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Commander 2015

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Commander 2015: 341 cards
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173 Acidic Slime Creature  search
141 Act of Aggression Instant  search
57 Ajani's Chosen Creature  search
112 Altar's Reap Instant  search
113 Ambition's Cost Sorcery  search
276 Ancient Amphitheater Land  search
114 Ancient Craving Sorcery  search
58 Angel of Serenity Creature  search
41 Anya, Merciless Angel Legendary Creature  search
32 Arachnogenesis Instant  search
59 Arbiter of Knollridge Creature  search
174 Arbor Colossus Creature  search
42 Arjun, the Shifting Flame Legendary Creature  search
60 Aura of Silence Enchantment  search
24 Awaken the Sky Tyrant Enchantment  search
175 Bane of Progress Creature  search
61 Banishing Light Enchantment  search
16 Banshee of the Dread Choir Creature  search
277 Barren Moor Land  search
115 Barter in Blood Sorcery  search
244 Basalt Monolith Artifact  search
1 Bastion Protector Creature  search
176 Beastmaster Ascension Enchantment  search
86 Bident of Thassa Legendary Enchantment Artifact  search
239 Biomantic Mastery Sorcery  search
116 Black Market Enchantment  search
51 Blade of Selves Artifact  search
278 Blasted Landscape Land  search
87 Blatant Thievery Sorcery  search
117 Blood Bairn Creature  search
33 Bloodspore Thrinax Creature  search
88 Blue Sun's Zenith Instant  search
89 Blustersquall Instant  search
245 Bonehoard Artifact  search
142 Borderland Behemoth Creature  search
246 Boros Cluestone Artifact  search
279 Boros Garrison Land  search
280 Boros Guildgate Land  search
247 Boros Signet Artifact  search
90 Brainstorm Instant  search
143 Breath of Darigaaz Sorcery  search
10 Broodbirth Viper Creature  search
248 Burnished Hart Artifact Creature  search
118 Butcher of Malakir Creature  search
62 Cage of Hands Enchantment  search
240 Call the Skybreaker Sorcery  search
177 Caller of the Claw Creature  search
34 Caller of the Pack Creature  search
63 Celestial Ancient Creature  search
64 Celestial Archon Enchantment Creature  search
35 Centaur Vinecrasher Creature  search
144 Chain Reaction Sorcery  search
178 Chameleon Colossus Creature  search
119 Champion of Stray Souls Creature  search
145 Charmbreaker Devils Creature  search
179 Cloudthresher Creature  search
180 Cobra Trap Instant  search
213 Coiling Oracle Creature  search
241 Cold-Eyed Selkie Creature  search
249 Coldsteel Heart Snow Artifact  search
146 Comet Storm Instant  search
56 Command Beacon Land  search
281 Command Tower Land  search
17 Corpse Augur Creature  search
214 Counterflux Instant  search
65 Crib Swap Tribal Instant  search
250 Crystal Chimes Artifact  search
147 Curse of the Nightly Hunt Enchantment  search
251 Darksteel Ingot Artifact  search
66 Dawn to Dusk Sorcery  search
2 Dawnbreak Reclaimer Creature  search
67 Dawnglare Invoker Creature  search
43 Daxos the Returned Legendary Creature  search
18 Daxos's Torment Enchantment  search
91 Day of the Dragons Enchantment  search
19 Deadly Tempest Sorcery  search
215 Death Grasp Sorcery  search
181 Desert Twister Sorcery  search
148 Desolation Giant Creature  search
149 Desperate Ravings Instant  search
120 Diabolic Servitude Enchantment  search
68 Dictate of Heliod Enchantment  search
150 Disaster Radius Sorcery  search
92 Dominate Instant  search
121 Doomwake Giant Enchantment Creature  search
151 Dragon Mage Creature  search
20 Dread Summons Sorcery  search
122 Dreadbringer Lampads Enchantment Creature  search
25 Dream Pillager Creature  search
252 Dreamstone Hedron Artifact  search
282 Drifting Meadow Land  search
152 Earthquake Sorcery  search
123 Eater of Hope Creature  search
93 Echoing Truth Instant  search
253 Eldrazi Monument Artifact  search
182 Elvish Visionary Creature  search
216 Epic Experiment Sorcery  search
183 Eternal Witness Creature  search
217 Etherium-Horn Sorcerer Artifact Creature  search
283 Evolving Wilds Land  search
184 Experiment One Creature  search
124 Extractor Demon Creature  search
36 Ezuri's Predation Sorcery  search
44 Ezuri, Claw of Progress Legendary Creature  search
94 Fact or Fiction Instant  search
69 Faith's Fetters Enchantment  search
153 Faithless Looting Sorcery  search
154 Fall of the Hammer Instant  search
125 Fallen Ideal Enchantment  search
126 Fate Unraveler Enchantment Creature  search
254 Fellwar Stone Artifact  search
26 Fiery Confluence Sorcery  search
218 Firemind's Foresight Instant  search
339 Forest Basic Land  search
340 Forest Basic Land  search
341 Forest Basic Land  search
342 Forest Basic Land  search
185 Forgotten Ancient Creature  search
284 Forgotten Cave Land  search
155 Fumiko the Lowblood Legendary Creature  search
285 Ghost Quarter Land  search
70 Ghostblade Eidolon Enchantment Creature  search
11 Gigantoplasm Creature  search
127 Gild Sorcery  search
219 Gisela, Blade of Goldnight Legendary Creature  search
220 Goblin Electromancer Creature  search
221 Golgari Charm Instant  search
286 Golgari Guildgate Land  search
287 Golgari Rot Farm Land  search
255 Golgari Signet Artifact  search
3 Grasp of Fate Enchantment  search
128 Grave Peril Enchantment  search
37 Great Oak Guardian Creature  search
288 Grim Backwoods Land  search
222 Grisly Salvage Instant  search
156 Hamletback Goliath Creature  search
157 Hammerfist Giant Creature  search
4 Herald of the Host Creature  search
289 High Market Land  search
158 Hostility Creature  search
159 Hunted Dragon Creature  search
12 Illusory Ambusher Creature  search
186 Indrik Stomphowler Creature  search
160 Inferno Titan Creature  search
327 Island Basic Land  search
328 Island Basic Land  search
329 Island Basic Land  search
330 Island Basic Land  search
290 Izzet Boilerworks Land  search
291 Izzet Guildgate Land  search
256 Izzet Signet Artifact  search
95 Jace's Archivist Creature  search
223 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Legendary Creature  search
71 Jareth, Leonine Titan Legendary Creature  search
292 Jungle Hollow Land  search
5 Kalemne's Captain Creature  search
45 Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas Legendary Creature  search
46 Karlov of the Ghost Council Legendary Creature  search
72 Karmic Justice Enchantment  search
47 Kaseto, Orochi Archmage Legendary Creature  search
187 Kessig Cagebreakers Creature  search
188 Kodama's Reach Sorcery  search
73 Kor Sanctifiers Creature  search
224 Korozda Guildmage Creature  search
189 Krosan Grip Instant  search
257 Lightning Greaves Artifact  search
293 Llanowar Reborn Land  search
190 Loaming Shaman Creature  search
96 Lone Revenant Creature  search
225 Lorescale Coatl Creature  search
226 Lotleth Troll Creature  search
258 Loxodon Warhammer Artifact  search
161 Magma Giant Creature  search
162 Magmaquake Instant  search
27 Magus of the Wheel Creature  search
74 Marshal's Anthem Enchantment  search
48 Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest Legendary Creature  search
227 Melek, Izzet Paragon Legendary Creature  search
49 Meren of Clan Nel Toth Legendary Creature  search
75 Mesa Enchantress Creature  search
28 Meteor Blast Sorcery  search
259 Mind Stone Artifact  search
13 Mirror Match Instant  search
163 Mizzium Mortars Sorcery  search
50 Mizzix of the Izmagnus Legendary Creature  search
29 Mizzix's Mastery Sorcery  search
76 Monk Idealist Creature  search
294 Mosswort Bridge Land  search
335 Mountain Basic Land  search
336 Mountain Basic Land  search
337 Mountain Basic Land  search
338 Mountain Basic Land  search
191 Mulch Sorcery  search
97 Mulldrifter Creature  search
192 Mycoloth Creature  search
14 Mystic Confluence Instant  search
98 Mystic Retrieval Sorcery  search
228 Mystic Snake Creature  search
229 Necromancer's Covenant Enchantment  search
295 New Benalia Land  search
129 Nighthowler Enchantment Creature  search
99 Ninja of the Deep Hours Creature  search
193 Noble Quarry Enchantment Creature  search
296 Novijen, Heart of Progress Land  search
194 Ohran Viper Snow Creature  search
77 Open the Vaults Sorcery  search
297 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Land  search
6 Oreskos Explorer Creature  search
78 Orim's Thunder Instant  search
260 Orochi Hatchery Artifact  search
298 Orzhov Basilica Land  search
261 Orzhov Cluestone Artifact  search
299 Orzhov Guildgate Land  search
262 Orzhov Signet Artifact  search
195 Overrun Sorcery  search
196 Overwhelming Stampede Sorcery  search
197 Patagia Viper Creature  search
38 Pathbreaker Ibex Creature  search
130 Phyrexian Arena Enchantment  search
131 Phyrexian Plaguelord Creature  search
132 Phyrexian Rager Creature  search
133 Phyrexian Reclamation Enchantment  search
323 Plains Basic Land  search
324 Plains Basic Land  search
325 Plains Basic Land  search
326 Plains Basic Land  search
100 Plaxmanta Creature  search
300 Polluted Mire Land  search
101 Preordain Sorcery  search
198 Primal Growth Sorcery  search
230 Prime Speaker Zegana Legendary Creature  search
231 Prophetic Bolt Instant  search
263 Psychosis Crawler Artifact Creature  search
232 Putrefy Instant  search
199 Rampant Growth Sorcery  search
102 Rapid Hybridization Instant  search
103 Reins of Power Instant  search
301 Reliquary Tower Land  search
104 Repeal Instant  search
7 Righteous Confluence Sorcery  search
134 Rise from the Grave Sorcery  search
105 Rite of Replication Sorcery  search
30 Rite of the Raging Storm Enchantment  search
302 Rogue's Passage Land  search
200 Sakura-Tribe Elder Creature  search
52 Sandstone Oracle Artifact Creature  search
201 Satyr Wayfinder Creature  search
303 Scoured Barrens Land  search
21 Scourge of Nel Toth Creature  search
53 Scytheclaw Artifact  search
79 Seal of Cleansing Enchantment  search
135 Seal of Doom Enchantment  search
54 Seal of the Guildpact Artifact  search
304 Secluded Steppe Land  search
264 Seer's Sundial Artifact  search
136 Sever the Bloodline Sorcery  search
8 Shielded by Faith Enchantment  search
137 Shriekmaw Creature  search
80 Sigil of the Empty Throne Enchantment  search
81 Silent Sentinel Creature  search
305 Simic Growth Chamber Land  search
306 Simic Guildgate Land  search
265 Simic Keyrune Artifact  search
266 Simic Signet Artifact  search
267 Skullclamp Artifact  search
39 Skullwinder Creature  search
106 Sleep Sorcery  search
307 Slippery Karst Land  search
308 Smoldering Crater Land  search
242 Snakeform Instant  search
268 Sol Ring Artifact  search
269 Solemn Simulacrum Artifact Creature  search
202 Spider Spawning Sorcery  search
309 Spinerock Knoll Land  search
270 Staff of Nin Artifact  search
233 Steam Augury Instant  search
203 Stingerfling Spider Creature  search
164 Stinkdrinker Daredevil Creature  search
107 Stolen Goods Sorcery  search
165 Stoneshock Giant Creature  search
108 Stroke of Genius Instant  search
82 Sun Titan Creature  search
166 Sunrise Sovereign Creature  search
331 Swamp Basic Land  search
332 Swamp Basic Land  search
333 Swamp Basic Land  search
334 Swamp Basic Land  search
271 Swiftfoot Boots Artifact  search
310 Swiftwater Cliffs Land  search
272 Sword of Vengeance Artifact  search
15 Synthetic Destiny Instant  search
311 Tainted Field Land  search
312 Tainted Wood Land  search
109 Talrand, Sky Summoner Legendary Creature  search
167 Taurean Mauler Creature  search
313 Temple of the False God Land  search
204 Terastodon Creature  search
314 Terramorphic Expanse Land  search
234 Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts Legendary Creature  search
205 Thelonite Hermit Creature  search
022 Thief of Blood Creature  search
315 Thornwood Falls Land  search
55 Thought Vessel Artifact  search
168 Thundercloud Shaman Creature  search
235 Treasury Thrull Creature  search
206 Tribute to the Wild Instant  search
236 Trygon Predator Creature  search
237 Underworld Coinsmith Enchantment Creature  search
138 Underworld Connections Enchantment  search
273 Urza's Incubator Artifact  search
169 Urza's Rage Instant  search
170 Vandalblast Sorcery  search
40 Verdant Confluence Sorcery  search
207 Verdant Force Creature  search
139 Victimize Sorcery  search
83 Victory's Herald Creature  search
208 Viridian Emissary Creature  search
209 Viridian Shaman Creature  search
210 Viridian Zealot Creature  search
316 Vivid Crag Land  search
317 Vivid Creek Land  search
318 Vivid Grove Land  search
319 Vivid Marsh Land  search
320 Vivid Meadow Land  search
84 Vow of Duty Enchantment  search
140 Vow of Malice Enchantment  search
238 Vulturous Zombie Creature  search
211 Wall of Blossoms Creature  search
31 Warchief Giant Creature  search
171 Warstorm Surge Enchantment  search
274 Wayfarer's Bauble Artifact  search
321 Wind-Scarred Crag Land  search
111 Windfall Sorcery  search
243 Wistful Selkie Creature  search
212 Wood Elves Creature  search
172 Word of Seizing Instant  search
275 Worn Powerstone Artifact  search
23 Wretched Confluence Instant  search
322 Zoetic Cavern Land  search
85 Ætherize Instant  search
9 Æthersnatch Instant  search
Total price for whole set:

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