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H Extra Booster 4: Buddy Allstars+: 109 cards
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HEB04-0047EN A Handful of Rewards Spell  search
HEB04-0052EN Absolute Attack Spell  search
HEB04-0057EN All Deus, Sfellmion Monster  search
HEB04-0067EN An Encounter with a Dragon Spell  RR  search
HEB04-0015EN Armorknight Cerberus "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0059EN Arms Reboot Spell  search
HEB04-0002EN Art of Body Duplication! Asmodai Monster  RRR  search
HEB04-0025EN Bladewing Phoenix "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0020EN Boy Transformation, Yamigitsune Monster  search
HEB04-0097EN Brown Dwarf, Crewgar Monster  search
HEB04-0016EN Burst Deity Calling Ritual Spell  search
HEB04-0046EN Champion of Arena, Rouga Monster  search
HEB04-0074EN Charging Head-first Ricky Monster  search
HEB04-0094EN Clustar, Magma Ocean Monster  search
HEB04-0048EN Colossal Deity of Phantom Star, Astraeus Monster  search
HEB04-0063EN Commandant of Enma Alliance, Burn Nova Monster  RRR  search
HEB04-0070EN Cosmo Saber, Gold Ritter Item  RR  search
HEB04-0008EN Count Dawn of the Distant Days Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0035EN Crimson Battler, Halberd Gauntlet Monster  search
HEB04-SP3 Darkness Dragon World Flag  SP  search
HEB04-0053EN Death Hiding Spell  search
HEB04-0051EN Death Ruler, Gallows "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0029EN Deathgaze Dragon "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0030EN Decker Drum "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0021EN Demon Way, Arakuyou Spell  search
HEB04-0076EN Disposition of the Chief Item  search
HEB04-0037EN Divine Crash Spell  search
HEB04-0068EN Divine Dragon Creation Spell  RR  search
HEB04-0082EN Dragodesperate Spell  search
HEB04-0024EN Dragon Baby, Ricky Monster  search
D-SS01-046 Dragon Ein Flag  Secret  search
HEB04-0130 Dragon Ein Flag  Secret  search
HEB04-0075EN Dragon Emperor Legend Spell  search
HEB04-0090EN Dragon Kid, Giry Monster  search
HEB04-SP1 Dragon World Flag  SP  search
HEB04-0095EN Dragonarms, Charger Monster  search
HEB04-0098EN Dragonarms, Edge Shooter Monster  search
HEB04-0078EN Dragonarms, Garbel Anchor Monster  search
HEB04-0058EN Dragonarms, Nanobreak Monster  search
HEB04-0069EN Dragonarms, Radiant Alma Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0036EN Dragonic Endure Spell  search
HEB04-0083EN Dragorevival Spell  search
HEB04-0005EN Drum Bunker Dragon "SD" Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0005ENs Drum Bunker Dragon "SD" Monster  SP  search
HEB04-0022EN Duel Sieger "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-SP2 Dungeon World Flag  SP  search
HEB04-0096EN Dustring, Mini Spiral Monster  search
HEB04-0009EN Emissary of Ruin, Megiddo Death Tallica Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0089EN Enma Alliance, Cutbilly Monster  search
HEB04-0086EN Enma Alliance, Jetcowl Monster  search
HEB04-0088EN Enma Alliance, Kilmince Monster  search
HEB04-0087EN Enma Alliance, Onizorihead Monster  search
HEB04-0073EN Enma Alliance, Regenthorn Monster  search
HEB04-0065EN Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Furious Iron Kongo Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0081EN Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Holy Scripture Hisui Monster  search
HEB04-0071EN Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Mountain Crush Gon Monster  search
HEB04-0079EN Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Thousand Dachis Yoko Monster  search
HEB04-0080EN Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Thunder Blade Kokuyo Monster  search
HEB04-0062EN Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Light Rim Alliot Monster  RRR  search
HEB04-0072EN Fifth Omni Divine Arts, Giga Howling Phantom! Impact  search
HEB04-0084EN Fifth Omni Dragon Fist, Roaring Fire Item  search
HEB04-0066EN Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Crimson Drum Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0006EN Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu "SD" Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0050EN Final Battle Ground, Vigrior Spell  search
HEB04-0093EN Fix Star, Athtress Monster  search
HEB04-0023EN Gang the King "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0028EN Great Wind Fairy, Sylph Monster  search
HEB04-0038EN Hades Axe, Demon Wind Slash Item  search
HEB04-0012EN Hasted Evolution, Yamigedo Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0026EN Heat Blade, Joker Monster  search
HEB04-0042EN Hidden Secret Sword "Cloud Billow" Spell  search
HEB04-0060EN Hundred Demons Sorcery, Raijogeki Spell  search
HEB04-0085EN Hungry Wolf Dragon Emperor, Edgeknuckle Monster  search
HEB04-0017EN Ideal Girl, Mary Sue Monster  search
HEB04-0001EN Jackknife, "Drum Bunker" Monster  RRR  search
HEB04-0064EN Jackknife, "Superior Plasma" Monster  RRR  search
HEB04-0044EN Loyal Dragons and Courage Spell  search
HEB04-0003EN Magical Beast Tamer, Kazane Monster  RRR  search
HEB04-0040EN Make Some Noise! Spell  search
HEB04-0055EN Man Who Answers for Justice! Spell  search
HEB04-0054EN Nameless Assassin Monster  search
HEB04-0019EN Nanomachine Ninja, Byakuya "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0007EN Nanomachine Ninja, Tsukikage "SD" Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0018EN Nothing to It! Spell  search
HEB04-0041EN One More Set! Spell  search
HEB04-0014EN Origin Fighting Dragon, Demongodol Monster  search
HEB04-0077EN Our Friendship Will Never Perish! Impact  search
HEB04-0010EN Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword "Inferno" Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0039EN Qinus Axia "SD" Monster  search
HEB04-0092EN Radiate Burst, Gamma Radius Monster  search
HEB04-0031EN Respective Battles Spell  search
HEB04-0045EN Result of Dragonwork Spell  search
HEB04-0011EN Schwarz "SD" Monster  RR  search
HEB04-0027EN Secret Arts of the Water Lord Spell  search
HEB04-0043EN Secret Sword, Starlight Impact  search
HEB04-0049EN Shield of Knowledge, Tetra Vibrion Spell  search
HEB04-0034EN Shrine of the Corrupted Fuchigami Spell  search
HEB04-0013EN Sorrowful Face Dragon Knight, El Quixote Monster  search
HEB04-0099EN Space Building, Bulge Spell  search
HEB04-0100EN Space Elevator Spell  search
HEB04-0033EN Speed of Light, Tri Elements Impact  search
HEB04-SP4 Star Dragon World Flag  SP  search
HEB04-0004EN Star Guardian, Jackknife "SD" Monster  RRR  search
HEB04-0102EN Star Hand, Arms Controller Item  search
HEB04-0032EN Star Jack Boost Spell  search
HEB04-0056EN Stop Right There! Spell  search
HEB04-0091EN Surges and Dragons of Life Spell  search
HEB04-0101EN Terraforming Spell  search
HEB04-0103EN The Radiant Guardians! Impact  search

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