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The Motion Pictures Expansion

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The Motion Pictures Expansion: 134 cards
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3 "God" Dilemma  search
34 Admiral Cartwright Personnel: Federation  search
35 Admiral Kirk Personnel: Federation  R+  search
36 Amanda Grayson Personnel: Federation  R+  search
37 Ambassador Sarek Personnel: Federation  R+  search
28 Analyze Radiation Mission  search
69 Azetbur Personnel: Klingon  search
70 Brigadier Kerla Personnel: Klingon  search
108 Caithlin Dar Personnel: Romulan  search
130 Camp Khitomer Time Locations  search
71 Captain Kang Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
38 Captain Spock Personnel: Federation  R+  search
39 Captain Styles Personnel: Federation  search
40 Captain Sulu Personnel: Federation  R+  search
41 Carol Marcus Personnel: Federation  search
131 Cetacean Institute Time Locations  search
19 Ceti Eel Incidents  search
72 Ch'dak Personnel: Klingon  search
73 Chancellor Gorkon Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
42 Clark Terrell Personnel: Federation  search
32 Collect Metaphasic Particles Objectives  search
74 Colonel Worf Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
43 Commander Chekov Personnel: Federation  R+  search
44 Commander Rand Personnel: Federation  search
45 Commander Uhura Personnel: Federation  R+  search
46 David Marcus Personnel: Federation  search
47 Demora Sulu Personnel: Federation  search
48 Dmitri Valtane Personnel: Federation  search
49 Dr. Chapel Personnel: Federation  R+  search
92 Dr. Gillian Taylor Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
92* Dr. Gillian Taylor Personnel: Federation  R+  search
50 Dr. McCoy Personnel: Federation  R+  search
93 Dr. Tolian Soran Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
14 Duj Saq Event  search
2 Engine Imbalance Dilemma  search
51 Ensign Tuvok Personnel: Federation  search
15 Fal-tor-pan Event  search
94 Gallatin Personnel: Non-aligned  search
75 General Chang Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
76 General Korrd Personnel: Klingon  search
91 George and Gracie Personnel: Neutral  search
110 H.M.S. Bounty Ships: Federation  R+  search
110* H.M.S. Bounty Ships: Klingon  R+  search
52 Henreid Personnel: Federation  search
4 Hero Worship Dilemma  search
21 I Do Not Take Orders From You! Interrupt  search
5 I Hate You Dilemma  search
16 I Just Love Scanning for Life-forms Event  search
116 I.K.C. Amar Ships: Klingon  search
117 I.K.C. Chontay Ships: Klingon  search
118 I.K.C. K'elric Ships: Klingon  search
119 I.K.C. K't'inga Ships: Klingon  search
120 I.K.C. Kla'Diyus Ships: Klingon  R+  search
53 Ilia Personnel: Federation  search
122 Injector Assembly One Ships: Non-aligned  search
29 Insurrection Mission  search
127 Isolytic Burst Tactics  search
17 Isomagnetic Disintegrator Event  search
95 J'Onn Personnel: Non-aligned  search
54 J. T. Esteban Personnel: Federation  search
55 Jacobson Personnel: Federation  search
56 James T. Kirk Personnel: Federation  Ultra Rare  search
96 Joachim Personnel: Non-aligned  search
57 John Harriman Personnel: Federation  R+  search
77 Kamarag Personnel: Klingon  search
78 Karnog Personnel: Klingon  search
97 Khan Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
79 Klaa Personnel: Klingon  search
80 Komal Personnel: Klingon  search
81 Kor'choth Personnel: Klingon  search
82 Koth Personnel: Klingon  search
83 Krase Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
121 Kronos One Ships: Klingon  R+  search
84 Kruge Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
123 Li'seria Ships: Non-aligned  search
6 Linguistic Legerdemain Dilemma  search
58 Lojur Personnel: Federation  search
22 Lure of the Nexus Interrupt  search
85 Maltz Personnel: Klingon  search
59 Mark Tobiaston Personnel: Federation  search
98 Martia Personnel: Non-aligned  search
99 Mas'ud Personnel: Non-aligned  search
60 Matthew Dougherty Personnel: Federation  search
61 Mr. Scott Personnel: Federation  R+  search
109 Nanclus Personnel: Romulan  search
23 No, Kirk... The Game's Not Over Interrupt  search
7 Now Would Be A Good Time Dilemma  search
30 Observe Ritual Mission  search
100 Pa'rena Personnel: Non-aligned  search
24 Prefix Code Transmission Interrupt  search
101 Rae'alin Personnel: Non-aligned  search
86 Regnor Personnel: Klingon  search
20 Release This Pain Incidents  search
33 Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold Objectives  search
128 Riker Maneuver Tactics  search
102 Ru'afo Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
62 Saavik Personnel: Federation  R+  search
103 Sam'po Personnel: Non-aligned  search
104 Sarod Personnel: Non-aligned  search
105 Sharic Personnel: Non-aligned  search
25 Smooth as an Android's Bottom? Interrupt  search
124 Son'a Battleship Ships: Non-aligned  search
125 Son'a Shuttle Ships: Non-aligned  search
63 St. John Talbot Personnel: Federation  search
111 Starship Constitution Ships: Federation  search
112 Starship Enterprise Ships: Federation  R+  search
113 Starship Excelsior Ships: Federation  R+  search
8 Subspace Shock Wave Dilemma  search
106 Sybok Personnel: Non-aligned  search
64 T'Lar Personnel: Federation  search
65 Tahglio Personnel: Federation  search
129 Target Warp Field Coils Tactics  search
31 The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree Mission  search
1 The Genesis Device Artifacts  search
26 The Needs of the Many‚Ķ Interrupt  search
11 The Nexus Doorways  search
9 The Whale Probe Dilemma  search
18 To Be Or Not To Be Event  search
87 Torg Personnel: Klingon  search
12 Transport Inhibitor Equipment  search
13 Transporter Drones Equipment  search
114 U.S.S. Enterprise-A Ships: Federation  R+  search
115 U.S.S. Enterprise-B Ships: Federation  search
126 U.S.S. Reliant Ships: Non-aligned  R+  search
126* U.S.S. Reliant Ships: Federation  R+  search
10 V'Ger Dilemma  search
66 Valeris Personnel: Federation  search
88 Valkris Personnel: Klingon  search
89 Vixis Personnel: Klingon  search
67 Voight Personnel: Federation  search
107 Wajahut Personnel: Non-aligned  search
27 What Does God Need With A Starship? Interrupt  search
68 Willard Decker Personnel: Federation  R+  search
90 Woteln Personnel: Klingon  search

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