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Attack on Titan Booster Pack

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Attack on Titan Booster Pack: 135 cards
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AOT-S35-E015 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Annie Character  search
AOT-S35-E076 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Bertholdt Character  search
AOT-S35-E056 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Christa Character  RR  search
AOT-S35-E056S "104th Cadet Corps Class" Christa Character  SR  search
AOT-S35-E018 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Conny Character  search
AOT-S35-E017 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Eren Character  search
AOT-S35-E068 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Jean Character  search
AOT-S35-E072 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Marco Character  search
AOT-S35-E067 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E070 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Reiner Character  search
AOT-S35-E062 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Sasha Character  search
AOT-S35-E073 "104th Cadet Corps Class" Ymir Character  search
AOT-S35-E061 "Awkward Affection" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E059 "Battle Stance" Jean Character  search
AOT-S35-E077 "Battle Stance" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E001 "Beyond the Walls" Eren Character  RRR  search
AOT-S35-E031 "Beyond the Walls" Levi Character  RRR  search
AOT-S35-E058 "Beyond the Walls" Mikasa Character  RRR  search
AOT-S35-E069 "Bold Crime" Sasha Character  search
AOT-S35-E023 "Brave Warrior" Eren Character  search
AOT-S35-E093 "Broken Wall" Colossal Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E014 "Call From the Heart" Armin Character  search
AOT-S35-E064 "Calm and Collected" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E087 "Captured Titan" Sawney Character  search
AOT-S35-E041 "Cold Stare" Levi Character  search
AOT-S35-E016 "Confused Feelings" Armin Character  search
AOT-S35-E024 "Confusion" Armin Character  search
AOT-S35-E040 "Cool Personality" Levi Character  search
AOT-S35-E097 "Cruel Smile" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E063 "Direct Sword" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E075 "Disheartened" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E090 "Enormous Stature" Colossal Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E004 "Entrance Ceremony" Annie Character  search
AOT-S35-E008 "Firm Will" Eren Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E037 "Frank Disposition" Hange Character  search
AOT-S35-E037S "Frank Disposition" Hange Character  search
AOT-S35-E022 "Garrison Regiment Commander" Pyxis Character  search
AOT-S35-E019 "Garrison Regiment" Hannes Character  search
AOT-S35-E011 "Gentle Ally" Conny Character  search
AOT-S35-E034 "Gentle Smile" Petra Character  search
AOT-S35-E009 "Guiding Force to the Truth" Armin Character  search
AOT-S35-E091 "Hard Exterior" Armored Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E066 "Healing Goddess" Christa Character  search
AOT-S35-E088 "High Intellect" Female Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E012 "Humanity's Rage" Eren Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E036 "Humanity's Strongest Soldier" Levi Character  search
AOT-S35-E095a "Invasion" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E095b "Invasion" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E095c "Invasion" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E013 "Key to Humanity's Counterattack" Eren Character  search
AOT-S35-E052 "Lesson" Event  search
AOT-S35-E043 "Member of Levi Squad" Eld Character  search
AOT-S35-E044 "Member of Levi Squad" Gunther Character  search
AOT-S35-E047 "Member of Levi Squad" Oruo Character  search
AOT-S35-E039 "Member of Levi Squad" Petra Character  search
AOT-S35-E021 "Memories of the Past" Eren Character  search
AOT-S35-E038 "No.1 Oddball" Hange Character  search
AOT-S35-E050 "Outer Wall Research" Erwin Character  search
AOT-S35-E035 "Overfastidious Personality" Levi Character  search
AOT-S35-E096 "Overwhelming Power" Female Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E006 "Paving a Way for the Future" Armin Character  search
AOT-S35-E005 "Paving a Way for the Future" Eren Character  search
AOT-S35-E005S "Paving a Way for the Future" Eren Character  SR  search
AOT-S35-E060 "Paving a Way for the Future" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E060S "Paving a Way for the Future" Mikasa Character  SR  search
AOT-S35-E089 "Plan of Capture" Female Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E089S "Plan of Capture" Female Titan Character  SR  search
AOT-S35-E094a "Predation" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E094b "Predation" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E094c "Predation" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E049 "Proud Soldier" Levi Character  search
AOT-S35-E007 "Readiness" Eren Character  search
AOT-S35-E010 "Recurring Tragedy" Eren Character  search
AOT-S35-E002 "Resisting Fate" Armin Character  RR  search
AOT-S35-E002S "Resisting Fate" Armin Character  SR  search
AOT-S35-E003 "Resisting Fate" Eren Character  RR  search
AOT-S35-E003SP "Resisting Fate" Eren Character  SP  search
AOT-S35-E032 "Resisting Fate" Levi Character  RR  search
AOT-S35-E032SP "Resisting Fate" Levi Character  SP  search
AOT-S35-E057 "Resisting Fate" Mikasa Character  RR  search
AOT-S35-E057SP "Resisting Fate" Mikasa Character  SP  search
AOT-S35-E020 "Rite of Passage" Armin Character  search
AOT-S35-E045 "Scout Regiment Captain" Levi Character  search
AOT-S35-E042 "Scout Regiment Commanding Officer" Erwin Character  search
AOT-S35-E048 "Scout Regiment Section Commander" Hange Character  search
AOT-S35-E080 "Sharp Tongue" Ymir Character  search
AOT-S35-E078 "Sore Loser Personality" Jean Character  search
AOT-S35-E074 "Strong Appetite" Sasha Character  search
AOT-S35-E065 "Strong Bloodlust" Mikasa Character  search
AOT-S35-E071 "Strong Spirit" Reiner Character  search
AOT-S35-E092 "Threat to Humanity" Colossal Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E025 "Titan Ability" Eren Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E027 "Titan's Power" Event  search
AOT-S35-E079 "Tolerant Personality" Marco Character  search
AOT-S35-E086 "Towering Threat" Titan Character  search
AOT-S35-E046 "Uplifting Moment" Hange Character  search
AOT-S35-E033 "Violent Ripples" Levi Character  search
AOT-S35-E033S "Violent Ripples" Levi Character  SR  search
AOT-S35-E099 And, in 850…… Climax  RRR  search
AOT-S35-E026a Anti-Titan Device "Omni-Driectional Mobility Gear" Event  search
AOT-S35-E026b Anti-Titan Device "Omni-Driectional Mobility Gear" Event  search
AOT-S35-E026c Anti-Titan Device "Omni-Driectional Mobility Gear" Event  search
AOT-S35-E082a Anti-Titan Device "Snap Blade" Event  search
AOT-S35-E082b Anti-Titan Device "Snap Blade" Event  search
AOT-S35-E082c Anti-Titan Device "Snap Blade" Event  search
AOT-S35-E051 Biological Research Event  search
AOT-S35-E104 Chimi Annie Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E101 Chimi Armin Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E108 Chimi Christa Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E112 Chimi Colossal Titan Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E102 Chimi Conny Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E103 Chimi Eren Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E105 Chimi Hange Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E110 Chimi Jean Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E106 Chimi Levi Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E109 Chimi Mikasa Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E111 Chimi Reiner Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E107 Chimi Sasha Character  PR  search
AOT-S35-E030 Crushing Blow Climax  CC  search
AOT-S35-E098 Forest of Giant Trees Event  search
AOT-S35-E081 Hand of Salvation Event  search
AOT-S35-E084 I Can Hear His Heartbeat Climax  CC  search
AOT-S35-E085 Same Class Climax  CC  search
AOT-S35-E028 Since That Day Climax  CR  search
AOT-S35-E028R Since That Day Climax  RRR  search
AOT-S35-E054 Special Operations Squad Climax  CC  search
AOT-S35-E100 Subjugation Climax  CC  search
AOT-S35-E100S Subjugation Climax  SR  search
AOT-S35-E053 The Wings of Freedom Climax  CR  search
AOT-S35-E053R The Wings of Freedom Climax  RRR  search
AOT-S35-E083 The World the Girl Saw Climax  CR  search
AOT-S35-E083R The World the Girl Saw Climax  RRR  search
AOT-S35-E055 Truth Climax  CC  search
AOT-S35-E029a What We should Focus On" Climax  CC  search
AOT-S35-E029b What We should Focus On" Climax  CC  search

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