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The Dragons

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The Dragons: 186 cards
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TD028 A Short Rest Resource Event  Common2  search
TD010 Adamant Helmet Resource Item  Common2  search
TD112 Agburanar Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD113 Agburanar at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD029 Alert the Folk Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD030 And Forth He Hastened Resource Event  Common2  search
TD011 Arrows Shorn of Ebony Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD084 Bairanax Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD114 Bairanax Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD115 Bairanax at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD031 Belegaer Resource Event  Common1  search
TD181 Belegennon Resource Item  Promotional  search
TD116 Black Breath Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD032 Bounty of the Hoard Resource Event  Common2  search
TD012 Bow of Dragon-horn Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD001 Brand Character  Uncommon2  search
TD172 Buhr Widu Site  Uncommon2  search
TD033 Burglary Resource Event  Common2  search
TD085 Carrion Birds Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD086 Cave Worm Hazard Creature  Common1  search
TD034 Cloudless Day Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD013 Cram Resource Item  Common2  search
TD117 Cruel Caradhras Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD118 Daelomin Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD119 Daelomin at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD173 Dale Site  Uncommon2  search
TD120 Deftness of Agility Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD087 Dire Wolves Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD122 Dragon's Blood Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD123 Dragon's Breath Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD124 Dragon's Curse Hazard Event  Common1  search
TD037 Dragon's Hunger Resource Event  Rare3  search
TD125 Dragon's Terror Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD035 Dragon-feuds Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD036 Dragon-lore Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD121 Dragon-sickness Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD088 Dunlending Raiders Hazard Creature  Common1  search
TD038 Dwarven Hoard Resource Event  Common2  search
TD089 Eärcaraxë Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD126 Eärcaraxë Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD127 Eärcaraxë at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD039 Echo of all Joy Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD040 Elf-path Resource Event  Common2  search
TD014 Emerald of Doriath Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD015 Emerald of the Mariner Resource Item  Rare2  search
TD016 Enruned Shield Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD128 Exile of Solitude Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD041 Fast Asleep Resource Event  Common2  search
TD129 Fever of Unrest Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD042 Flatter a Foe Resource Event  Common1  search
TD130 Foolish Words Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD043 Forod Resource Event  Common1  search
TD002 Fram Framson Character  Rare2  search
TD174 Framsburg Site  Uncommon2  search
TD131 Frenzy of Madness Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD132 From the Pits of Angband Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD003 Galdor Character  Uncommon2  search
TD044 Gift of Comprehension Resource Event  Common1  search
TD017 Gold Belt of Lórien Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD175 Gold Hill Site  Uncommon2  search
TD176 Gondmaeglom Site  Uncommon2  search
TD090 Gothmog Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD018 Habergeon of Silver Resource Item  Common2  search
TD133 Half an Eye Open Hazard Event  Common1  search
TD045 Harad Resource Event  Common1  search
TD046 Helm of Her Secrecy Resource Event  Rare2  search
TD047 Here, There, or Yonder Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD048 Hey! come merry dol! Resource Event  Common2  search
TD091 Hobgoblins Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD182 Horn of Defiance Resource Item  Promotional  search
TD134 Host of Bats Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD049 Houses of Healing Resource Event  Common2  search
TD092 Ice-drake Hazard Creature  Common1  search
TD135 Icy Touch Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD136 Incite Denizens Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD137 Incite Minions Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD004 Ioreth Character  Uncommon2  search
TD184 Ireful Flames Hazard Event  Promotional  search
TD177 Isle of the Ulond Site  Uncommon2  search
TD093 Itangast Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD138 Itangast Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD139 Itangast at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD050 King under the Mountain Resource Event  Rare2  search
TD140 Known to an Ounce Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD094 Land-drake Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD141 Left Behind Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD051 Legendary Hoard Resource Event  Rare2  search
TD095 Lesser Spiders Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD142 Leucaruth Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD143 Leucaruth at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD096 Light-drake Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD052 Look More Closely Later Resource Event  Common1  search
TD053 Lore of the Ages Resource Event  Common2  search
TD019 Magical Harp Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD054 Many Foes he Fought Resource Event  Common2  search
TD144 Many Sorrows Befall Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD055 Many Turns and Doublings Resource Event  Common2  search
TD056 Map to Mithril Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD097 Marsh-drake Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD057 Marvels Told Resource Event  Common2  search
TD058 Master of Esgaroth Resource Event  Common2  search
TD059 Master of Wood, Water, or Hill Resource Event  Common2  search
TD060 Mathom Lore Resource Event  Rare2  search
TD145 Memories Stolen Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD007 Men of Dale Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
TD008 Men of Lake-town Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
TD061 More Sense than You Resource Event  Common2  search
TD098 Morgul-rats Hazard Creature  Rare3  search
TD020 Necklace of Silver and Pearls Resource Item  Common1  search
TD006 Nenseldë the Wingild Resource Ally  Rare2  search
TD146 No Escape from My Magic Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD147 Noose of the Sea Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD062 Not at Home Resource Event  Common2  search
TD178 Ovir Hollow Site  Uncommon2  search
TD148 Parsimony of Seclusion Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD149 Passion of Wrath Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD150 Peril Returned Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD063 Pledge of Conduct Resource Event  Common2  search
TD151 Prowess of Age Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD152 Prowess of Might Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD099 Rain-drake Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD064 Refuge Resource Event  Common2  search
TD009 Returned Exiles Resource Faction  Rare2  search
TD065 Rhûn Resource Event  Common1  search
TD066 Riddling Talk Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD183 Ringil Resource Item  Promotional  search
TD153 Rumor of Wealth Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD100 Sand-drake Hazard Creature  Uncommon2  search
TD067 Sated Beast Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD021 Scabbard of Chalcedony Resource Item  Common2  search
TD101 Scatha Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD154 Scatha Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD155 Scatha at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD102 Scorba Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD156 Scorba Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD157 Scorba at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD103 Sea Serpent Hazard Creature  Common1  search
TD158 Searching Eye Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD068 Secret News Resource Event  Common2  search
TD159 Shadow of Mordor Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD069 Skin-changer Resource Event  Rare2  search
TD160 Sleepless Malice Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD161 Smaug Ahunt Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD162 Smaug at Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD163 Song of the Lady Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD070 Staff Asunder Resource Event  Rare2  search
TD071 Star of High Hope Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD164 Stormcrow Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD185 Stormcrow Hazard Event  Promotional  search
TD165 Subtlety of Guile Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD072 Tales of the Hunt Resource Event  Common2  search
TD179 Tharbad Site  Uncommon2  search
TD073 The Riddle Game Resource Event  Rare2  search
TD005 Thráin II Character  Rare2  search
TD074 Three Golden Hairs Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD022 Thrór's Map Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD104 Thunder's Companion Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD166 Times Are Evil Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD075 Trickery Resource Event  Common2  search
TD105 True Cold-drake Hazard Creature  Common1  search
TD106 True Fire-drake Hazard Creature  Common1  search
TD023 Twice-baked Cakes Resource Item  Common1  search
TD024 Valiant Sword Resource Item  Common2  search
TD076 Vanish in Sunlight! Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD167 Velocity of Haste Hazard Event  Rare3  search
TD077 Warm Now Be Heart and Limb Resource Event  Common2  search
TD078 Washed and Refreshed Resource Event  Common2  search
TD025 Waybread Resource Item  Uncommon3  search
TD107 Were-worm Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD079 When I Know Anything Resource Event  Common2  search
TD080 Wielded Twice Resource Event  Common2  search
TD108 Wild Fell Beast Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
TD168 Winds of Wrath Hazard Event  Rare2  search
TD109 Winged Cold-drake Hazard Creature  Uncommon2  search
TD110 Winged Fire-drake Hazard Creature  Uncommon2  search
TD081 Wit Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD169 Withered Lands Hazard Event  Common1  search
TD082 Wizard Uncloaked Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
TD026 Wizard's Staff Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
TD111 Wolf-riders Hazard Creature  Common2  search
TD186 Wolf-Riders Hazard Creature  Promotional  search
TD083 Wondrous Maps Resource Event  Common1  search
TD170 Worm's Stench Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
TD027 Wormsbane Resource Item  Rare2  search
TD171 Worn and Famished Hazard Event  Common2  search
TD180 Zarak Dûm Site  Uncommon2  search

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