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Fate Reforged

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Fate Reforged: 205 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
2 Abzan Advantage Instant  search
119 Abzan Beastmaster Creature  search
120 Abzan Kin-Guard Creature  search
3 Abzan Runemark Enchantment  search
4 Abzan Skycaptain Creature  search
121 Ainok Guide Creature  search
60 Alesha's Vanguard Creature  search
90 Alesha, Who Smiles at Death Legendary Creature  search
122 Ambush Krotiq Creature  search
61 Ancestral Vengeance Enchantment  search
5 Arashin Cleric Creature  search
123 Arashin War Beast Creature  search
91 Arcbond Instant  search
124 Archers of Qarsi Creature  search
62 Archfiend of Depravity Creature  search
62*IP Archfiend of Depravity [Fate Reforged Intro Pack] Creature  search
149 Atarka, World Render Legendary Creature  search
149* Atarka, World Render [Mass Retail Store Resale] Legendary Creature  search
6 Aven Skirmisher Creature  search
31 Aven Surveyor Creature  search
92 Bathe in Dragonfire Sorcery  search
63 Battle Brawler Creature  search
125 Battlefront Krushok Creature  search
165 Bloodfell Caves Land  search
93 Bloodfire Enforcers Creature  search
166 Blossoming Sands Land  search
94 Break Through the Line Enchantment  search
64 Brutal Hordechief Creature  search
126 Cached Defenses Sorcery  search
7 Channel Harm Instant  search
8 Citadel Siege Enchantment  search
32 Cloudform Enchantment  search
95 Collateral Damage Instant  search
CP2-6 Courser of Kruphix [Fate Reforged Clash Pack] Enchantment Creature  search
167 Crucible of the Spirit Dragon Land  search
65 Crux of Fate Sorcery  search
150 Cunning Strike Instant  search
9 Daghatar the Adamant Legendary Creature  search
66 Dark Deal Sorcery  search
96 Defiant Ogre Creature  search
127 Destructor Dragon Creature  search
67 Diplomacy of the Wastes Sorcery  search
168 Dismal Backwater Land  search
68 Douse in Gloom Instant  search
10 Dragon Bell Monk Creature  search
97 Dragonrage Instant  search
11 Dragonscale General Creature  search
11*IP Dragonscale General [Fate Reforged Intro Pack] Creature  search
151 Dromoka, the Eternal Legendary Creature  search
12 Elite Scaleguard Creature  search
33 Enhanced Awareness Instant  search
152 Ethereal Ambush Instant  search
34 Fascination Sorcery  search
69 Fearsome Awakening Sorcery  search
128 Feral Krushok Creature  search
98 Fierce Invocation Sorcery  search
99 Flamerush Rider Creature  search
99*IP Flamerush Rider [Fate Reforged Intro Pack] Creature  search
100 Flamewake Phoenix Creature  search
184 Forest Basic Land  search
185 Forest Basic Land  search
129 Formless Nurturing Sorcery  search
101 Friendly Fire Instant  search
130 Frontier Mastodon Creature  search
131 Frontier Siege Enchantment  search
35 Frost Walker Creature  search
132 Fruit of the First Tree Enchantment  search
70 Ghastly Conscription Sorcery  search
159 Goblin Boom Keg Artifact  search
102 Goblin Heelcutter Creature  search
103 Gore Swine Creature  search
71 Grave Strength Sorcery  search
13 Great-Horn Krushok Creature  search
153 Grim Contest Instant  search
72 Gurmag Angler Creature  search
154 Harsh Sustenance Instant  search
160 Hero's Blade Artifact  search
CP2-2 Hero's Downfall [Fate Reforged Clash Pack] Instant  search
161 Hewed Stone Retainers Artifact Creature  search
14 Honor's Reward Instant  search
73 Hooded Assassin Creature  search
104 Humble Defector Creature  search
105 Hungering Yeti Creature  search
133 Hunt the Weak Sorcery  search
178 Island Basic Land  search
179 Island Basic Land  search
15 Jeskai Barricade Creature  search
36 Jeskai Infiltrator Creature  search
37 Jeskai Runemark Enchantment  search
38 Jeskai Sage Creature  search
169 Jungle Hollow Land  search
155 Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury Legendary Creature  search
16 Lightform Enchantment  search
106 Lightning Shrieker Creature  search
39 Lotus Path Djinn Creature  search
17 Lotus-Eye Mystics Creature  search
T04 Manifest [Overlay] Creature  search
134 Map the Wastes Sorcery  search
40 Marang River Prowler Creature  search
107 Mardu Runemark Enchantment  search
108 Mardu Scout Creature  search
74 Mardu Shadowspear Creature  search
74* Mardu Shadowspear [Fate Reforged Gameday Participant] Creature  search
75 Mardu Strike Leader Creature  search
18 Mardu Woe-Reaper Creature  search
19 Mastery of the Unseen Enchantment  search
76 Merciless Executioner Creature  search
41 Mindscour Dragon Creature  search
42 Mistfire Adept Creature  search
109 Mob Rule Sorcery  search
20 Monastery Mentor Creature  search
43 Monastery Siege Enchantment  search
T01 Monk [Token] Token Creature  search
182 Mountain Basic Land  search
183 Mountain Basic Land  search
CP2-1 Necropolis Fiend [Fate Reforged Clash Pack] Creature  search
44 Neutralizing Blast Instant  search
77 Noxious Dragon Creature  search
156 Ojutai, Soul of Winter Legendary Creature  search
78 Orc Sureshot Creature  search
110 Outpost Siege Enchantment  search
79 Palace Siege Enchantment  search
162 Pilgrim of the Fires Artifact Creature  search
176 Plains Basic Land  search
177 Plains Basic Land  search
21 Pressure Point Instant  search
111 Pyrotechnics Sorcery  search
80 Qarsi High Priest Creature  search
112 Rageform Enchantment  search
45 Rakshasa's Disdain Instant  search
22 Rally the Ancestors Instant  search
81 Reach of Shadows Instant  search
46 Reality Shift Instant  search
CP2-4 Reaper of the Wilds [Fate Reforged Clash Pack] Creature  search
47 Refocus Instant  search
48 Renowned Weaponsmith Creature  search
135 Return to the Earth Instant  search
49 Rite of Undoing Instant  search
170 Rugged Highlands Land  search
136 Ruthless Instincts Instant  search
23 Sage's Reverie Enchantment  search
50 Sage-Eye Avengers Creature  search
50*IP Sage-Eye Avengers [Fate Reforged Intro Pack] Creature  search
24 Sandblast Instant  search
137 Sandsteppe Mastodon Creature  search
137* Sandsteppe Mastodon [Fate Reforged Launch] Creature  search
25 Sandsteppe Outcast Creature  search
171 Scoured Barrens Land  search
163 Scroll of the Masters Artifact  search
113 Shaman of the Great Hunt Creature  search
138 Shamanic Revelation Sorcery  search
138* Shamanic Revelation [Fate Reforged Buy a Box] Sorcery  search
51 Shifting Loyalties Sorcery  search
114 Shockmaw Dragon Creature  search
52 Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest Legendary Creature  search
82 Sibsig Host Creature  search
83 Sibsig Muckdraggers Creature  search
157 Silumgar, the Drifting Death Legendary Creature  search
115 Smoldering Efreet Creature  search
26 Soul Summons Sorcery  search
27 Soulfire Grand Master Creature  search
84 Soulflayer Creature  search
T02 Spirit [Token] Token Creature  search
139 Sudden Reclamation Instant  search
CP2-3 Sultai Ascendancy [Fate Reforged Clash Pack] Enchantment  search
85 Sultai Emissary Creature  search
86 Sultai Runemark Enchantment  search
53 Sultai Skullkeeper Creature  search
54 Supplant Form Instant  search
54* Supplant Form [Fate Reforged Gameday Prize] Instant  search
180 Swamp Basic Land  search
181 Swamp Basic Land  search
172 Swiftwater Cliffs Land  search
88 Tasigur's Cruelty Sorcery  search
87 Tasigur, the Golden Fang Legendary Creature  search
55 Temporal Trespass Sorcery  search
116 Temur Battle Rage Instant  search
140 Temur Runemark Enchantment  search
141 Temur Sabertooth Creature  search
142 Temur War Shaman Creature  search
142*IP Temur War Shaman [Fate Reforged Intro Pack] Creature  search
173 Thornwood Falls Land  search
56 Torrent Elemental Creature  search
174 Tranquil Cove Land  search
89 Typhoid Rats Creature  search
164 Ugin's Construct Artifact Creature  search
1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Planeswalker  search
28 Valorous Stance Instant  search
117 Vaultbreaker Creature  search
29 Wandering Champion Creature  search
158 War Flare Instant  search
143 Warden of the First Tree Creature  search
30 Wardscale Dragon Creature  search
T03 Warrior [Token] Token Creature  search
CP2-5 Whip of Erebos [Fate Reforged Clash Pack] Legendary Enchantment Artifact  search
57 Whisk Away Instant  search
144 Whisperer of the Wilds Creature  search
145 Whisperwood Elemental Creature  search
118 Wild Slash Instant  search
146 Wildcall Sorcery  search
58 Will of the Naga Instant  search
175 Wind-Scarred Crag Land  search
147 Winds of Qal Sisma Instant  search
59 Write into Being Sorcery  search
148 Yasova Dragonclaw Legendary Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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