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Call to Arms

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Call to Arms: 221 cards
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24 "Rock People" Dilemma  search
1 A Bad End Dilemma  search
33 A Second Chance at Life Event  search
34 Abduction Event  search
118 Acclimation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
69 Adapt Interrupt  search
35 Adding to Our Perfection Event  search
184 Alexander Rozhenko, Good Luck Charm Personnel: Klingon  search
119 Allocation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
2 An Old Debt Dilemma  search
70 Analyze Interrupt  search
120 Appraisal Drone Personnel: Borg  search
81 Archanis Dispute Mission  search
121 Archival Drone Personnel: Borg  search
82 Assault on Species 8472 Mission  search
174 B'Elanna Torres, Creative Engineer Personnel: Federation  search
150 Bashir Founder, Nefarious Saboteur Personnel: Dominion  search
150a Bashir Founder, Nefarious Saboteur Personnel: Dominion  search
83 Battle Reconnaissance Mission  search
151 Borath, Psychological Researcher Personnel: Dominion  search
198 Borg Cube Ships: Borg  search
36 Borg Cutting Beam Event  search
122 Borg Queen, Bringer of Order Personnel: Borg  search
123 Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive Personnel: Borg  search
123a Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive Personnel: Borg  search
199 Borg Sphere Ships: Borg  search
37 Bred for Battle Event  search
38 Building a Bridge Event  search
124 Calibration Drone Personnel: Borg  search
84 Camping Trip Mission  search
125 Cartography Drone Personnel: Borg  search
39 Cavalry Raid Event  search
40 Changeling Sabotage Event  search
85 Clash at Chin'toka Mission  search
3 Close Call Dilemma  search
126 Computation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
4 Confined to Quarters Dilemma  search
127 Continuity Drone Personnel: Borg  search
71 Cultist Attack Interrupt  search
141 Damar, Useful Adjutant Personnel: Cardassian  search
141a Damar, Useful Adjutant Personnel: Cardassian  search
5 Dangerous Climb Dilemma  search
185 Darok, Martok's Aide Personnel: Klingon  search
142 Davin Personnel: Cardassian  search
6 Depression Dilemma  search
86 Destroy Iconian Gateway Mission  search
87 Destroy Transwarp Hub Mission  search
41 Dispensing the White Event  search
42 Dissolving the Senate Event  search
7 DNA Analysis Dilemma  search
8 Don't Let It End This Way Dilemma  search
9 Dressing Down Dilemma  search
143 Dukat, Liberator and Protector Personnel: Cardassian  search
143a Dukat, Liberator and Protector Personnel: Cardassian  search
189 E'Tyshra Personnel: Non-aligned  search
144 Elim Garak, Plain, Simple Tailor Personnel: Cardassian  search
43 Enemy in Your Midst Event  search
88 Evade Borg Vessel Mission  search
89 Evade Dominion Squadron Mission  search
128 Evaluation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
90 Expose Changeling Influence Mission  search
91 Extract Defector Mission  search
10 Failure To Communicate Dilemma  search
11 Forsaken Dilemma  search
152 Founder Councilor Personnel: Dominion  search
153 Founder Leader, Beguiling Teacher Personnel: Dominion  search
154 Founder Leader, Forbidding Judge Personnel: Dominion  search
72 Founder Trap Interrupt  search
92 Founders' Homeworld, Home of the Great Link Mission  search
12 Gomtuu Shock Wave Dilemma  search
12a Gomtuu Shock Wave Dilemma  search
13 Graviton Wave Dilemma  search
129 Guidance Drone Personnel: Borg  search
93 Harness Omega Particle Mission  search
14 History Repeats Itself Dilemma  search
94 Hunt Alien Mission  search
44 I Don't Like to Lose Event  search
44a I Don't Like to Lose Event  search
206 I.K.S. Pagh Ships: Klingon  search
155 Ikat'ika, Honorable Warrior Personnel: Dominion  search
156 Imat'Korex Personnel: Dominion  search
130 Information Drone Personnel: Borg  search
15 Inside Collaborators Dilemma  search
95 Instruct Advanced Drone Mission  search
73 Insult Interrupt  search
131 Invasive Drone Personnel: Borg  search
175 Jack, Maladjusted Misfit Personnel: Federation  search
190 Jakin Personnel: Non-aligned  search
45 Jem'Hadar Ambush Event  search
202 Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Ships: Dominion  search
46 Jem'Hadar Birthing Chamber Event  search
32 Jem'Hadar Disruptor Pistol Equipment  search
47 Jem'Hadar Strike Force Event  search
203 Jem'Hadar Warship Ships: Dominion  search
111 Jorem Personnel: Bajoran  search
16 Justice or Vengeance Dilemma  search
194 Karina, Intelligence Analyst Personnel: Romulan  search
191 Kasidy Yates, Maquis Smuggler Personnel: Non-aligned  search
157 Keevan, Conniving Liar Personnel: Dominion  search
158 Kilana, Dissembling Envoy Personnel: Dominion  search
159 Kira Founder, Examiner Personnel: Dominion  search
112 Kira Nerys, Reformed Collaborator Personnel: Bajoran  search
186 Kor, Noble Warrior to the End Personnel: Klingon  search
187 Larg, Piece of Baktag Personnel: Klingon  search
176 Lauren, Seductress Personnel: Federation  search
160 Limara'Son, Fierce Soldier Personnel: Dominion  search
200 Locutus' Borg Cube Ships: Borg  search
132 Locutus, Voice of the Borg Personnel: Borg  search
132a Locutus, Voice of the Borg Personnel: Borg  search
161 Lovok Founder, Puppet Master Personnel: Dominion  search
145 Magren Personnel: Cardassian  search
162 Martok Founder, Poison of the Empire Personnel: Dominion  search
188 Martok, Leader of Destiny Personnel: Klingon  search
146 Mavek, Science Officer Personnel: Cardassian  search
177 Michael Eddington, Traitor to Starfleet Personnel: Federation  search
177a Michael Eddington, Traitor to Starfleet Personnel: Federation  search
17 Miner Disagreement Dilemma  search
201 Modern Galor Ships: Cardassian  search
96 Mouth of the Wormhole, Terok Nor Mission  search
195 Mullen Personnel: Romulan  search
18 Murder Investigation Dilemma  search
133 Negation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
147 Nerot Personnel: Cardassian  search
178 Norah Satie, Starfleet Investigator Personnel: Federation  search
163 Noret'ikar Personnel: Dominion  search
192 Nydrom Personnel: Non-aligned  search
164 Odera'Klen Personnel: Dominion  search
113 Odo, Wayward Link Personnel: Bajoran  search
48 One With the Borg Event  search
134 Opposition Drone Personnel: Borg  search
74 Our Death is Glory To the Founders Interrupt  search
19 Overwhelmed Dilemma  search
19a Overwhelmed Dilemma  search
97 Pacify Warring Factions Mission  search
196 Pardek, Betrayer Personnel: Romulan  search
75 Parting Shot Interrupt  search
179 Patrick, Idiot Savant Personnel: Federation  search
98 Peaceful Contact Mission  search
99 Plot Invasion Mission  search
100 Political Intrigue Mission  search
114 Porta, Advisor to the Emissary Personnel: Bajoran  search
135 Preservation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
76 Pseudopod Interrupt  search
20 Psychic Receptacle Dilemma  search
21 Psycho-Kinetic Attack Dilemma  search
49 Psychological Pressure Event  search
22 Quantum Filament Dilemma  search
182 Quark, Resistance Informant Personnel: Ferengi  search
182a Quark, Resistance Informant Personnel: Ferengi  search
50 Quite a Coincidence Event  search
165 Rak'tazan Personnel: Dominion  search
136 Reclamation Drone Personnel: Borg  search
51 Regeneration Alcoves Event  search
180 Reginald Barclay, Reclusive Engineer Personnel: Federation  search
166 Remata'Klan, Unit Leader Personnel: Dominion  search
166a Remata'Klan, Unit Leader Personnel: Dominion  search
101 Rescue Prisoners of War Mission  search
137 Research Drone Personnel: Borg  search
102 Restock Ketracel-White Mission  search
23 Restricted Area Dilemma  search
25 Rogue Borg Ambush Dilemma  search
183 Rom, Undercover Spy Personnel: Ferengi  search
197 Ruwon, Intelligence Analyst Personnel: Romulan  search
52 Sabotage Program Event  search
103 Salvage Borg Ship Mission  search
104 Salvage Dominion Ship Mission  search
181 Sarina Douglas, Cataleptic Conundrum Personnel: Federation  search
26 Secret Identity Dilemma  search
77 Security Sweep Interrupt  search
53 Sensing a Trap Event  search
54 Set Up Event  search
138 Seven of Nine, Part of the Greater Whole Personnel: Borg  search
139 Seven of Nine, Representative of the Hive Personnel: Borg  search
55 Severed Link Event  search
193 Sharat Personnel: Non-aligned  search
27 Sheer Lunacy Dilemma  search
105 Signal for Rescue Mission  search
28 Skeleton Crew Dilemma  search
56 Sluggo Event  search
29 So Many Enemies Dilemma  search
30 Sokath, His Eyes Uncovered! Dilemma  search
208 Soterus Ships: Romulan  search
106 Stage Bombardment Mission  search
57 Steeled By Loss Event  search
58 Stir Crazy Event  search
107 Study Rare Phenomenon Mission  search
108 Survey Star System Mission  search
115 Tahna Los, Voice of the Kohn-Ma Personnel: Bajoran  search
204 Tenak'talar, Weyoun's Warship Ships: Dominion  search
59 The Blight Event  search
60 The Crystalline Entity Event  search
31 The Demands of Duty Dilemma  search
61 The Enterprise Incident Event  search
78 The Founder Is Wise Interrupt  search
62 The Manheim Effect Event  search
62a The Manheim Effect Event  search
109 The Siege of AR-558 Mission  search
63 The Trial Never Ended Event  search
64 The Will of the Collective Event  search
167 Tholun Personnel: Dominion  search
148 Thorel Personnel: Cardassian  search
149 Tora Ziyal, Beloved Daughter Personnel: Cardassian  search
168 Tozara'Kesh Personnel: Dominion  search
140 Transwarp Drone Personnel: Borg  search
65 Trial of Faith Event  search
205 U.S.S. Defiant, Stolen Warship Ships: Federation  search
66 Under Suspicion Event  search
110 Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind Mission  search
169 Varen'agor Personnel: Dominion  search
67 Vorta Cloning Event  search
79 We're Everywhere Interrupt  search
68 We're Mutants Event  search
170 Weyoun, Instrument of the Founders Personnel: Dominion  search
171 Weyoun, Loyal Subject of the Dominion Personnel: Dominion  search
171a Weyoun, Loyal Subject of the Dominion Personnel: Dominion  search
207 Xhosa Ships: Non-aligned  search
172 Yak'Talon, Deadly Patroller Personnel: Dominion  search
116 Yassim, Zealous Protester Personnel: Bajoran  search
173 Yelgrun, Blunt Negotiator Personnel: Dominion  search
117 Yelsar Personnel: Bajoran  search
80 You Could Be Invaluable Interrupt  search

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