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Against the Shadow

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Against the Shadow: 170 cards
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AS116 A Lie in Your Eyes Hazard Event  Rare2  search
AS066 Above the Abyss Resource Event  Common3  search
AS100 Alatar the Hunter Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS052 All the Bells Ringing Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS053 Alliance of Free Peoples Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS117 Alone and Unadvised Hazard Event  Common3  search
AS037 Ancient Black Axe Resource Item  Rare2  search
AS013 Angmarim Resource Faction  Rare1  search
AS019 Angmarim Resource Faction  Rare2  search
AS020 Asdriags Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
AS021 Bairanax Roused Resource Faction  Rare1  search
AS054 Biter and Beater! Resource Event  Common2  search
AS007 Black Horse Resource Ally  Common3  search
AS022 Black Númenóreans Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
AS034 Bow of the Galadhrim Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
AS001 Bûrat Character  Uncommon2  search
AS137 Cirith Gorgor Site  Rare2  search
AS118 Come at Need Hazard Event  Common2  search
AS023 Corsairs of Rhûn Resource Faction  Uncommon3  search
AS008 Creature of an Older World Resource Ally  Rare2  search
AS024 Daelomin Roused Resource Faction  Rare1  search
AS143 Dancing Spire Site  Uncommon2  search
AS067 Dark Tryst Resource Event  Common3  search
AS068 Driven as by a Madness Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS055 Drughu Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS101 Durin's Folk Hazard Creature  Common3  search
AS038 Dwarven Ring of Thélor's Tribe Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
AS039 Dwarven Ring of Thrár's Tribe Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
AS102 Dwarven Travelers Hazard Creature  Common3  search
AS144 Eagles' Eyrie Site  Uncommon2  search
AS025 Eärcaraxë Roused Resource Faction  Rare1  search
AS119 Early Harvest Hazard Event  Common2  search
AS145 Edhellond Site  Rare2  search
AS120 Enchanted Stream Hazard Event  Common3  search
AS069 Eye Never Sleeping Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS070 Faithless Steward Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS071 Far Below the Deepest Delvings Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS056 Farmer Maggot Resource Event  Rare1  search
AS121 Fealty Under Trial Hazard Event  Common2  search
AS122 FEAR! FIRE! FOES! Hazard Event  Common3  search
AS146 Framsburg Site  Rare2  search
AS123 Full of Froth and Rage Hazard Event  Common2  search
AS103 Galadhrim Hazard Creature  Common2  search
AS104 Gandalf the White Rider Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS138 Geann a-Lisch Site  Uncommon2  search
AS057 Glamour of Surpassing Excellance Resource Event  Common3  search
AS139 Gobel Mírlond Site  Uncommon2  search
AS040 Goblin Earth-plumb Resource Item  Common2  search
AS147 Gold Hill Site  Uncommon2  search
AS009 Great Bats Resource Ally  Common3  search
AS010 Great Lord of Goblin-gate Resource Ally  Rare2  search
AS148 Grey Havens Site  Rare2  search
AS072 Hail of Darts Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS014 Haradrim Resource Faction  Rare2  search
AS026 Haradrim Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
AS041 Helm of Fear Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
AS149 Himring Site  Uncommon2  search
AS073 Hoard Well-searched Resource Event  Common2  search
AS074 Hold Rebuilt and Repaired Resource Event  Common2  search
AS075 Hounds of Sauron Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS150 Irerock Site  Uncommon2  search
AS042 Iron Shield of Old Resource Item  Common2  search
AS151 Isle of the Ulond Site  Uncommon2  search
AS152 Isles of the Dead That Live Site  Uncommon2  search
AS027 Itangast Roused Resource Faction  Rare1  search
AS035 Jewel of Beleriand Resource Item  Common2  search
AS076 Join With That Power Resource Event  Common3  search
AS105 Knights of the Prince Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS106 Lady of the Golden Wood Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS077 Legendary Stair Resource Event  Common2  search
AS028 Leucaruth Roused Resource Faction  Rare1  search
AS107 Lord of the Carrock Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS108 Lord of the Haven Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS153 Lórien Site  Rare2  search
AS109 Master of the House Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS002 Mauhûr Character  Rare2  search
AS003 Míonid Character  Uncommon2  search
AS029 Morgul-orcs Resource Faction  Rare2  search
AS058 Mount Slain Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS124 Near to Hear a Whisper Hazard Event  Rare2  search
AS043 Necklace of Girion Resource Item  Rare2  search
AS059 No Strangers at this Time Resource Event  Common3  search
AS030 Nûriags Resource Faction  Uncommon3  search
AS140 Nûrniag Camp Site  Uncommon2  search
AS015 Nûrniags Resource Faction  Rare1  search
AS154 Old Forest Site  Uncommon2  search
AS044 Old Treasure Resource Item  Common2  search
AS125 One Foe to Breed a War Hazard Event  Rare2  search
AS060 Orc-mail Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS031 Orcs of Dol Guldur Resource Faction  Rare2  search
AS078 Orders from Lugbúrz Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS079 Our Own Wolves Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS155 Ovir Hollow Site  Uncommon2  search
AS080 Padding Feet Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS110 Pallando the Soul-keeper Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS004 Perchen Character  Uncommon2  search
AS016 Petty-dwarves Resource Faction  Rare2  search
AS032 Petty-dwarves Resource Faction  Rare2  search
AS126 Pilfer Anything Unwatched Hazard Event  Uncommon1  search
AS061 Power Against the Shadow Resource Event  Common3  search
AS127 Power Built by Waiting Hazard Event  Common3  search
AS081 Powers Too Dark and Terrible Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS111 Radagast the Tamer Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS141 Raider-hold Site  Uncommon2  search
AS045 Records Unread Resource Item  Common2  search
AS011 Regiment of Black Crows Resource Ally  Common3  search
AS128 Returned Beyond All Hope Hazard Event  Common2  search
AS156 Rhosgobel Site  Rare2  search
AS129 Ride Against the Enemy Hazard Event  Common3  search
AS082 Riven Gate Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS157 Rivendell Site  Rare2  search
AS083 Sack Over the Head Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS062 Safe from the Shadow Resource Event  Common2  search
AS112 Saruman the Wise Hazard Creature  Rare2  search
AS046 Secret Book Resource Item  Common2  search
AS130 Short Legs Are Slow Hazard Event  Uncommon3  search
AS131 Slip Treacherously Hazard Event  Common3  search
AS063 Spies Feared Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS084 Steeds Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS113 Steward's Guard Hazard Creature  Common2  search
AS114 Stout Men of Gondor Hazard Creature  Common3  search
AS132 Summons from Long Sleep Hazard Event  Common2  search
AS085 The Ash Mountain Deeps Resource Event  Common2  search
AS012 The Balrog Resource Ally  Rare2  search
AS086 The Dark Power Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS158 The Gem-deeps Site  Rare2  search
AS087 The Great Eye Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS159 The Iron-deeps Site  Uncommon2  search
AS036 The Ithil-stone Resource Item  Rare1  search
AS088 The Misty Mountain Deeps Resource Event  Common2  search
AS089 The Mountains of Shadow Deeps Resource Event  Common2  search
AS160 The Pûkel-deeps Site  Rare2  search
AS161 The Sulfur-deeps Site  Uncommon2  search
AS064 The Sun Unveiled Resource Event  Common3  search
AS090 The Tormented Earth Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS091 The Undeeps of Anduin Resource Event  Common2  search
AS162 The Under-courts Site  Uncommon2  search
AS163 The Under-galleries Site  Uncommon2  search
AS164 The Under-gates Site  Uncommon2  search
AS165 The Under-grottos Site  Uncommon2  search
AS166 The Under-leas Site  Uncommon2  search
AS092 The Under-roads Resource Event  Common2  search
AS167 The Under-vaults Site  Uncommon2  search
AS093 The White Mountain Cavern-ways Resource Event  Common2  search
AS142 The Worthy Hills Site  Uncommon2  search
AS047 Thong of Fire Resource Item  Rare2  search
AS048 Thrall-ring Resource Item  Rare2  search
AS049 Thror's Map Resource Item  Uncommon2  search
AS094 Tokens to Show Resource Event  Common2  search
AS168 Tolfalas Site  Uncommon2  search
AS065 Tower Raided Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS095 Treason the Greatest Foe Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS096 Tribute Garnered Resource Event  Common2  search
AS115 Trolls from the Mountains Hazard Creature  Common2  search
AS050 Troth-ring Resource Item  Rare2  search
AS133 Trouble on All Borders Hazard Event  Common2  search
AS005 Tûma Character  Uncommon2  search
AS134 Turning Hope to Despair Hazard Event  Common3  search
AS135 Unhappy Blows Hazard Event  Rare2  search
AS097 Use Your Legs Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS051 Usriev of Treachery Resource Item  Common3  search
AS017 Wain-easterlings Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
AS033 Wain-easterlings Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
AS169 Weathertop Site  Uncommon2  search
AS098 Well-preserved Resource Event  Uncommon3  search
AS170 Wellinghall Site  Uncommon2  search
AS136 Will Shaken Hazard Event  Rare2  search
AS099 World Gnawed by the Nameless Resource Event  Rare2  search
AS018 Woses of the Eryn Vorn Resource Faction  Uncommon2  search
AS006 Wûluag Character  Uncommon2  search

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