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The Balrog

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The Balrog: 176 cards
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BA014 A Few Recruits Resource Faction  Rare  search
BA023 A More Evil Hour Resource Event  Rare  search
BA124 An Unexpected Outpost Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA083 Ancient Deep-hold Site  Rare  search
BA024 Ancient Secrets Resource Event  Common  search
BA025 Angband Revisited Resource Event  Common  search
BA003 Azog Character  Rare  search
BA125 Bairanax Ahunt Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA084 Barad-dûr Site  Rare  search
BA165 Beorn's House Site  Fixed1  search
BA064 Beorning Skin-changers Hazard Creature  Rare  search
BA161 Black Mace Resource Item  Fixed1  search
BA068 Black Vapour Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA145 Bold Thrust Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA004 Bolg Character  Rare  search
BA026 Breach the Hold Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA105 Bûrat Character  Fixed1  search
BA005 Bûthrakaur Character  Rare  search
BA085 Carn Dûm Site  Rare  search
BA065 Carrion Feeders Hazard Creature  Rare  search
BA010 Cave Troll Resource Ally  Rare  search
BA027 Caverns Unchoked Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA028 Challenge the Power Resource Event  Rare  search
BA086 Cirith Gorgor Site  Rare  search
BA087 Cirith Ungol Site  Rare  search
BA029 Cloaked by Darkness Resource Event  Rare  search
BA114 Corsairs of Umbar Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA126 Covetous Thoughts Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA018 Crept Along Carefully Resource Event  Rare  search
BA146 Crept Along Cleverly Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA006 Crook-legged Orc Character  Uncommon  search
BA030 Crowned with Storm Resource Event  Rare  search
BA069 Darkness Made by Malice Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA031 Darkness Wielded Resource Event  Rare  search
BA166 Dead Marshes Site  Fixed1  search
BA032 Descent through Fire Resource Event  Rare  search
BA070 Desire All for Thy Belly Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA071 Diminish and Depart Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA088 Dol Guldur Site  Rare  search
BA127 Doors of Night Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA167 Eagles' Eyrie Site  Fixed1  search
BA128 Eärcaraxë Ahunt Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA033 Eddy in Fate's Tide Resource Event  Rare  search
BA015 Elven Rope Resource Item  Rare  search
BA011 Evil Things Lingering Resource Ally  Rare  search
BA034 Flame of Udûn Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA072 Fled into Darkness Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA035 Foe Dismayed Resource Event  Common  search
BA129 Foolish Words Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA130 From the Pits of Angband Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA131 Full of Froth and Rage Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA036 Gangways over the Fire Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA115 Ghosts Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA116 Giant Spiders Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA073 Glance of Arien Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA168 Goblin-gate Site  Fixed1  search
BA155 Goblins of Goblin-gate Resource Faction  Fixed1  search
BA037 Going Ever Under Dark Resource Event  Rare  search
BA169 Gondmaeglom Site  Fixed1  search
BA106 Gorbag Character  Fixed1  search
BA038 Great Army of the North Resource Event  Rare  search
BA039 Great Fissure Resource Event  Common  search
BA040 Great Shadow Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA012 Great Troll Resource Ally  Rare  search
BA132 Greed Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA156 Grey Mountain Goblins Resource Faction  Fixed1  search
BA041 Grond Resource Event  Rare  search
BA117 Half-trolls of Far Harad Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA042 Heart of Dark Fire Resource Event  Rare  search
BA162 High Helm Resource Item  Fixed1  search
BA007 Hill-troll Character  Uncommon  search
BA147 I'll Be At Your Heels Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA148 I'll Report You Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA074 Imprisoned and Mocked Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA043 Invade Their Domain Resource Event  Rare  search
BA170 Iron Hill Dwarf-hold Site  Fixed1  search
BA163 Iron Shield of Old Resource Item  Fixed1  search
BA118 Lesser Spiders Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA044 Long Grievous Siege Resource Event  Rare  search
BA133 Long Winter Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA019 Longbottom Leaf Resource Event  Rare  search
BA045 Lord and Usurper Resource Event  Rare  search
BA134 Lure of Expedience Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA046 Maker's Map Resource Event  Rare  search
BA119 Marsh-drake Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA047 Memories of Old Torture Resource Event  Rare  search
BA089 Minas Morgul Site  Rare  search
BA048 Mine or No One's Resource Event  Rare  search
BA075 Monstrosity of Diverse Shape Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA135 Mordor in Arms Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA090 Moria Site  Uncommon  search
BA171 Mount Gram Site  Fixed1  search
BA172 Mount Gundabad Site  Fixed1  search
BA008 Mountain-maggot Character  Common  search
BA136 Muster Disperses Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA120 Nameless Thing Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA013 Nasty Slimy Thing Resource Ally  Rare  search
BA121 Neeker-breekers Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA049 No Better Use Resource Event  Rare  search
BA050 Obey Him or Die Resource Event  Rare  search
BA107 Old Troll Character  Fixed1  search
BA066 Olog Warlords Hazard Creature  Rare  search
BA108 Orc Captain Character  Fixed1  search
BA109 Orc Tracker Character  Fixed1  search
BA110 Orc Veteran Character  Fixed1  search
BA157 Orcs of Angmar Resource Faction  Fixed1  search
BA158 Orcs of Gundabad Resource Faction  Fixed1  search
BA159 Orcs of Mirkwood Resource Faction  Fixed1  search
BA160 Orcs of Moria Resource Faction  Fixed1  search
BA051 Orders from the Great Demon Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA052 Out He Sprang Resource Event  Common  search
BA053 People Diminished Resource Event  Rare  search
BA149 Piercing All Shadows Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA076 Press-gang Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA054 Prone to Violence Resource Event  Rare  search
BA091 Remains of Thangorodrim Site  Rare  search
BA055 Roam the Waste Resource Event  Rare  search
BA056 Roots of the Earth Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA020 Rumours of Rings Resource Event  Rare  search
BA164 Sable Shield Resource Item  Fixed1  search
BA173 Sarn Goriwing Site  Fixed1  search
BA057 Sauron Resource Event  Rare  search
BA137 Scatha Ahunt Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA138 Scorba Ahunt Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA058 Scourge of Fire Resource Event  Rare  search
BA122 Sellswords Between Charters Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA111 Shagrat Character  Fixed1  search
BA067 Shelob's Brood Hazard Creature  Uncommon  search
BA021 Show Things Unbidden Resource Event  Rare  search
BA150 Skies of Fire Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA139 Smaug Ahunt Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA077 Spawn of Ungoliant Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA016 Stabbing Tongue of Fire Resource Item  Rare  search
BA140 Stench of Mordor Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA144 Stinker Resource Ally  Fixed1  search
BA059 Strangling Coils Resource Event  Uncommon  search
BA002 Strider Character  Rare  search
BA151 Sudden Call Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA152 Swift Strokes Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA060 Tempest of Fire Resource Event  Rare  search
BA061 Terror Heralds Doom Resource Event  Rare  search
BA001 The Balrog Character  Common  search
BA092 The Drowning-deeps Site  Rare  search
BA093 The Gem-deeps Site  Rare  search
BA094 The Iron-deeps Site  Rare  search
BA095 The Pûkel-deeps Site  Rare  search
BA078 The Reek Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA096 The Rusted-deeps Site  Rare  search
BA097 The Sulfur-deeps Site  Rare  search
BA079 The Sun Shone Fiercely Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA098 The Under-courts Site  Rare  search
BA099 The Under-galleries Site  Rare  search
BA100 The Under-gates Site  Uncommon  search
BA101 The Under-grottos Site  Uncommon  search
BA102 The Under-leas Site  Uncommon  search
BA153 The Under-roads Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA103 The Under-vaults Site  Uncommon  search
BA141 The Way is Shut Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA174 The Wind Throne Site  Fixed1  search
BA104 The Wind-deeps Site  Rare  search
BA175 Thranduil's Halls Site  Fixed1  search
BA022 To Fealty Sworn Resource Event  Rare  search
BA123 True Fire-drake Hazard Creature  Fixed1  search
BA112 Tûma Character  Fixed1  search
BA142 Twilight Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA143 Twilight Hazard Event  Fixed1  search
BA009 Umagaur Character  Rare  search
BA080 Unabated in Malice Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA081 Ungoliant's Foul Issue Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA082 Ungoliant's Progeny Hazard Event  Rare  search
BA062 Vanguard of Might Resource Event  Rare  search
BA154 Voices of Malice Resource Event  Fixed1  search
BA176 Wellinghall Site  Fixed1  search
BA017 Whip of Many Thongs Resource Item  Rare  search
BA063 Whispers of Rings Resource Event  Rare  search
BA113 Wûluag Character  Fixed1  search

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