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Nichijou - My Ordinary Life Extra Pack

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Nichijou - My Ordinary Life Extra Pack: 49 cards
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NJ-WE11-23 "Birthday" Nano / “おたんじょうび”なの Character  search
NJ-WE11-30 "Da-Nyan" Hakase / “だにゃん”はかせ Character  search
NJ-WE11-10 "Go-Soccer Club" Daiku & Sekiguchi / “囲碁サッカー部”大工&関口 Character  search
NJ-WE11-08 "Recovery Spell" Mai / “ふっかつのじゅもん”麻衣 Character  search
NJ-WE11-01 "Simple Idiot" Yukko / “単純な馬鹿”ゆっこ Character  search
NJ-WE11-37 Good Night Nano & Hakase Character  PR  search
NJ-WE11-24P Hakase Character  SP  search
NJ-WE11-24 Hakase / はかせ Character  search
NJ-WE11-21 Hakase, Cosplay / コスプレ はかせ Character  search
NJ-WE11-20 Hakase, Ponytail / ポニーテール はかせ Character  search
NJ-WE11-31 Hakase, Raincoat / 雨がっぱ はかせ Character  search
NJ-WE11-33 Hakase, Summer Festival / 夏祭り はかせ Character  search
NJ-WE11-28 Hakase, Waking Up / 寝起きのはかせ Character  search
NJ-WE11-15 Haruna Annaka / 安中 榛名 Character  search
NJ-WE11-13 Koujirou Sasahara / 笹原 幸治郎 Character  search
NJ-WE11-02P Mai Minakami Character  SP  search
NJ-WE11-02 Mai Minakami / 水上 麻衣 Character  search
NJ-WE11-17 Mai, Buddha Statue Lover / 仏像フェチ 麻衣 Character  search
NJ-WE11-03P Mio Naganohara Character  search
NJ-WE11-03 Mio Naganohara / 長野原 みお Character  search
NJ-WE11-19 Mio's Berserking / みおの暴走 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-12 Mio, Angry / 憤慨 みお Character  search
NJ-WE11-05 Mio, Heartbreak / ハートブレイク みお Character  search
NJ-WE11-14 Misato Tachibana / 立花 みさと Character  search
NJ-WE11-25P Nano Shinonome Character  SP  search
NJ-WE11-25 Nano Shinonome / 東雲 なの Character  search
NJ-WE11-36 Nano's Gimmick / なののギミック Climax  search
NJ-WE11-34 Nano, Black Cat / くろねこ なの Character  search
NJ-WE11-26 Nano, Clockwork / ねじまき なの Character  search
NJ-WE11-22 Nano, Hakase's Invention / はかせの発明品 なの Character  search
NJ-WE11-29 Nano, School Debut / 学校デビュー なの Character  search
NJ-WE11-32 Nano, Summer Festival / 夏祭り なの Character  search
NJ-WE11-35a Ordinary Life of Shinonome Laboratory / 東雲研究所の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-35b Ordinary Life of Shinonome Laboratory / 東雲研究所の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-35c Ordinary Life of Shinonome Laboratory / 東雲研究所の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-35d Ordinary Life of Shinonome Laboratory / 東雲研究所の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-18a Ordinary Life of Tokisadame High / 時定高校の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-18b Ordinary Life of Tokisadame High / 時定高校の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-18c Ordinary Life of Tokisadame High / 時定高校の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-18d Ordinary Life of Tokisadame High / 時定高校の日常 Climax  search
NJ-WE11-11 Princess Starla / スターラ姫 Character  search
NJ-WE11-27 Sakamoto-san / 阪本さん Character  search
NJ-WE11-07 Sakurai-sensei / 桜井先生 Character  search
NJ-WE11-16 Takasaki-sensei / 高崎先生 Character  search
NJ-WE11-09 Tsuyosi Nakanojou / 中之条 剛 Character  search
NJ-WE11-38 Yukko & Mio & Mai Character  PR  search
NJ-WE11-06 Yukko, Frivolous / お調子者 ゆっこ Character  search
NJ-WE11-04P Yuuko Aioi Character  SP  search
NJ-WE11-04 Yuuko Aioi / 相生 祐子 Character  search

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