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Milky Holmes: The Phantom Thief Empire Strikes Back Extra Pack

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Milky Holmes: The Phantom Thief Empire Strikes Back Extra Pack: 29 cards
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MK-SE09-01 "Flame Toys" Rat Character  search
MK-SE09-07 "Oxidized Silver" Stone River Character  search
MK-SE09-09 "Self-Loving" Twenty Character  search
MK-SE09-23 Arsene, Bewitching Gaze Character  search
MK-SE09-19 Arsene, Charming Phantom Thief Character  search
MK-SE09-19SP Arsene, Charming Phantom Thief Character  SP  search
MK-SE09-21 Arsene, Provoking Gaze Character  search
MK-SE09-17 Arsene, Seeking Good Rivals Character  search
MK-SE09-27 Bewitching Toys Climax  search
MK-SE09-20 Cordelia, Cute Swimsuit Character  search
MK-SE09-18 Cordelia, Tragic Heroine? Character  search
MK-SE09-26 Decisive Battle! Phantom Thief VS Detective Climax  search
MK-SE09-12 Elly, Embarrassing Swimsuit Character  search
MK-SE09-11 Elly, Trembling Character  search
MK-SE09-10 Flying Nero Climax  search
MK-SE09-15 Henriette in Yukata Character  search
MK-SE09-16 Henriette, Carelessly Overslept Character  search
MK-SE09-22 Henriette, Poyoyon's Girl Character  search
MK-SE09-25 I Did It Climax  search
MK-SE09-03 Mary & Kate Character  search
MK-SE09-24 Mysterious Shadow Event  search
MK-SE09-02 Nero, Doing Great with Toys Character  search
MK-SE09-08 Nero, Tanned Skin / 小麦色の素肌 ネロ Character  search
MK-SE09-05 Rat, Rebelling Character  search
MK-SE09-13 Sheryl in June Character  search
MK-SE09-13SP Sheryl in June Character  SP  search
MK-SE09-14 Sheryl, Petit Body Character  search
MK-SE09-04 Stone River, Treasure Robber Character  search
MK-SE09-06 Twenty & Twenty Character  search

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