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H Booster Set 3: Assault of the Omni Lords

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H Booster Set 3: Assault of the Omni Lords: 135 cards
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HBT03-0037 A Dragon Against Thousands Spell  search
HBT03-0044 Aide of the Water Lord, Stein Blade Joker Monster  search
HBT03-0065 Amber Dragon, Kantal Monster  search
HBT03-0072 Apprentice Knight, Ruu Monster  search
HBT03-0113 Archdemon Monster  search
HBT03-0016 Armorider Dragon Emperor, Suvarious Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0104 Ash Dragon, Defores Monster  search
HBT03-0008 Baptism Knight, Kamil Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0077 Barbed Wire Spell  search
HBT03-0073 Basilisk Slime Monster  search
HBT03-0121 Battle Deity Robo, Mass Soldier Monster  search
HBT03-0028 Battlewizard, The Ace Monster  search
HBT03-0058 Battlewizard, The Straight Monster  search
HBT03-0064 Blowout Emperor, Las Volganon Monster  search
HBT03-0094 Blue Flame Master, Zustein Monster  search
HBT03-0017 Boundless Dragon Emperor, Merabacshin Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0105 Bronze Dragon, Daygala Monster  search
HBT03-0122 Buddy Remodel Spell  search
HBT03-0078 Buzzsaw Roar Dragon Monster  search
HBT03-0120 Command of the Water Lord Spell  search
HBT03-0081 Crimson Battler, Sesters Dragon Monster  search
HBT03-0080 Crimson Battler, The Blacksmith Monster  search
HBT03-0047 Darkness Final Mission Card "World End" Impact  search
HBT03-0039 Demon Knight of Destruction, Fold Break Monster  search
HBT03-0071 Demon Lord, Joker Grunwald Monster  search
HBT03-0117 Demonic Eye General, Rhodes Dylan Monster  search
HBT03-0108 Disaster and Bliss Comes with Dragons Spell  search
HBT03-0014 DJ of Graveyard, Bune Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0010 Double Squeek Hammer Dragon Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0053 Dragon Bind Attack Spell  search
HBT03-0089 Dragon Change Spell  search
HBT03-0070 Dragon Demon Lord, Arkdra Monster  search
HBT03-0087 Dragon Guard Spell  search
HBT03-0040 Dragon Guardian of the Sanctuary, Lumiere Monster  search
HBT03-0106 Dragon Kid, Lesser Monster  search
HBT03-0107 Dragon Kid, Ruse Monster  search
HBT03-0092 Dragon Knight Formation Spell  search
HBT03-0086 Dragon Knight, Enrique Monster  search
HBT03-0084 Dragon Knight, Galileo Monster  search
HBT03-0002 Dragon Knight, Pisaro Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0055 Dragon Land Spell  search
HBT03-0021 Dragon Lightning Emperor, Ivan Monster  search
HBT03-0026 Dragon Lord Initiation, Giga Howling Crusher!! Impact  search
HBT03-0127 Dragon Lord Initiation, Giga Howling Crusher!! Impact  Secret  search
HBT03-0056 Dragon Lord Sword, Dragoemperor Item  search
HBT03-0114 Dragon Wing Knight, Dragon Gard Monster  search
HBT03-0129 Dragon World (card) Flag  Secret  search
HBT03-0024 Dragonic Grimoire, Backwater Inscription Spell  search
HBT03-0090 Dragopride, Fifth Omni Dignity Spell  search
HBT03-0088 Dragosolid Spell  search
HBT03-0027 Dragowizard, Gorgas Monster  search
HBT03-0005 Eliminator, Glasya Labolas Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0112 Explosive Happiness, Endless Magnum! Impact  search
HBT03-0093 Extreme Dragon Sword, Dragobraver Item  search
HBT03-0012 Fallen Demon Lord, Rucifiel Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0083 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Disintegrate Arare Monster  search
HBT03-0079 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Giant Battle Axe Dokujun Monster  search
HBT03-0126 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Leaping Zakuro Monster  Secret  search
HBT03-0082 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Smuggler Torame Monster  search
HBT03-0048 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Soul Returner Seikirei Monster  search
HBT03-0049 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Steel Ball Rindou Monster  search
HBT03-0009 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Fire Sword Doble Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0022 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Ice Lance Merak Monster  search
HBT03-0001 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Magical Blade Mizaru Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0085 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Sand Staff Arkaid Monster  search
HBT03-0052 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Wind Bow Meglax Monster  search
HBT03-0011 Fifth Omni Dragon Fist, Ablaze Item  RR  search
HBT03-0123 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum Monster  BR  search
HBT03-0124 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum Monster  Secret  search
HBT03-0125 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum Monster  Secret  search
HBT03-0025 Fifth Omni Oath, Dragoundertake Spell  search
HBT03-0019 Flash Lance, Blitz Tiger Item  RR  search
HBT03-0050 Fly-trap Dragon Monster  search
HBT03-0013 Follower, Gaap Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0006 Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0006s Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova Monster  SP  search
HBT03-S002 Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova Monster  SP  search
HBT03-0046 Full Strash Formation! Impact  search
HBT03-0032 Gatling Hardcore!! Impact  search
HBT03-0076 Great Battle Deity Robo, KISIN Rakshasa Monster  search
HBT03-0057 Great Commander, Dvorak Monster  search
HBT03-0029 Great Spell, Auld Lang Syne Spell  search
HBT03-0103 Green Dragon, Belmoss Monster  search
HBT03-0063 Guardian Dragon Emperor, Amuray Monster  search
HBT03-0031 Gunrod, Symphonion Item  search
HBT03-0061 Happy Camper Spell  search
HBT03-0033 Honor Emperor Dragon, Magic Gun Riki Monster  search
HBT03-0119 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Evil Pulse Spell  search
HBT03-0098 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Go Away! Spell  search
HBT03-0100 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Pathetic Spell  search
HBT03-0099 It's All Cool! Spell  search
HBT03-0043 Knight of Glory, El Quixote Monster  search
HBT03-0054 Lord's Dragon Shield Spell  search
HBT03-0128 Lord's Dragon Shield Spell  Secret  search
HBT03-0096 Magic Realm Bouncer, Andless Monster  search
HBT03-0097 Magic Realm Fantasista, Selle Monster  search
HBT03-0066 Makings of a Great Dragon Spell  search
HBT03-0067 Manliness Spirit Shield Spell  search
HBT03-0095 Mediator, Botis Monster  search
HBT03-0030 Mind of Hardcore Spell  search
HBT03-0075 Mission Card "Earn Experience Points!" Spell  search
HBT03-0015 Never Say Never Spell  RR  search
HBT03-0110 No Matter Where, Dragons Rule Supreme Spell  search
HBT03-0115 Purgatory Block Monster  search
HBT03-0041 Purge Knight, Vlad Dracula Monster  search
HBT03-0034 Rainbow Dragon, Arc-en-ciel Monster  search
HBT03-0042 Revolution Knight, Rebellious Monster  search
HBT03-0062 Ring Dragon Emperor, Rust Igliha Monster  search
HBT03-0111 Ringlet, Loop of Fire Item  search
HBT03-0045 Savage Lance, Eisen Tiger Item  search
HBT03-0069 Scatter Armor, Enma Item  search
HBT03-0003 Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0003s Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai Monster  SP  search
HBT03-S001 Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai Monster  SP  search
HBT03-0091 Secret Treasure of Dragons, Dragopotion Spell  search
HBT03-0102 Shimmer Energy Dragon, Aurora Monster  search
HBT03-0038 Sturdy Dragon Strike Spell  search
HBT03-0109 Surging Dragon Waves Spell  search
HBT03-0060 That's How I Roll Spell  search
HBT03-0007 Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0007s Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea Monster  SP  search
HBT03-S003 Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea Monster  SP  search
HBT03-0118 Thunder Emperor, Zein Blestand Monster  search
HBT03-0051 Thunder Knights, Double Flail Dragon Monster  search
HBT03-0023 Thunder Knights, Hardy Knife Dragon Monster  search
HBT03-0059 Trio! Spell  search
HBT03-0074 Twin Tail Incubus Monster  search
HBT03-0018 Underling of the Fire Lord, Ricky Monster  RR  search
HBT03-0020 Unorthodox Arts, Shoraiabare Kandachi! Impact  RR  search
HBT03-0068 Unwielding Dragon Spell  search
HBT03-0101 Vehement Dragon Emperor, Super Shine Monster  search
HBT03-0116 Wandering Knight, Roy Monster  search
HBT03-0035 Wicked Dragon of Fabrication, Demonica Monster  search
HBT03-0004 Witch of Illusions, Luvia the Mirage Monster  RRR  search
HBT03-0036 Wrath Trigger Spell  search

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