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Dark Minions

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Dark Minions: 187 cards
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DM034 Aiglos Resource Item  Rare2  search
DM106 An Article Missing Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM107 An Unexpected Outpost Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM045 An Unexpected Party Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM002 Anarin Character  Uncommon2  search
DM046 Ancient Stair Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM108 Angmar Arises Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM185 Angmar Arises Hazard Event  Promotional  search
DM047 Armory Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM048 Await the Advent of Allies Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM109 Aware of Their Ways Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM003 Baduila Character  Rare2  search
DM049 Balance Between Powers Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM050 Barrow-blade Resource Event  Common2  search
DM181 Baugúr Character  Promotional  search
DM004 Bill Ferny Character  Common1  search
DM186 Bill Ferny Character  Promotional  search
DM110 Bring Our Curses Home Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM097 Bûthrakaur the Green Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
DM111 Chance of Being Lost Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM098 Chill Douser Hazard Creature  Uncommon2  search
DM051 Choice of Lúthien Resource Event  Rare2  search
DM052 Crown of Flowers Resource Event  Common2  search
DM112 Cunning Foes Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM053 Cup of Farewell Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM054 Dark Numbers Resource Event  Common2  search
DM005 Dâsakûn Character  Uncommon2  search
DM006 Deallus Character  Common1  search
DM113 Doubled Vigilance Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM035 Dragon-helm Resource Item  Rare2  search
DM007 Drór Character  Common1  search
DM114 Drums Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM099 Durin's Bane Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
DM036 Dwarven Light-stone Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
DM115 Earth-tremors Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM008 Elerína Character  Rare2  search
DM009 Elwen Character  Uncommon2  search
DM116 Endless Whispers Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM055 Enduring Tales Resource Event  Common2  search
DM010 Eun Character  Common1  search
DM117 Exhalation of Decay Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM056 Eyes of Mandos Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM118 Eyes of the Shadow Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM057 Face out of Sight Resource Event  Common1  search
DM119 Faces of the Dead Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM058 Fate of the Ithil-Stone Resource Event  Rare2  search
DM059 Fifteen Birds in Five Firtrees Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM060 Fireworks Resource Event  Common2  search
DM011 Firiel Character  Rare2  search
DM061 First of the Order Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM120 Flies and Spiders Hazard Event  Common1  search
DM121 Foes Shall Fall Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM001 Folco Boffin Character  Uncommon2  search
DM062 Forewarned is Forearmed Resource Event  Common2  search
DM037 Forgotten Scrolls Resource Item  Common2  search
DM012 Fori the Beardless Character  Uncommon2  search
DM182 Freca Character  Promotional  search
DM063 Free to Choose Resource Event  Common2  search
DM038 Gems of Arda Resource Item  Rare3  search
DM013 Gergeli Character  Common1  search
DM014 Gisulf Character  Common1  search
DM122 Gnaw with Words Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM015 Golodhros Character  Rare2  search
DM123 Good Sense Revolts Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM124 Great Need or Purpose Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM125 Great Secrets Buried There Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM064 Hall of Fire Resource Event  Common2  search
DM168 Haudh-in-Gwanûr Site  Uncommon2  search
DM065 Healing of Nimrodel Resource Event  Common2  search
DM126 Helms of Iron Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM066 Herb-lore Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM067 Here Is a Snake! Resource Event  Common2  search
DM016 Herion Character  Common1  search
DM169 Hermit's Hill Site  Uncommon2  search
DM068 Hidden Knife Resource Event  Common1  search
DM069 Hobbit-lore Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM070 Horns, Horns, Horns Resource Event  Common1  search
DM071 Hour of Need Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM072 Hundreds of Butterflies Resource Event  Common2  search
DM073 I Know Much about You Resource Event  Common2  search
DM127 In Darkness Bind Them Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM128 In Great Wrath Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM129 In the Heart of his Realm Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM130 Inner Cunning Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM074 Into Dark Tunnels Resource Event  Common1  search
DM075 Into the Smoking Cone Resource Event  Rare2  search
DM017 Ivic Character  Uncommon2  search
DM018 Jûoma Character  Uncommon2  search
DM076 Knowledge of the Enemy Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
DM039 Leaf Brooch Resource Item  Common2  search
DM019 Leamon Character  Common1  search
DM131 Like the Crash of Battering-rams Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM031 Lindion the Oronín Resource Ally  Uncommon2  search
DM100 Little Snuffler Hazard Creature  Uncommon2  search
DM029 Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Character  Uncommon2  search
DM132 Long Dark Reach Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM040 Lost Tome Resource Item  Common2  search
DM077 Mallorn Resource Event  Rare2  search
DM078 Memories Recalled Resource Event  Common2  search
DM032 Mistress Lobelia Resource Ally  Uncommon2  search
DM041 Mithril Resource Item  Rare2  search
DM133 Mordor in Arms Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM079 More Alert than Most Resource Event  Common2  search
DM184 More Alert than Most Resource Event  Promotional  search
DM030 My Precious Character  Rare2  search
DM101 Nameless Thing Hazard Creature  Uncommon2  search
DM042 Necklace of Girion Resource Item  Rare2  search
DM134 Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM135 Never Seen Him Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM187 Never Seen Him Hazard Event  Promotional  search
DM020 Nimloth Character  Common1  search
DM080 No Waiting to Wonder Resource Event  Common2  search
DM136 No Way Forward Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM033 Noble Hound Resource Ally  Common2  search
DM137 Nobody's Friend Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM043 Noldo-lantern Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
DM021 Ôm-buri-Ôm Character  Uncommon2  search
DM081 Ordered to Kill Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM138 Out of the Black Sky Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM139 Pale Dream-maker Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM082 Palm to Palm Resource Event  Common2  search
DM083 Pass the Doors of Dol Guldur Resource Event  Rare2  search
DM044 Phial of Galadriel Resource Item  Rare2  search
DM140 Pierced by Many Wounds Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM022 Pôn-ora-Pôn Character  Uncommon2  search
DM023 Râisha Character  Uncommon2  search
DM141 Rank upon Rank Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM142 Reaching Shadow Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM084 Rebuild the Town Resource Event  Common2  search
DM143 Redoubled Force Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM144 Reluctant Final Parting Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM145 Revealed to all Watchers Hazard Event  Rare2  search
DM085 Saw Further and Deeper Resource Event  Common2  search
DM146 Scimitars of Steel Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM086 Secret Ways Resource Event  Common2  search
DM147 Seek without Success Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM148 Seized by Terror Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM087 Sentinels of Númenor Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM149 Shadow out of the Dark Hazard Event  Rare2  search
DM088 Smoke Rings Resource Event  Common2  search
DM150 Spells of the Barrow-wights Hazard Event  Common1  search
DM102 Spider of the Môrlat Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
DM103 Stirring Bones Hazard Creature  Common2  search
DM151 Sudden Fury Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM024 Súrion Character  Uncommon2  search
DM025 Taladhan Character  Rare2  search
DM152 The Black Enemy's Wrath Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM089 The Dwarves Are upon You! Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM170 The Gem-deeps Site  Uncommon2  search
DM026 The Grimburgoth Character  Rare2  search
DM090 The Hunt Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM171 The Iron-deeps Site  Rare2  search
DM153 The Moon Is Dead Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM172 The Pûkel-deeps Site  Uncommon2  search
DM154 The Reach of Ulmo Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM173 The Sulfur-deeps Site  Rare2  search
DM174 The Under-courts Site  Rare2  search
DM175 The Under-galleries Site  Rare2  search
DM176 The Under-gates Site  Uncommon2  search
DM177 The Under-grottos Site  Uncommon2  search
DM178 The Under-leas Site  Uncommon2  search
DM179 The Under-vaults Site  Uncommon2  search
DM155 The Way is Shut Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM091 The Windlord Found Me Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM156 To Get You Away Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM092 To the Uttermost Foundations Resource Event  Uncommon2  search
DM093 Token of Goodwill Resource Event  Rare3  search
DM157 Tribal Banner Hazard Event  Common3  search
DM158 Tribal Totem Hazard Event  Rare3  search
DM159 Troll-purse Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM160 Twisted Tales Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM161 Two or Three Tribes Present Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM104 Umagaur the Pale Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
DM180 Urlurtsu Nurn Site  Uncommon2  search
DM094 Vein of Arda Resource Event  Common1  search
DM162 Waylaid, Wounded, and Orc-dragged Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM095 When You Know More Resource Event  Common2  search
DM163 Which Might Be Lies Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM164 Will not Come Down Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search
DM105 Wisp of Pale Sheen Hazard Creature  Common1  search
DM096 Withdrawn to Mordor Resource Event  Common1  search
DM027 Woffung Character  Common1  search
DM183 Wolf Character  Promotional  search
DM028 Wormtongue Character  Rare2  search
DM165 Wound of Long Burden Hazard Event  Common2  search
DM166 Wraith-lord Hazard Event  Rare2  search
DM167 Your Welcome Is Doubtful Hazard Event  Uncommon2  search

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