  search
SB-S06-98SP King of Date Troops Climax  SP  search
SB-S06-097 Legendary Ninja Event  search
SB-S06-045 Legendary Stage Event  search
SB-S06-024 Love Battle!? Climax  CC  search
SB-S06-075 Oni of Onigashima Climax  CC  search
SB-S06-096 Press On...! Event  search
SB-S06-020 Silent Killed Event  search
SB-S06-099 Speedy Like the Wind And Lightning Climax  CC  search
SB-S06-022 Treason Event  search
SB-S06-074 Two Ninjas Climax  CC  search
SB-S06-100 Warrior of Love Climax  CC  search

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