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Best of Game Promo Series

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Best of Game Promo Series: 11 cards
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6 Dark Ivysaur (ID Y-02) Grass  Ultra Rare  search
7 Dark Venusaur (ID Y-03) Grass  Promo  search
1 Electabuzz (LV 35) Lightning  Promo  search
2 Hitmonchan (LV 33) Fighting  Promo  search
3 Professor Elm Trainer  Promo  search
9 Rocket's Hitmonchan Fighting  Promo  search
8 Rocket's Mewtwo Psychic  Promo  search
4 Rocket's Scizor Metal  Promo  search
5 Rocket's Sneasel Darkness  Promo  search
SBR2009 Victory Medal Trainer  Promo  search
SBR2010 Victory Medal Trainer  Promo  search

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