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Attack Run

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Attack Run: 26 cards
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160-5-0792 Bail Out Event  Fixed  search
159-4-0743 Black Squadron Fighter Unit  Fixed  search
156-3-0769 Blue Nine Unit  Fixed  search
160-2-0789 Boba Fett Unit  Fixed  search
159-5-0786 Closed Formation Enhancement  Fixed  search
159-2-0784 Darth Vader Unit  Fixed  search
159-1-0783 Defending the Trench Objective  Fixed  search
160-4-0791 Den of Thieves Enhancement  Fixed  search
158-5-0782 Evading Authority Event  Fixed  search
157-6-0777 I Have You Now Fate  Fixed  search
159-6-0787 I Have You Now Fate  Fixed  search
158-3-0780 Information Broker Unit  Fixed  search
156-2-0768 Keyan Farlander Unit  Fixed  search
157-2-0773 Luke Skywalker Unit  Fixed  search
158-2-0779 Platt Okeefe Unit  Fixed  search
157-4-0775 R2-D2 Enhancement  Fixed  search
156-5-0771 Reassignment Event  Fixed  search
157-3-0774 Red Five Unit  Fixed  search
157-1-0772 Running the Trench Objective  Fixed  search
160-3-0790 Slave I Unit  Fixed  search
158-4-0781 Smuggler’s Handbook Enhancement  Fixed  search
156-6-0702 Stay on Target Fate  Fixed  search
160-6-0712 Stay on Target Fate  Fixed  search
158-6-0420 Supporting Fire Fate  Fixed  search
156-4-0770 Temple Hangar Enhancement  Fixed  search
160-1-0788 The Hunter’s Flight Objective  Fixed  search

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