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Winds of Change

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Winds of Change: 203 cards
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2 A Champion's Heart Event  Uncommon  search
old-2 Akodo Kaneka Wind  Fixed  search
42 Akodo Sarasa Personality  Uncommon  search
43 Akodo Tadenori (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
17 Akodo's Grave Holding  Common  search
old-6 Alliance Event  Fixed  search
32 Asahina Barako Personality  Uncommon  search
52 Asako Shiwasu Personality  Common  search
old-9 Ashigaru Archers Follower  Fixed  search
19 Ashigaru Fort Holding  Common  search
old-11 Ashigaru Spearmen Follower  Fixed  search
131 Banner of Heroes Item  Rare  search
79 Barren Fields Action  Common  search
69 Bawaru no Oni Personality  Common  search
62 Bayushi Aotora Personality  Uncommon  search
61 Bayushi Kwanchai (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
60 Bayushi Rie Personality  Common  search
old-18 Blade of Kaiu Item  Fixed  search
old-19 Block Supply Lines Action  Fixed  search
80 Bloodied Ground Action  Rare  search
155 Castle of the Wasp Stronghold  Fixed  search
58 Chu-Rochu Personality  Common  search
151 Clarity of Purpose Spell  Common  search
4 Commanding Favor Event  Rare  search
old-186 Contentious Terrain Action  Fixed  search
5 Contingency Plans Event  Uncommon  search
95 Control the Field Action  Common  search
21 Corrupted Dojo Holding  Uncommon  search
old-190 Corrupted Silver Mine Holding  Fixed  search
16 Court Chambers Holding  Rare  search
33 Daidoji Akimasa Personality  Common  search
old-193 Daigotsu Wind  Fixed  search
133 Damning Evidence Item  Rare  search
137 Dark Soul Mask Item  Rare  search
150 Dark Wings Spell  Common  search
88 Defend Your Master Action  Uncommon  search
112 Dismissed Action  Uncommon  search
old-25 Dispersive Terrain Action  Fixed  search
34 Doji Tanitsu (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
93 Domotai's Sacrifice Action  Rare  search
139 Edict of Glory Item  Uncommon  search
140 Edict of Judgment Item  Uncommon  search
3 Eloquence Event  Rare  search
old-31 Encircled Terrain Action  Fixed  search
83 Field of Glorious Slaughter Action  Common  search
132 Fine Steed Item  Uncommon  search
106 Fruitless Combat Action  Common  search
65 Gaki Personality  Common  search
94 Gempukku Action  Common  search
66 Ghul Lord Personality  Uncommon  search
old-37 Gifts and Favors Holding  Fixed  search
119 Hachi's Legion Follower  Uncommon  search
149 Hands of the Tides Spell  Uncommon  search
old-40 Hantei Naseru Wind  Fixed  search
old-41 Heavy Infantry Follower  Fixed  search
129 Heimin Laborers Follower  Uncommon  search
old-200 Helm of Thunder (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
28 Hida Hoitsu Personality  Common  search
27 Hida Sozen Personality  Common  search
old-45 Hida Tenshu Personality  Fixed  search
29 Hida Wukau (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
old-47 Hida Yasuhiro Personality  Fixed  search
old-48 Higher Ground Action  Fixed  search
old-49 Hiruma Masagaro Personality  Fixed  search
128 Hiruma Tracker Follower  Common  search
41 Hitomi Kichi Personality  Uncommon  search
10 Honored Sensei Holding  Uncommon  search
96 Hospitality Action  Rare  search
116 Ichido no Shiryo Ancestor  Rare  search
57 Ik'krt (Experienced) Personality  Fixed  search
44 Ikoma Korin Personality  Common  search
old-57 Inner Fire Action  Fixed  search
92 Inspired Troops Action  Common  search
110 Invasion Action  Uncommon  search
old-60 Iron Mine Holding  Fixed  search
53 Isawa Fosuta Personality  Rare  search
54 Isawa Wazuka Personality  Uncommon  search
old-63 Jade Bow Item  Fixed  search
old-64 Jade Works Holding  Fixed  search
153 Judgment of the Kami Spell  Uncommon  search
old-65 Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding  Fixed  search
134 Kaede's Fan Item  Rare  search
77 Kaiu Village Region  Rare  search
35 Kakita Hirotada Personality  Uncommon  search
36 Kakita Rekkusu Personality  Common  search
old-70 Kan'ok'ticheck Personality  Fixed  search
120 Karo Follower  Uncommon  search
148 Kharmic Vengeance Spell  Rare  search
45 Kitsu Tanoyame Personality  Uncommon  search
39 Kitsuki Kiyushichi Personality  Rare  search
37 Kitsuki Mizuochi (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
123 Kitsune House Guard Follower  Rare  search
old-77 Kobune Port Holding  Fixed  search
30 Korjagun Personality  Uncommon  search
154 Koten Stronghold  Fixed  search
old-79 Kuni Utagu Personality  Fixed  search
20 Kyuden Tonbo Holding  Rare  search
old-81 Lesser Mujina Follower  Common  search
85 Mastermind Action  Uncommon  search
59 Mat'chek Personality  Uncommon  search
46 Matsu Ferishi Personality  Common  search
13 Meditation Chamber Holding  Common  search
old-86 Medium Infantry Follower  Fixed  search
40 Mirumoto Ryosaki Personality  Common  search
38 Mirumoto Takeo Personality  Common  search
70 Miya Shoin Personality  Rare  search
124 Monkey House Guard Follower  Rare  search
47 Moshi Eihime Personality  Uncommon  search
48 Moshi Yoshinaka Personality  Fixed  search
72 Moto Genki Personality  Common  search
73 Moto Latomu Personality  Uncommon  search
6 No Mercy Event  Rare  search
old-96 No-Dachi Item  Fixed  search
11 Oblivion's Gate Holding  Rare  search
108 Officers' Council Action  Uncommon  search
135 Official Papers Item  Uncommon  search
67 Omoni (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
old-101 Ono Item  Fixed  search
71 Otomo Taneji Personality  Common  search
125 Ox House Guard Follower  Rare  search
107 Peasant Vengeance Action  Common  search
18 Personal Librarian Holding  Common  search
101 Petty Insults Action  Uncommon  search
103 Poisoned Thread Action  Common  search
105 Political Entanglements Action  Rare  search
9 Promotion to the Court Event  Rare  search
121 Prophets Follower  Common  search
12 Provincial Governor Holding  Uncommon  search
136 Radiant Staff Item  Rare  search
102 Rage Action  Common  search
old-114 Ratling Bushi Follower  Fixed  search
old-115 Ratling Conjuror Personality  Fixed  search
old-116 Ratling Pack Follower  Fixed  search
old-117 Ratling Scout Follower  Fixed  search
23 Reserve Commander Holding  Common  search
84 Retribution Action  Common  search
87 Rhetoric Action  Common  search
26 Ruins of Yotsu Dojo Holding  Uncommon  search
109 Running Engagement Action  Common  search
55 Ryouko Personality  Uncommon  search
78 Sacred Grove Region  Rare  search
130 Sashimono Item  Common  search
143 Seek the Path Kiho  Common  search
68 Settozai Personality  Rare  search
145 Sharing Strength Kiho  Common  search
56 Shiba Emiri Personality  Common  search
74 Shinjo Haruko Personality  Uncommon  search
75 Shinjo Xushen (Experienced) Personality  Rare  search
old-132 Shirasu no Shiryo Ancestor  Rare  search
old-133 Small Farm Holding  Fixed  search
64 Soshi Seika Personality  Uncommon  search
63 Soshi Tabito Personality  Common  search
91 Sound Strategy Action  Rare  search
104 Spearhead Action  Common  search
old-138 Spearmen Follower  Fixed  search
14 Stable Master Holding  Uncommon  search
82 Stay Your Blade Action  Common  search
122 Steadfast Bushi Follower  Common  search
111 Stern Reprimand Action  Uncommon  search
81 Storm Heart Action  Rare  search
98 Strange Politics Action  Uncommon  search
7 Strike Like the Wind Event  Uncommon  search
old-145 Superior Tactics Action  Fixed  search
126 Suzume House Guard Follower  Rare  search
127 Tadaka's Children Follower  Uncommon  search
114 Tainted Dreams Action  Common  search
100 Taut Bowstrings Action  Uncommon  search
156 Tch'tch Warrens Stronghold  Fixed  search
old-150 Tetsubo of Thunder Item  Promotional  search
99 The Four Winds March Action  Rare  search
144 The Future is Unwritten Kiho  Uncommon  search
old-153 The Hiruma Dojo Holding  Fixed  search
1 The New Order Event  Rare  search
152 The Outer Darkness Spell  Rare  search
15 The Shogun's Barracks Holding  Rare  search
90 The World is Empty Action  Uncommon  search
86 Time to Pay the Price Action  Rare  search
old-158 Toturi Sezaru Wind  Fixed  search
old-159 Toturi Tsudao Wind  Fixed  search
113 Traitor's Reward Action  Uncommon  search
89 Treachery Action  Rare  search
24 Tsudao's Chambers Holding  Rare  search
old-163 Tsuruchi Hiro Personality  Fixed  search
old-164 Tsuruchi Nobumoto Personality  Fixed  search
49 Tsuruchi Tasuku Personality  Common  search
146 Twist the World Kiho  Uncommon  search
25 Untouched Temple Holding  Uncommon  search
76 Utaku Qsi-Tsing Personality  Common  search
115 Utz! Strategy  Common  search
8 Wait and See Event  Rare  search
147 Weight of the Heavens Kiho  Rare  search
97 Well Prepared Action  Common  search
22 Wretches Holding  Uncommon  search
138 Writ of Conscription Item  Uncommon  search
142 Writ of Justice Item  Rare  search
141 Writ of Peace Item  Uncommon  search
117 Yasu no Shiryo Ancestor  Rare  search
31 Yasuki Namika Personality  Rare  search
old-178 Yoee'trr Personality  Fixed  search
old-179 Yoritomo Kitao Personality  Fixed  search
51 Yoritomo Manobu Personality  Rare  search
old-181 Yoritomo Sen Personality  Fixed  search
50 Yoritomo Yorikane Personality  Common  search

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