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Da Capo III Anime Extra Pack

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Da Capo III Anime Extra Pack: 67 cards
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DC3-WPR-010 Aoi, Always Smiling Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-005 Aoi, Always the Same Question Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-34 Aoi, Battle Outfit!? / 戦闘服!? 葵 Character  search
DC3-WE16-32 Aoi, Battle Preparation? / 戦闘準備? 葵 Character  search
DC3-WPR-P24 Aoi, Full of Girl Skills? Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-24 Aoi, Like A Younger Sister / 妹みたいに 葵 Character  search
DC3-WE16-24P Aoi, Like A Younger Sister / 妹みたいに 葵 Character  SP  search
DC3-WPR-P15 Aoi, Orange Bikini Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-26 Aoi, Power Recharged! / パワー充電! 葵 Character  search
DC3-WE16-P02 Aoi, Surprised! Character  PR  search
DC3-WE30-12 Aoi, V~ery Happy Character  search
DC3-WE16-36 Being Spoiled / あまえられるところ Climax  search
DC3-WE16-02 Charles, Full of Love / 愛情たっぷり シャルル Character  search
DC3-WPR-007 Charles, Kind And Sweet Big Sister Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-P25 Charles, Lightly Red Imagery Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-002 Charles, Sighing Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-19 Charles, Straightforward Invitation / まっすぐお誘い シャルル Character  search
DC3-WE16-07 Charles, Together Is Happiness / 一緒が幸せ シャルル Character  search
DC3-WE16-07SP Charles, Together Is Happiness / 一緒が幸せ シャルル Character  SP  search
DC3-WPR-P12 Charles, White Bikini Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-16 Charles, Working Hard / しっかりお仕事 シャルル Character  search
DC3-WE16-13 Eri, Student Council President of Kazami Academy / 風見学園の生徒会長 英理 Character  search
DC3-WPR-003 Himeno, Blooming Love Talk Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-008 Himeno, Childhood Friend Untrue to Her Feelings Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-04 Himeno, From Now on Always / これからもずっと 姫乃 Character  search
DC3-WE16-10 Himeno, Good at Cooking / お料理上手 姫乃 Character  search
DC3-WPR-P22 Himeno, Normal Path to School Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-P13 Himeno, Pink Frilly Swimsuit Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-14 Himeno, The Path Home with the Two of Us / ふたりっきりの帰り道 姫乃 Character  search
DC3-WE16-06 Himeno, Unchanged Time / 変わらない時間 姫乃 Character  search
DC3-WE16-06SP Himeno, Unchanged Time / 変わらない時間 姫乃 Character  SP  search
DC3-WE16-09 Kiyotaka, Considerate Feelings / 思いやりの気持ち 清隆 Character  search
DC-WE30-P05 Koko & Nanaka & Nemu, Swimsuits Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-17 Mikoto, Single-Minded about Love / 愛にひたむき 美琴 Character  search
DC3-WE16-08 Minatsu, An Adult Brain? / 頭脳は大人? 美夏 Character  search
DC3-WPR-P11 Ricca, Black Bikini Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-01 Ricca, Confident Proposal / 強気な告白 立夏 Character  search
DC3-WE16-12 Ricca, Full of Motivation! / やる気満々! 立夏 Character  search
DC3-WPR-021 Ricca, Full of Self-Confidence Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-006 Ricca, Idol of the Academy Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-001 Ricca, Magician in the Last Life? Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-03 Ricca, Red Thread of Fate / 運命の赤い糸 立夏 Character  search
DC3-WE16-03SP Ricca, Red Thread of Fate / 運命の赤い糸 立夏 Character  SP  search
DC3-WE16-21 Ricca, Special Existence / 特別な存在 立夏 Character  search
DC3-WE16-05 Ricca, Suddenly Closing in! / 急接近! 立夏 Character  search
DC3-WE16-33 Sakura, at the Promised Place / 約束のあの場所で さくら Character  search
DC3-WPR-P26 Sakura, One Promise Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-25 Sakura, to the Place We Belong / 居るべき場所へ さくら Character  search
DC3-WE16-27 Sara, An Incredible Dream / 不思議な夢で さら Character  search
DC3-WPR-004 Sara, Blooming Love Talk Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-29 Sara, Heart-Racing Delusions? / ドキドキ妄想中? さら Character  search
DC3-WE30-04 Sara, Next to the Person Important to Her Character  search
DC3-WE16-31 Sara, Practice Together / 一緒に練習 さら Character  search
DC3-WPR-P14 Sara, School Swimsuit Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-009 Sara, Serious And Working Hard Character  PR  search
DC3-WPR-P23 Sara, Studying with Senpai Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-28 Sara, the Promise After School / 放課後の約束 さら Character  search
DC3-WE16-28SP Sara, the Promise After School / 放課後の約束 さら Character  SP  search
DC3-WE16-P01 Sara, Warning to Senpai! Character  PR  search
DC3-WE16-15 Shiki, Sharp-Tongued / 毒舌家 四季 Character  search
DC3-WE16-30 Suginami, Good Rival / 好敵手 杉並 Character  search
DC3-WE16-23 The Place I Want to Always Be at / いつまでもいたいところ Climax  search
DC3-WE16-18 Tomoe, Battle Type / 武闘派 巴 Character  search
DC3-WE16-35 Under the Cherry Blossom Tree / 桜の木の下で Event  search
DC3-WE16-22 Warm Place / あたたかなところ Climax  search
DC3-WE16-11 Yuuhi, Assistant to the Heard of Agency / 所長のアシスタント 夕陽 Character  search
DC3-WE16-20 Yuzu, Assistant to the Heard of Agency / 所長のアシスタント ゆず Character  search

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