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Equestrian Odysseys

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Equestrian Odysseys: 239 cards
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141 A Stern Talking-To Resource  Uncommon  search
142 Acrobatics Act Resource  Uncommon  search
63 Aloe, Magic Touch Friend  Common  search
50 Amethyst Star, Very Organized Friend  Common  search
78 Animal Allies, Welcome to the Horde Friend  Fixed  search
170 Apple Bloom's Shadow, Waking Nightmare Troublemaker  Uncommon  search
22 Apple Bloom, Bloomception Friend  Super Rare  search
23 Apple Bloom, Re-Markable Friend  Common  search
Pf13 Apple Bloom, Re-Markable Friend  Promo  search
24 Applejack, A Hard Day's Work Friend  Super Rare  search
2 Applejack, Ambassador of Honesty Mane Character  Uncommon  search
25 Applejack, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Common  search
f1 Applejack, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Foil  search
211 Applejack, Protective Big Sis Friend  Ultra Rare  search
143 Appleoosa Resource  Rare  search
110 Apples to the Core Event  Rare  search
171 Arimaspi, Ancient Terror Troublemaker  Common  search
144 Assault Pie Resource  Rare  search
64 Aunt Orange, Distant Cousin Friend  Common  search
36 Babs Seed, Cutie Marked Friend  Common  search
111 Bale Out! Event  Uncommon  search
145 Balloonoculars Resource  Rare  search
112 Barrel Through Event  Common  search
113 Bats! Event  Rare  search
146 Bedtime Resource  Rare  search
37 Berry Punch, Drink Up! Friend  Common  search
26 Big Mac, Bass Friend  Common  search
114 Big Mix-up Event  Rare  search
181 Blending In Problem  Uncommon  search
97 Bon Bon, Particularly Patient Friend  Uncommon  search
38 Braeburn, Two Left Hooves Friend  Uncommon  search
182 Bridging the Gap Problem  Uncommon  search
172 Bugbear, Back from Tartarus Troublemaker  Rare  search
103 Bulk Biceps, Extra Strong Masseuse Friend  Uncommon  search
215 Burst of Strength Event  Ultra Rare  search
79 Calvin & Theo, Aw, Nuts Friend  Uncommon  search
147 Cardboard Box Resource  Common  search
51 Cheerilee, Pass / Fail Friend  Common  search
39 Cheese Sandwich, The Party Never Ends Friend  Common  search
9 Chief Thunderhooves, On the Warpath Friend  Rare  search
115 Cleaning Up Event  Rare  search
116 Cold Wave Event  Uncommon  search
148 Conductor's Baton Resource  Rare  search
27 Cranky & Matilda, Dedicated Couple Friend  Uncommon  search
106 Cratus, Ancient Beast Dealer Friend  Rare  search
183 Cult of Personality Problem  Uncommon  search
149 Cutie Mark Vault Resource  Uncommon  search
65 Daisy, Lily, & Roseluck, Wilt Under Pressure Friend  Uncommon  search
150 Daring Do Poster Resource  Rare  search
210 Daring Do, Adventure Time Friend  Ultra Rare  search
107 Davenport, Mattress Salespony Friend  Uncommon  search
151 Defensive Position Resource  Rare  search
66 Discord, Plus One Friend  Super Rare  search
207 Discord, Wrathful Friend  Ultra Rare  search
1b Discord, Wrathful (Equestrian Odysseys Royal Rare) Friend  Royal Rare  search
117 Dizzy Spell Event  Rare  search
40 DJ Pon-3, Breakdown Friend  Fixed  search
205 Double Diamond, Air Drop Friend  Ultra Rare  search
173 Double Diamond, Starlight's Lackey Troublemaker  Common  search
10 Dr. Caballeron, Cutthroat Friend  Common  search
52 Dr. Hooves, Time Researcher Friend  Common  search
Pf9 Dr. Hooves, Time Researcher (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
184 Dream Patrol Problem  Uncommon  search
118 Dreamseized Event  Rare  search
119 Epic Loot Event  Rare  search
120 Extreme Sledding Event  Common  search
152 Fake Star Swirl Beard Resource  Rare  search
11 Fancy Pants, Race Fan Friend  Common  search
153 Fashion Disaster Resource  Rare  search
104 Featherweight, Overeager Photog Friend  Uncommon  search
185 Figuring Out Friendship Problem  Uncommon  search
121 Find the Music in You Event  Rare  search
67 Fleur Dis Lee, Canterlot Socialite Friend  Common  search
8 Fluttershy, Ambassador of Kindness Mane Character  Uncommon  search
80 Fluttershy, Backup Vocals Friend  Rare  search
Pf11 Fluttershy, Backup Vocals (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
81 Fluttershy, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Common  search
f4 Fluttershy, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Foil  search
82 Fluttershy, Stare Master Friend  Super Rare  search
186 Get Lost Problem  Rare  search
12 Gilda, Feather Ruffler Friend  Rare  search
98 Golden Harvest, Bountiful Crop Friend  Uncommon  search
83 Goldie Delicious, Creature Comforts Friend  Common  search
53 Grampa Gruff, Griffonstone Historian Friend  Common  search
28 Granny Smith, Apple Matriarch Friend  Common  search
154 Griffonstone Resource  Uncommon  search
41 Gummy, Best Baker Friend  Common  search
Pf7 Gummy, Best Baker (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
187 Gunked Up Gala Problem  Uncommon  search
188 Halfway Across Equestria Problem  Uncommon  search
84 Harry, Bear Hugs Friend  Uncommon  search
189 Hay Bale Monster Stack Problem  Uncommon  search
122 Heroic Leap Event  Rare  search
42 High Rollers, Let's Go Bowling Friend  Rare  search
155 Highly Motivated Resource  Rare  search
123 I'll Fly Event  Rare  search
124 Interdimensional Portal Event  Rare  search
190 Jailbreak! Problem  Uncommon  search
68 Joe, Con Mane Friend  Common  search
85 Junebug, Gentle Soul Friend  Common  search
125 Lie Low Event  Uncommon  search
13 Lightning Dust, Ruthless Racer Friend  Common  search
156 Local Fashion Resource  Uncommon  search
191 Locked Out Problem  Common  search
0b Lyra, Handy Mane Character  Ultra Rare  search
43 Lyra, Ponyville's Got Talent Friend  Rare  search
Pf1 Lyra, Ponyville's Got Talent (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
126 Make This Castle a Home Event  Rare  search
127 Makeover! Event  Common  search
29 Maud Pie, Not Amused Friend  Rare  search
Pf4 Maud Pie, Not Amused (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
54 Mayor Mare, Vote of Confidence Friend  Common  search
55 Minuette, Time Will Tell Friend  Rare  search
Pf8 Minuette, Time Will Tell (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
192 Mob Mentality Problem  Uncommon  search
44 Moving Mare, Crash on Delivery Friend  Super Rare  search
86 Mr. & Mrs. Cake, Busy Parents Friend  Common  search
56 Ms. Harshwhinny, Games Administrator Friend  Uncommon  search
3 Muffin Mare, Sharing is Caring Mane Character  Fixed  search
128 Napcakes Event  Rare  search
Pf14 Napcakes Event  Promo  search
204 Night Glider, Overpowering Friend  Ultra Rare  search
Pf15 Night Glider, Overpowering Friend  Promo  search
174 Nightmare Moon, Blackest Night Troublemaker  Super Rare  search
87 Nurse Redheart, Nurse's Orders Friend  Rare  search
69 Octavia, Harsh Judge Friend  Rare  search
PF6 Octavia, Harsh Judge Friend  Promo  search
6 Octavia, Standing Ovation Mane Character  Fixed  search
129 Oh YEAH! Event  Uncommon  search
157 On a Deadline Resource  Common  search
158 Oozeccessorized Resource  Rare  search
108 Opalescence, Ferocious Feline Friend  Uncommon  search
30 Open Skies & Clear Skies, Cloud Movers Friend  Rare  search
57 Owlowiscious, Astute Avian Friend  Common  search
206 Party Favor, A Bridge to Somewhere Friend  Ultra Rare  search
130 Party Hard Event  Rare  search
131 Party of One Event  Rare  search
88 Peewee, Firestarter Friend  Common  search
193 Pet Primping Problem  Rare  search
209 Philomena, Up in Smoke Friend  Ultra Rare  search
70 Photo Finish, Fashion Forward Friend  Fixed  search
175 Pink Parasprite, Pest Troublemaker  Rare  search
4 Pinkie Pie, Ambassador of Laughter Mane Character  Uncommon  search
45 Pinkie Pie, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Common  search
f2 Pinkie Pie, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Foil  search
46 Pinkie Pie, Everypony's PFF Friend  Super Rare  search
208 Pinkie Pie, Remix Master Friend  Ultra Rare  search
2b Pinkie Pie, Remix Master (Equestrian Odysseys Royal Rare) Friend  Royal Rare  search
47 Pipsqueak, Trottinghamian Friend  Common  search
159 Ponyville Resource  Uncommon  search
132 Ponyville Emergency Event  Common  search
48 Pound Cake & Pumpkin Cake, Foalin' Around Friend  Uncommon  search
160 Preemptive Flick Resource  Rare  search
71 Prince Blueblood, Skin Deep Friend  Uncommon  search
105 Princess Cadance, Everlasting Love Friend  Rare  search
89 Princess Celestia, Royal Decree Friend  Super Rare  search
90 Princess Celestia, Smite Makes Right Friend  Rare  search
99 Princess Luna, Night's Steward Friend  Rare  search
58 Princess Luna, Wax and Wane Friend  Rare  search
59 Princess Twilight Sparkle, A Born Leader Friend  Super Rare  search
5 Princess Twilight Sparkle, Ambassador of Friendship Mane Character  Uncommon  search
133 Puppet Show Event  Rare  search
203 Queen Chrysalis, Changeling Pretender Mane Character  Ultra Rare  search
161 Rage Face Resource  Uncommon  search
1 Rainbow Dash, Ambassador of Loyalty Mane Character  Uncommon  search
14 Rainbow Dash, Best of the Best Friend  Super Rare  search
15 Rainbow Dash, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Common  search
16 Rainbow Dash, On Even Ground Friend  Rare  search
Pf2 Rainbow Dash, On Even Ground Friend  Promo  search
176 Rainbow Dash, Total Grinch Troublemaker  Common  search
7 Rarity, Ambassador of Generosity Mane Character  Uncommon  search
72 Rarity, Attention Horse Friend  Super Rare  search
73 Rarity, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Common  search
f3 Rarity, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Foil  search
212 Rarity, Soprano Friend  Ultra Rare  search
134 Read the Manual Event  Rare  search
194 Ready to Fight Problem  Uncommon  search
195 Rodeo Ruckus Problem  Rare  search
135 Rolling Tones Event  Rare  search
177 Rover, Gem Hunter Troublemaker  Common  search
74 Sapphire Shores, Star of the Show Friend  Rare  search
162 Saving the Day Resource  Uncommon  search
17 Scootaloo, Daredevil Friend  Common  search
18 Scootaloo, Flying High Friend  Super Rare  search
136 Scope Things Out Event  Uncommon  search
91 Screwy, One With the Pack Friend  Rare  search
32 Sheriff Silverstar, Search Warrant Friend  Uncommon  search
94 Shining Armor, Bastion Brother Friend  Uncommon  search
163 Singing Barrel Resource  Common  search
100 Snips & Snails, Minor Problem Friend  Uncommon  search
19 Soarin, Gold Medalist Friend  Uncommon  search
137 Solo Performance Event  Rare  search
138 Special Beam Cannon Event  Uncommon  search
196 Spell Showdown Problem  Uncommon  search
60 Spike, Number One Assistant Friend  Super Rare  search
75 Spike, To the Nines Friend  Common  search
Pf10 Spike, To the Nines (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
20 Spitfire, On the Wing Friend  Common  search
Pf3 Spitfire, On the Wing (Equestrian Odysseys Promo) Friend  Promo  search
139 Splash Attack Event  Common  search
33 Star Spur, Appleoosan Deputy Friend  Common  search
217 Starlight Glimmer, Enforced Equality Troublemaker  Ultra Rare  search
197 Strut Your Stuff Problem  Uncommon  search
213 Sugar Belle, Takes the Cake Friend  Ultra Rare  search
92 Sunshower, Storm Spotter Friend  Common  search
76 Sweetie Belle, Just a Snag Friend  Common  search
77 Sweetie Belle, Stitch by Stitch Friend  Super Rare  search
31 Sweetie Drops, Secret Agent Friend  Fixed  search
198 Take Shelter Problem  Rare  search
21 Tank, Burrower Friend  Common  search
164 Ten Carat Hat Resource  Common  search
216 The Cutie Map Resource  Ultra Rare  search
165 The Full Tour Resource  Uncommon  search
166 The Idol of Boreas Resource  Rare  search
178 The Smooze, Creeping Crud Troublemaker  Uncommon  search
109 The Smooze, Scavenger Friend  Super Rare  search
199 To Griffonstone Problem  Uncommon  search
101 Toe-Tapper, Tenor Friend  Uncommon  search
49 Torch Song, Alto Friend  Common  search
200 Totally Lost Problem  Common  search
179 Town Equalists, Cult Following Troublemaker  Common  search
140 Training Montage Event  Rare  search
167 Trashed Resource  Uncommon  search
214 Tree Hugger, Calming Auditory Therapy Friend  Ultra Rare  search
34 Trenderhoof, Trying Too Hard Friend  Common  search
61 Trixie, Even Better Friend  Super Rare  search
35 Trixie, Rock Farmer Friend  Common  search
PF5 Trixie, Rock Farmer Friend  Promo  search
102 Trouble Shoes, Rodeo Clown Friend  Rare  search
62 Twilight Sparkle, Cutie Mark Consultant Friend  Common  search
95 Twilight Sparkle, Zeroed Out Friend  Uncommon  search
180 Twittermites, Little Powerhouses Troublemaker  Common  search
168 Umbrella Hat Resource  Uncommon  search
169 Under Arrest Resource  Uncommon  search
93 Weather Mare, Team Player Friend  Common  search
PF12 Weather Mare, Team Player Friend  Promo  search
201 Winter is Coming Problem  Rare  search
202 Winter Start Up Problem  Common  search
96 Zecora, Mysterious and Spooky Friend  Rare  search

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