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BS30: 91 cards
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82 Abyssal Counter Spell  Rare  search
24 Airraid-Eagle Spirit  Uncommon  search
35 Atlaia-Hydra Spirit  Rare  search
51 Bastet Ultimate  Uncommon  search
44 Blade Panther Ultimate  Uncommon  search
9 Bone-Bird Spirit  Uncommon  search
11 Bone-Griffon Spirit  Common  search
7 Bone-Scout Spirit  Common  search
22 Bugilance Spirit  Common  search
72 Burning Sword Spell  Common  search
36 Byakhee Spirit  Common  search
74 Dark Matter Magic/Burst  Uncommon  search
12 Darkness-Count Spirit  Common  search
79 Dream Glacier Magic/Burst  Rare  search
80 Elemental Burn Spell  Common  search
81 Feather Lock Spell  Common  search
73 Flame Meteor Spell  Common  search
78 Fuge Blast Spell  Common  search
16 Gomadra Spirit  Master Rare  search
83 Greed Thunder Magic/Burst  Common  search
4 King-Vulture Spirit  Uncommon  search
77 Leaf Bind Spell  Common  search
75 Necro Blight Spell  Rare  search
76 Needle Ride Spell  Uncommon  search
52 R'lyeh Golem Ultimate  Uncommon  search
6 Ryuuman-Koenig Spirit  Master Rare  search
42 Ryuuman-Swordbreaker Ultimate  Uncommon  search
87 Ryuuman-the-Formula Ultimate  X Rare  search
14 Shiramusu Spirit  Common  search
26 Tank-Mobil KV-2 Spirit  Common  search
37 The AbyssalBeast Abyssshark Spirit  Master Rare  search
30 The Angelia Bombel Spirit  Common  search
23 The ArmoredEvilDragon Fafner Spirit  Common  search
46 The ArmoredFortress Taimait Ultimate  Uncommon  search
25 The ArmoredSwordsman Blizzard Spirit  Common  search
60 The AstralBattleStick Algieba Brave  Common  search
65 The AstralBayonet Antares Brave  Rare  search
59 The AstralHillHalberd Benetnasch Brave  Common  search
63 The AstralLyreFan Vega Brave  Common  search
55 The AstralShieldSword Arcturus Brave  Common  search
20 The BeastShellMan Maximus Spirit  Uncommon  search
56 The BigAxe Aldebaran Brave  Rare  search
3 The BladeBristleDragon Yutyrannus Spirit  Common  search
31 The ConductorAngelia Maestel Spirit  Rare  search
32 The CrimsonButterflyWitch Yonaguni Spirit  Common  search
68 The Crystal Sword Detector Nexus  Common  search
47 The DawnMachineDeity Dellingr Ultimate  Uncommon  search
19 The DeityCat Shillong Spirit  Common  search
5 The DeitySwordDragon Falchion Spirit  Rare  search
10 The EvilSpear Shutori Spirit  Common  search
13 The FallenKnight Beliard Spirit  Uncommon  search
41 The FlameSwordsSaint Ryuuman-Swordwing Ultimate  Uncommon  search
70 The Giant Ocean Sword Detector Nexus  Common  search
50 The GunGreatAngelia Fiel Ultimate  Master Rare  search
69 The Heaven Wings Sword Detector Nexus  Common  search
62 The HeavenAstralBlade Schedar Brave  Common  search
53 The HeavySwordsSaint Moonbear Ultimate  Uncommon  search
2 The Investigator Ozzania Spirit  Common  search
40 The InvestigatorTrainee Lolo Spirit  Common  search
91 The JupiterDeitySword JupiterSaber Brave  X Rare  search
64 The KeelStick Canopus Brave  Common  search
86 The MachineWorldSerpentDragon Jörmungandr Spirit  X Rare  search
29 The MagicSwordsman Cape Pentan Spirit  Common  search
61 The MoonlightDeitySword WingOfLuna Brave  Rare  search
66 The Red Dragon Sword Detector Nexus  Common  search
71 The Reverse Continent Nexus  Common  search
45 The SacredTiger Bengaul Ultimate  Master Rare  search
58 The SaturnDeitySword SaturnSlave Brave  Rare  search
33 The SeaSacredBeast Leviard Spirit  Common  search
28 The SingingInvestigator Asia Spirit  Common  search
43 The SkeletonSwordsSaint Exoskull Ultimate  Master Rare  search
57 The SnakeAstralWhip Sabik Brave  Common  search
17 The SpearUserHornets Spirit  Rare  search
27 The SurvivolAngelia Kuroel Spirit  Uncommon  search
34 The Survivor Beebird Spirit  Common  search
18 The Survivor Kouroko Spirit  Common  search
1 The Survivor Ryuuman-Falco Spirit  Common  search
8 The Survivor Shieldritter Spirit  Rare  search
21 The Survivor Snowrabi Spirit  Common  search
49 The SwordDancePriestess Maiel Ultimate  Uncommon  search
84 The SwordDeityWarrior Ryuuman-Godsword Spirit  X Rare  search
85 The SwordShellEmperor Actaeon Spirit  X Rare  search
38 The ThunderPirate Kidd Spirit  Uncommon  search
67 The Twin Snake Sword Detector Nexus  Common  search
54 The UltimateQueen Antarc Ultimate  Master Rare  search
15 Ubataman Spirit  Common  search
89 Ultimate-Avrielle Ultimate  X Rare  search
X07 Ultimate-Leaf-Seadra Ultimate  X Rare  search
88 Ultimate-Zainde-Million Ultimate  X Rare  search
39 Vulcan-Bison Spirit  Common  search
48 White Fox Ultimate  Master Rare  search

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