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H Booster Set 1: Neo Enforcer ver.E

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
H Booster Set 1: Neo Enforcer ver.E: 120 cards
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HBT01-0064EN ...Or So the Dream I had Went Spell  search
HBT01-0097EN Actor Knights the Moon Monster  search
HBT01-0068EN Actor Knights the Star Monster  search
HBT01-0096EN Actor Knights the Sun Monster  search
HBT01-0027EN Bash Dragon Emperor, Champion Lord Monster  search
HBT01-0067EN Battle Deity Robo, Genbu Monster  search
HBT01-0099EN Battle Deity Robo, Nightmare Monster  search
HBT01-0098EN Battle Deity Robo, Sky Dragon Monster  search
HBT01-0069EN Battle Deity Support Spell  search
HBT01-0079EN Blade Dragon Emperor, Vorpal Spartar Monster  search
HBT01-0078EN Blazing Dragon Fist, Dragoburst Item  search
HBT01-0051EN Blizzard Left Bruder Monster  search
HBT01-0055EN Bronze Giant, Talos Monster  search
HBT01-0034EN Buddy Police, Decker Drum Monster  search
HBT01-0034ENs Buddy Police, Decker Drum Monster  SP  search
HBT01-0020EN Buddy Sword Item  RR  search
HBT01-0050EN Burning Right Bruder Monster  search
HBT01-0019EN Call, Super Machine! Spell  RR  search
HBT01-0085EN Capella Origar Monster  search
HBT01-0008EN Captain Answer Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0037EN Card Burn Monster  search
HBT01-0060EN Card Rhino Monster  search
HBT01-0089EN Card Serpent Monster  search
HBT01-0058EN Chosen Being Spell  search
HBT01-0072EN Crimson Battler, Bay Rush Drake Monster  search
HBT01-0045EN Crimson Battler, Break Shoulder Dragon Monster  search
HBT01-0021EN Crimson Battler, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster  search
HBT01-0021ENs Crimson Battler, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster  SP  search
HBT01-0100EN Crimson Battler, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster  BR  search
HBT01-0010EN Crimson Battler, Guns Knuckle Dragon Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0074EN Crimson Battler, Radical Leg Dragon Monster  search
HBT01-0071EN Crimson Battler, Shield-Arm Dragon Monster  search
HBT01-0024EN Crimson Fist, Dragoblaze Item  search
HBT01-0062EN Cyber Police, Assault Leader Monster  search
HBT01-0036EN Cyber Police, Lightning Chaser Monster  search
HBT01-0042EN Damage Control Spell  search
HBT01-0013EN Dekalfar Demon Swordsman, Heim Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0101EN Demonic Demise Dragon, Azi Dahaka Monster  Secret  search
HBT01-0104EN Demonic Demise Sword, Aqulta Gwaneff Item  Secret  search
HBT01-0028EN Demonic Fairy Dragon, Sorciere Monster  search
HBT01-0070EN Disasquake Dragon Monster  search
HBT01-0023EN Dragodefense Spell  search
HBT01-0053EN Dragon Arcadia Spell  search
HBT01-0105EN Dragon Ein Flag  Secret  search
HBT01-0032EN Dragon Extermination Knight, Siegfried Monster  search
HBT01-0029EN Dragon Kid, Ricky Monster  search
HBT01-0046EN Dragon Knight, Bat Masterson Monster  search
HBT01-0009EN Dragon Knight, Calamity Jane Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0022EN Dragon Knight, Shohashou Monster  search
HBT01-0073EN Dragon Knight, Tadakatsu Monster  search
HBT01-0082EN Dragon Prudent Spell  search
HBT01-0108EN Dragon Return System Spell  search
HBT01-0103EN Dragon Throne Spell  Secret  search
HBT01-0109EN Dragonblade, Drumsword Item  search
HBT01-0047EN Dragonic Air Raid Spell  search
HBT01-0077EN Dragonic Repair Shield Spell  search
HBT01-0076EN Dragonic Repair Weapon Spell  search
HBT01-0075EN Dragonic Survive Spell  search
HBT01-0004EN Ethereal Overlord, Gang the King Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0035EN Explosive Takedown, Rampage Sonic Monster  search
HBT01-0035ENs Explosive Takedown, Rampage Sonic Monster  SP  search
HBT01-0110EN Fang Slade Drum Monster  search
HBT01-0026EN Fifth Omni Divine Arts, Howling Storm! Impact  search
HBT01-0002EN Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0002ENs Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu Monster  SP  search
HBT01-0094EN Fire All Cannons! Spell  search
HBT01-0090EN First Warrior, Einder Monster  search
HBT01-0112EN Frost Wall, Nevel Vans Monster  search
HBT01-0081EN Gathering of the Armed Dragons Spell  search
HBT01-0025EN Gigantic Crusher!! Impact  search
HBT01-0033EN Great Fate, Frozen Stars Spell  search
HBT01-0092EN Heavy Trooper, Metal Prisoner Monster  search
HBT01-0066EN Hero Climax! Spell  search
HBT01-0061EN Hero Hunter, Sieben Monster  search
HBT01-0116EN Horn of Demise, Gjallarhorn Spell  search
HBT01-0039EN Hyper Energy Spell  search
HBT01-0114EN Ice Emperor, Thrudgelmir Monster  search
HBT01-0012EN Ice Prison Emperor, Cocytus Greed Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0040EN Impact! Double Sword Slasher! Impact  search
HBT01-0016EN Infinite Robo, Mathematics Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0080EN Island Dragon of the Origin, Little Land Mu Monster  search
HBT01-0107EN Loki the Ehrgeiz Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0044EN Machaela Sword Dragon Monster  search
HBT01-0017EN Martian UFO, Takosuke Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0030EN Maximum Manliness! Palm of the Fury Dragon Impact  search
HBT01-0088EN Mobile Berserker, Gomaguts Monster  search
HBT01-0056EN Moon Celestial, Selene Monster  search
HBT01-0111EN Moon Wolf, Managarmr Monster  search
HBT01-0063EN New Program! 3-Man Squad Quartet Five Spell  search
HBT01-0038EN Ninth Warrior, Nine Monster  search
HBT01-0015EN Oswira Gard Spell  RR  search
HBT01-0086EN Procyon Melampus Monster  search
HBT01-0049EN Rage Thirst Emperor, Grand Wilderness Monster  search
HBT01-0041EN Rampage Blaster! Impact  search
HBT01-0095EN Reckless Bravery...... Spell  search
HBT01-0113EN Red Dragon Shield Spell  search
HBT01-0018EN Rescue Dragon Mach Braver Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0006EN Rigel Orion Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0001EN Second Crimson Chieftain, Burning Fore Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0091EN Second Warrior, Zweider Monster  search
HBT01-0115EN Secret Army of the Divine King, Vodan Shadow Monster  search
HBT01-0084EN Sirius Lailaps Monster  search
HBT01-0083EN Sky Splitting Armor, Masurao Item  search
HBT01-0052EN Soaring Dragon, Fair Skylines Spell  search
HBT01-0057EN Star Bow, Artemis Arrow Item  search
HBT01-0014EN Starfall Night Spell  RR  search
HBT01-0031EN Stellar Deity, Astraeus Monster  search
HBT01-0087EN Sulizers Gard Spell  search
HBT01-0106EN Super Armordragon, Vajra Blaster Dragon Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0048EN Superior Buddy Spell  search
HBT01-0054EN Taurus Aldebaran Monster  search
HBT01-0093EN Third Warrior, Dreider Monster  search
HBT01-0102EN Twin Demon Dragon, Zahhak Monster  Secret  search
HBT01-0005EN Twin-Headed Hellhound, Orthrus Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0059EN Type-36 Armored Convoy, Raigo Monster  search
HBT01-0007EN Ultimate Card Burn Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0003EN Ultimate Neo Dragon, Drum the Future Monster  RRR  search
HBT01-0065EN Why is there a banana peel here!? Spell  search
HBT01-0011EN Wicked Dragon Emperor, Billion Knuckle Monster  RR  search
HBT01-0043EN Wind Call Cavalry, Voltex Arms Monster  search

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