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Little Busters! EX Extra Pack

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Little Busters! EX Extra Pack: 18 cards
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LB-W02-E08 "Ace of the Softball Club" Sasami Character  search
LB-W02-E04 "Big Brother" Kyousuke Character  search
LB-W02-E12 "Brave" Yuiko Character  search
LB-W02-E01 "Caretaker" Sasami Character  search
LB-W02-E09 "Double Shift Chairman" Kanata/“掛け持ち委員長”佳奈多 Character  search
LB-W02-E15 "Exotic" Kud Character  search
LB-W02-E11 "Expressionless and Unsociable" Kanata Character  search
LB-W02-E17 "Loves Reading" Mio Character  search
LB-W02-E13 "Muscle Revolutionary" Masato Character  search
LB-W02-E02 "New Leader" Riki Character  search
LB-W02-E03 "Optimistic Magic" Komari Character  search
LB-W02-E06 "Precision Machine on the Mound" Rin Character  search
LB-W02-E07 "Silly Girl" Haruka Character  search
LB-W02-E18 "Simple and Stupid" Kengo Character  search
LB-W02-E16 "Woman Spy" Saya Character  search
LB-W02-E14 Crane Game Climax  search
LB-W02-E05 Sasami's Homemade Cooking Climax  search
LB-W02-E10 Saya Tokido Character  search

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