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Gigant Shooter Tsukasa Extra Pack

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Gigant Shooter Tsukasa Extra Pack: 35 cards
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GST-SE22-25 Ataru, Blessed Child of the Fertile Land Character  search
GST-SE22-15 Ataru, Burnt out Character  search
GST-SE22-18 Ataru, Pinpoint Tsukkomi Character  search
GST-SE22-18SP Ataru, Pinpoint Tsukkomi Character  SP  search
GST-SE22-21 Ataru, Silent Fighting Will Character  search
GST-SE22-12 Crunching Water Cutter Climax  search
GST-SE22-22 Delinquent Elementary School Student Character  search
GST-SE22-11 Galactica Dragon Climax  search
GST-SE22-30 Great Bison Impact Climax  search
GST-SE22-24 Kirito, Dark Magician of the Abyss Character  search
GST-SE22-23 Kirito, Hidden Message in Speech Character  search
GST-SE22-P0 Kirito, Man Full of Mystery Character  PR  search
GST-SE22-14 Kirito, Part of the Power Character  search
GST-SE22-19 Kirito, Secretly Skilled Character  search
GST-SE22-13 Manabu, Admiration for Tsukasa Character  search
GST-SE22-13SP Manabu, Admiration for Tsukasa Character  SP  search
GST-SE22-28 Manabu, Moved to Tears Character  search
GST-SE22-16 Manabu, Ready for Battle Character  search
GST-SE22-27 Manabu, Refreshing Breeze Blowing Through Character  search
GST-SE22-05 Miruko, Goddess of the Clear Water Character  search
GST-SE22-02 Miruko, Hates to Lose Character  search
GST-SE22-03 Miruko, Tsundere Beauty Character  search
GST-SE22-3SP Miruko, Tsundere Beauty Character  SP  search
GST-SE22-07 Miruko, Victory for the Dream Character  search
GST-SE22-20 Ruri, Adorable Beauty Character  search
GST-SE22-17 Ruri, Ataru's Little Sister Character  search
GST-SE22-26 Ruri, the Tiny Strength Character  search
GST-SE22-29 Shining Grasshopper Climax  search
GST-SE22-08 Tsukasa's Father, Missing Character  search
GST-SE22-06 Tsukasa's Mother, Surprisingly Skilled Character  search
GST-SE22-10 Tsukasa, Illegitimate Child of the Burning Flames Character  search
GST-SE22-04 Tsukasa, Loves Gigant Character  search
GST-SE22-4SP Tsukasa, Loves Gigant Character  SP  search
GST-SE22-09 Tsukasa, Searching for King Manger Character  search
GST-SE22-01 Tsukasa, Stable Gigant Brain Character  search

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