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G Technical Booster 1: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
G Technical Booster 1: The RECKLESS RAMPAGE: 87 cards
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G-TCB01-S03 Absolute King, Gluttony Dogma (SP) Tachikaze  SP  search
G-TCB01-006 Absolute Ruler, Gluttony Dogma Tachikaze  RRR  search
G-TCB01-054 Accel Tiger Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-039 Acrobat Verdi Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-061 Ancient Dragon, Babybird Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-055 Ancient Dragon, Hypnohang Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-058 Ancient Dragon, Nodotank Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-014 Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando Tachikaze  RR  search
G-TCB01-S09 Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando (SP) Tachikaze  SP  search
G-TCB01-056 Assault Dragon, Assaultrex Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-018 Axe Diver Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-TCB01-035 Baby Camara Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-034 Barrier Dragon, Styracolord Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-031 Beam Dragon, Apatomaser Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-015 Blade Dragon, Jigsawsaurus Tachikaze  RR  search
G-TCB01-065 Bulldozer Dobe Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-017 Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasalauncher Tachikaze  RR  search
G-TCB01-064 Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-069 Cheer Girl, Elza Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-067 Cobalt Impulse Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-063 Coelamagnum Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-059 Cold Dragon, Freezernyx Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-071 Commander, Garry Gannon Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-002 Destruction Tyrant, Twintempest Tachikaze  GR  search
G-TCB01-029 Destructive Equipment, Hammer Gewalt Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-075 Devil Watch Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-037 Dudley Jessica Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-007 Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor Tachikaze  RRR  search
G-TCB01-S04 Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor (SP) Tachikaze  SP  search
G-TCB01-009 Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova Spike Brothers  RRR  search
G-TCB01-S06 Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova (SP) Spike Brothers  SP  search
G-TCB01-057 Explosive Dragon, Sarcoblaze Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-040 Frog Raider Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-068 Genie, Lamp Receiver Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-003 Great Villain, Dirty Picaro Spike Brothers  GR  search
G-TCB01-036 Great Villainess, Dhampir Lily Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-066 Heave Wheeze Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-038 Hive Maker Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-050 Killing Method Stealth Rogue, Samidare Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-020 Kiss-mark, Alma Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-TCB01-S12 Kiss-mark, Alma (SP) Spike Brothers  SP  search
G-TCB01-021 Liar Lips Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-TCB01-052 Living Method Stealth Rogue, Shigure Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-074 Magical Manager Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-073 Mecha Advisor Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-042 Mecha Analyzer Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-070 Moodmaker Nyanrook Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-033 Prism Bird Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-072 Psychic Mel Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-030 Rage Dragon, Tyrannobrute Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-001 Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Tsukumorakan Nubatama  GR  search
G-TCB01-022 Rikudo Stealth Dragon, Zaramerakan Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-004 Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Atagolord Nubatama  RRR  search
G-TCB01-S01 Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Atagolord (SP) Nubatama  SP  search
G-TCB01-016 Savage Guardian Tachikaze  RR  search
G-TCB01-S10 Savage Guardian (SP) Tachikaze  SP  search
G-TCB01-062 Savage Healer Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-060 Savage Heroine Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-008 Shootdown King, Miracle Ace Spike Brothers  RRR  search
G-TCB01-S05 Shootdown King, Miracle Ace (SP) Spike Brothers  SP  search
G-TCB01-023 Shura Stealth Dragon, Hokagecongo Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-025 Shura Stealth Dragon, Murasamecongo Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-027 Stealth Beast, Aramatatabi Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-043 Stealth Beast, Hagurejishi Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-049 Stealth Beast, Karasudoji Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-026 Stealth Beast, Katarigitsune Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-044 Stealth Beast, Kibamaru Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-046 Stealth Beast, Kurosakazuki Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-047 Stealth Dragon, Chigiregumo Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-045 Stealth Dragon, Hashiribi Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-024 Stealth Dragon, Kegareshinmyo Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-010 Stealth Dragon, Nibikatabira Nubatama  RR  search
G-TCB01-013 Stealth Dragon, Noroi Nubatama  RR  search
G-TCB01-053 Stealth Dragon, Onibidoushi Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-005 Stealth Dragon, Shiranui Nubatama  RRR  search
G-TCB01-S02 Stealth Dragon, Shiranui (SP) Nubatama  SP  search
G-TCB01-051 Stealth Fiend, Warashibehime Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-011 Stealth Rogue of Night Fog, Miyabi Nubatama  RR  search
G-TCB01-S07 Stealth Rogue of Night Fog, Miyabi (SP) Nubatama  SP  search
G-TCB01-048 Stealth Rogue of the Mirrored Moon, Tsubakuro Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-028 Stealth Rogue of the Wintry Wind, Kamojigusa Nubatama  search
G-TCB01-012 Stealth Rogue of Veils, Kurenai Nubatama  RR  search
G-TCB01-S08 Stealth Rogue of Veils, Kurenai (SP) Nubatama  SP  search
G-TCB01-032 Tank Mammoth Tachikaze  search
G-TCB01-041 Untouchable, Milly Spike Brothers  search
G-TCB01-019 Wink-killer Misery Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-TCB01-S11 Wink-killer Misery (SP) Spike Brothers  SP  search

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