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Devil Survivor 2 Anime Extra Pack

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Devil Survivor 2 Anime Extra Pack: 48 cards
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DS2-SE16-30 "Anguished One" Alcor / “憂う者”アルコル Character  search
DS2-SE16-08 "Devil Summoner" Airi / “悪魔使い”アイリ Character  search
DS2-SE16-12 "Devil Summoner" Daichi / “悪魔使い”ダイチ Character  search
DS2-SE16-32 "Devil Summoner" Fumi / “悪魔使い”フミ Character  search
DS2-SE16-02 "Devil Summoner" Hibiki / “悪魔使い”ヒビキ Character  search
DS2-SE16-02P "Devil Summoner" Hibiki / “悪魔使い”ヒビキ Character  SP  search
DS2-SE16-23 "Devil Summoner" Hinako / “悪魔使い”ヒナコ Character  search
DS2-SE16-01 "Devil Summoner" Io / “悪魔使い”イオ Character  search
DS2-SE16-01P "Devil Summoner" Io / “悪魔使い”イオ Character  SP  search
DS2-SE16-25 "Devil Summoner" Joe / “悪魔使い”ジョー Character  search
DS2-SE16-11 "Devil Summoner" Jungo / “悪魔使い”ジュンゴ Character  search
DS2-SE16-04 "Devil Summoner" Keita / “悪魔使い”ケイタ Character  search
DS2-SE16-41 "Devil Summoner" Makoto / “悪魔使い”マコト Character  search
DS2-SE16-40 "Devil Summoner" Otome / “悪魔使い”オトメ Character  search
DS2-SE16-17 "Devil Summoner" Ronaldo / “悪魔使い”ロナウド Character  search
DS2-SE16-33 "Devil Summoner" Yamato / “悪魔使い”ヤマト Character  search
DS2-SE16-33P "Devil Summoner" Yamato / “悪魔使い”ヤマト Character  SP  search
DS2-SE16-09 "Shining One" Hibiki / “輝く者”ヒビキ Character  search
DS2-SE16-03 Airi, Active Girl / 活発な少女 アイリ Character  search
DS2-SE16-38 Alcor, Incredible Existence / 不思議な存在 アルコル Character  search
DS2-SE16-28 Byakko Summoning / ビャッコ召喚 Climax  search
DS2-SE16-06 Daichi & Evil Frost / ダイチ&じゃあくフロスト Character  search
DS2-SE16-27 Dead Face Video / 死に顔動画 Event  search
DS2-SE16-44 Demon Fusion / 悪魔合体 Climax  search
DS2-SE16-43 Dragon Stream / 龍脈 Event  search
DS2-SE16-36 Fumi, No Care for Daily Chores / 俗事への無関心 フミ Character  search
DS2-SE16-20 Hibiki & Byakko / ヒビキ&ビャッコ Character  search
DS2-SE16-05 Hibiki, Rare Quality / 稀有なる資質 ヒビキ Character  search
DS2-SE16-21 Hibiki, Will to Fight / 闘う決意 ヒビキ Character  search
DS2-SE16-16 Hibiki, Will to Survive / 生きる意志 ヒビキ Character  search
DS2-SE16-19 Hinako. Big Sister Like / 姉御肌 ヒナコ Character  search
DS2-SE16-29 I, Want to Live / 私、生きたい Climax  search
DS2-SE16-22 Io & Lugh / イオ&ルーグ Character  search
DS2-SE16-07 Io, 7-Day Battle / 7日間の戦い イオ Character  search
DS2-SE16-10 Io, Knows Everyone / 人見知り イオ Character  search
DS2-SE16-15 Io, Thinking of Family / 家族を想うイオ Character  search
DS2-SE16-18 Joe, Not Serious / テキトーな男 ジョー Character  search
DS2-SE16-24 Jungo, Kind Cook / 優しい板前 ジュンゴ Character  search
DS2-SE16-13 Keita, Lone Wolf / 一匹狼 ケイタ Character  search
DS2-SE16-26 Lucifer / ルシファー Character  search
DS2-SE16-31 Makoto, Gallant Beauty / 凛とした美貌 マコト Character  search
DS2-SE16-37 Otome, JP's Exclusive Doctor / ジプス専属医 オトメ Character  search
DS2-SE16-14 Ronaldo, Ex-Police / 元刑事 ロナウド Character  search
DS2-SE16-39 Yamato & Cerberus / ヤマト&ケルベロス Character  search
DS2-SE16-45 Yamato VS Alcor / ヤマト VS アルコル Climax  search
DS2-SE16-35 Yamato, Power of "Dragon Stream" / “龍脈”の力 ヤマト Character  search
DS2-SE16-42 Yamato, Severing Fate / 縁を断ち切るヤマト Character  search
DS2-SE16-34 Yamato, the Last Battle / 最後の戦い ヤマト Character  search

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