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Buu: 191 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 1 Non-Combat  search
2 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 2 Non-Combat  search
38 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 3 Non-Combat  search
39 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 4 Non-Combat  search
40 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 5 Non-Combat  search
121 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 6 Non-Combat  search
122 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 7 Non-Combat  search
41 Bee None  search
3 Black Arm Stretch Physical Combat  search
6 Black Diving Energy Drop Energy Combat  search
42 Black Face Smash Physical Combat  search
5 Black Floating Popo Defense Physical Combat  search
123 Black Front Punch Physical Combat  search
43 Black Gambit Combat  search
44 Black Gravity Drop Physical Combat  search
4 Black Head Crush Physical Combat  search
45 Black Heroic Side kick Physical Combat  search
46 Black Overhead Smack Physical Combat  search
124 Black Right Kick Physical Combat  search
125 Black Royal Flush Drill Non-Combat  search
47 Black Secret Combat  search
48 Black Snap Kick Physical Combat  search
126 Black Style Mastery None  search
49 Black Weakness Drill Non-Combat  search
51 Blue Belly Kick Physical Combat  search
50 Blue Devastation Physical Combat  search
52 Blue Draining Blast Energy Combat  search
127 Blue Electrical Gunk Energy Combat  search
53 Blue Energy Cannon Energy Combat  search
54 Blue Eye Gouge Physical Combat  search
55 Blue Friendship Non-Combat  search
56 Blue Gambit Combat  search
57 Blue Head Kick Physical Combat  search
7 Blue Healing Ray Energy Combat  search
8 Blue High Block Physical Combat  search
58 Blue Protective Bubble Energy Combat  search
9 Blue Slam Physical Combat  search
59 Blue Stomach Smash Physical Combat  search
128 Blue Style Mastery None  search
60 Blue Upward Block Physical Combat  search
10 Carpet Attack Technique Physical Combat  search
61 City Ablaze Combat  search
62 Cookie! Non-Combat  search
129 Deal! Combat  search
130 Dende None  search
201 Earth Dragon Ball 3 None  search
138 Elder Kai Sensei None  search
11 Energy Gathering Non-Combat  search
63 Energy Ricochet Energy Combat  search
64 Flight Training Non-Combat  search
12 Focused Sword Strike Physical Combat  search
131 Freestyle Mastery None  search
161 Gohan None  search
162 Gohan None  search
163 Gohan None  search
164 Gohan None  search
165 Gohan None  search
13 Gohan's Sword Slash Physical Combat  search
14 Gohan's Sword Sweep Physical Combat  search
15 Gohan's Sword Thrust Physical Combat  search
65 Gohan's Swordplay Drill Non-Combat  search
156 Goku None  search
66 Goku Swiftly Moving Energy Combat  search
67 Goku's Escape Energy Combat  search
16 Goku's Power Attack Energy Combat  search
152 Goku, Super Saiyan None  search
157 Goku, Super Saiyan None  search
158 Goku, Super Saiyan 2 None  search
116 Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended None  search
118 Goten None  search
171 Goten None  search
172 Goten None  search
173 Goten None  search
174 Goten None  search
154 Gotenks (Level 1) None  search
132 Gotenks Flight Physical Combat  search
68 Healing Magic Non-Combat  search
133 Hercule None  search
69 Hercule's Underground Training Areas Location  search
70 Heroic Head Kick Physical Combat  search
71 Heroic Kamehameha Energy Combat  search
17 Heroic Quick Kick Physical Combat  search
18 Horrified Combat  search
117 Kid Trunks None  search
166 Kid Trunks None  search
167 Kid Trunks None  search
168 Kid Trunks None  search
169 Kid Trunks None  search
115 Korin None  search
19 Krillin's Flight Combat  search
72 Krillin, Z Warrior None  search
134 Losing Battle Combat  search
120 Majin Babidi None  search
184 Majin Babidi None  search
185 Majin Babidi None  search
186 Majin Babidi None  search
187 Majin Babidi None  search
114 Majin Buu None  search
151 Majin Buu None  search
194 Majin Buu None  search
197-198 Majin Buu (Level 1) Main Personality  search
199-200 Majin Buu (Level 2) Main Personality  search
135 Majin Buu's Body Slam Physical Combat  search
136 Majin Buu's Charged Attack Energy Combat  search
137 Majin Buu's Flight Physical Combat  search
73 Majin Buu's House None  search
74 Majin Buu's Invincibility Combat  search
75 Majin Buu's Magical Ray Energy Combat  search
76 Majin Buu's Stomach Throw None  search
196 Majin Buu, Pink People Eater None  search
195 Majin Buu, the Rotund None  search
180 Majin Dabura None  search
181 Majin Dabura None  search
182 Majin Dabura None  search
183 Majin Dabura None  search
119 Majin Dabura, D.O.A None  search
20 Majin Demise Energy Combat  search
21 Majin Hand Clap Physical Combat  search
77 Majin Head Blow Physical Combat  search
189 Majin Vegeta None  search
190 Majin Vegeta None  search
153 Master Roshi Sensei None  search
78 Namekian Gambit Combat  search
79 Namekian Shield Destruction Physical Combat  search
80 Namekian Shuto Physical Combat  search
139 Namekian Style Mastery None  search
140 Oolong None  search
81 Orange Car Push Physical Combat  search
22 Orange Chin Break Physical Combat  search
141 Orange Destruction Ball Energy Combat  search
23 Orange Energy Catch Energy Combat  search
24 Orange Energy Guard Energy Combat  search
82 Orange Face Breaker Physical Combat  search
83 Orange Face Crunch Physical Combat  search
84 Orange Flight Physical Combat  search
85 Orange Gambit Combat  search
86 Orange Hiding Drill Non-Combat  search
87 Orange Mouth Shot Energy Combat  search
88 Orange Right Hook Physical Combat  search
89 Orange Sneak Attack Energy Combat  search
25 Orange Spy Drill Non-Combat  search
142 Orange Style Mastery None  search
90 Orange Trick Shot Energy Combat  search
91 Physical Defense Drill Non-Combat  search
176 Piccolo None  search
177 Piccolo None  search
178 Piccolo None  search
179 Piccolo None  search
92 Red Arm Swipe Physical Combat  search
26 Red Ball Throw Energy Combat  search
143 Red Cross Punch Physical Combat  search
27 Red Fastball Energy Combat  search
28 Red Fist Catch Physical Combat  search
93 Red Force Punch Physical Combat  search
94 Red Front Jab Physical Combat  search
95 Red Gambit Combat  search
96 Red Joker Drill Non-Combat  search
97 Red Overhead Crush Physical Combat  search
29 Red Passive Block Physical Combat  search
30 Red Power Block Physical Combat  search
98 Red Pressure Technique Physical Combat  search
99 Red Spiked Blast Physical Combat  search
144 Red Style Mastery None  search
31 Red Vigor Orb Energy Combat  search
100 Saiyan Assault Physical Combat  search
102 Saiyan Concentrated Blast Energy Combat  search
35 Saiyan Direct Strike Physical Combat  search
101 Saiyan Energy Bomb Energy Combat  search
32 Saiyan Energy Deflection Energy Combat  search
103 Saiyan Gambit Combat  search
33 Saiyan Hand Swipe Physical Combat  search
104 Saiyan Hurricane Kick Physical Combat  search
105 Saiyan Ki Ball Energy Combat  search
106 Saiyan Onslaught Physical Combat  search
107 Saiyan Overwhelming Drill Non-Combat  search
108 Saiyan Power Beam Energy Combat  search
145 Saiyan Pressure Technique Physical Combat  search
34 Saiyan Snap Kick Physical Combat  search
109 Saiyan Strength Blast Energy Combat  search
146 Saiyan Style Mastery None  search
155 Super Saiyan Gotenks (Level 2) None  search
147 Supreme Kai's Help Non-Combat  search
148 Supreme Kai's Ki Push Energy Combat  search
150 The Eternal Dragon's Quest Non-Combat  search
149 The Fusion Dance Non-Combat  search
110 The Other World None  search
36 Underwater Kick Physical Combat  search
111 Vegeta's Sacrifice Energy Combat  search
37 West City None  search
112 Whiplash Combat  search
113 Z Sword Plateau None  search

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