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BSC20: 26 cards
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5 Bone-Weasel Spirit  Common  search
23 Fuurin Spirit  Common  search
24 Inugami Spirit  Rare  search
15 Moon Rabbit Spirit  Uncommon  search
11 The ArmoredMothShinobi Tobikage Spirit  Rare  search
17 The ArmorFalcon Suiran-Hawk Brave  Master Rare  search
2 The BattleArrowDragon Byouha Spirit  Uncommon  search
6 The BlueFlamesWisdomKing Agnius Spirit  X Rare  search
25 The BlueSwords WisdomKing Spirit  Uncommon  search
13 The CleverMachineBeast Shoujou Spirit  Common  search
14 The CleverMachineBeast Yoroiphant Spirit  Uncommon  search
22 The CleverMachineMusha Shiranui Spirit  Rare  search
21 The CleverMachineMusha Zantetsu Spirit  Uncommon  search
16 The Cobalt Mitsumataorochi Spirit  Master Rare  search
3 The FerociousDragonGeneral Hagundragon Spirit  Master Rare  search
8 The FlameSacredBeast Homurawolf Spirit  Master Rare  search
10 The HornetKing Fong-Need Spirit  X Rare  search
19 The Necromancer Mumei Spirit  Rare  search
4 The OgreDeity Basara Spirit  X Rare  search
1 The SengokuGoldDragon Ragou Spirit  X Rare  search
26 The SengokuPrincess Anko Spirit  Common  search
18 The SnakeArtsMagician Zuda Spirit  Uncommon  search
7 The StrangeFangShinobi Tachikazewolf Spirit/Burst  Uncommon  search
9 The SwordArmedGeneral Ash-Lion Brave  Rare  search
20 The WindDemon Amatsuba Spirit  Uncommon  search
12 Verdant Release Technique Spell  Common  search

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