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BS35: 117 cards
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90 Amethyst Raideen Spell  Rare  search
37 Bighorn Guard Spirit  Common  search
34 Blitz Raccoon Spirit  Common  search
87 Burning Lance Crush Spell  Common  search
23 ChickenKnight Spirit  Common  search
63 Chimelion Spirit  Rare  search
70 Clever Machine Demon-God Brave  Rare  search
89 Crystal Break Spell  Common  search
71 Demon-God Princess Brave  Rare  search
85 Drago Flame Spell  Common  search
96 Dream Slash Spell  Rare  search
86 Emperor Draw Spell  Common  search
12 Exosnake Spirit  Common  search
92 Flap Wing Spell  Common  search
98 Flying Carpet Spell  Common  search
32 Folofolou Spirit  Common  search
60 Foxydeer Spirit  Common  search
97 Fruit Change Spell  Common  search
93 Gale Lord Finish Spell  Common  search
48 GoGo Ghost Spirit  Common  search
1 Horned Mouse Spirit  Common  search
61 Inohyou Elephant Spirit  Common  search
57 Inotsuchi Pig Spirit  Common  search
46 Kuurin Spirit  Common  search
94 Magic Rope Spell  Common  search
16 Metalbone Dragon Spirit  Common  search
82 No. 19 Mountain Pear Nexus  Common  search
83 No. 27 Big Slope Nexus  Common  search
77 No. 33 Hill Mountain Nexus  Common  search
75 No. 4 Palace Castle Nexus  Common  search
79 No. 44 Big Minute Nexus  Common  search
73 No. 7 Good Luck Island Nexus  Common  search
100 Ocean Energy Spell  Common  search
91 Power of Wind Spell  Common  search
101 Purge Attack Spell  Common  search
20 Purple Smoke Kirin Spirit  Common  search
13 Purple Smoke Spider Spirit  Common  search
88 Return Smoke Spell  Common  search
17 Saber Snake Spirit  Common  search
72 Shark Demon-God Brave  Common  search
95 Sheep Wall Magic/Burst  Common  search
35 Shield-Squirrel Spirit  Common  search
68 Shiki Demon-God Brave  Common  search
59 Shimakuma Spirit  Common  search
69 Shinobi Demon-God Brave  Common  search
27 Sylpheed Husky Spirit  Rare  search
42 The AzureWarMachine Reginleiv Spirit  Common  search
X5S The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon (Blue) Spirit  X Rare  search
X5E The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon (Green) Spirit  X Rare  search
X5A The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon (Purple) Spirit  X Rare  search
X5D The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon (White) Spirit  X Rare  search
X5T The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon (Yellow) Spirit  X Rare  search
X5R The BigDipperDragon Sieg-Apollodragon(Red) Spirit  X Rare  search
15 The ChaosMagician Amaldi Spirit  Rare  search
14 The ChivalrousRobber Mercurio Spirit  Common  search
53 The CircuitPrincess Trickster Spirit  Master Rare  search
43 The CleverMachineGeneral Daigongen Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
76 The Dragonbone Mountain Range Nexus  Common  search
31 The EighthKnight Van-Eagle Spirit  Master Rare  search
44 The EighthSprintingSoldier King Cheetah Spirit/Soul Burst  Rare  search
11 The FifthWarHorse Salablade Spirit  Master Rare  search
5 The FirstApostle Raydeer Spirit  Common  search
4 The FlameWolf Wolfire Spirit  Rare  search
80 The FortCity Wallsheeps Nexus  Common  search
25 The FourthKnight Chevalier Spirit  Common  search
40 The FourthSoldier Meind-Wolf Spirit  Rare  search
x05 The FruitKing Durialba 27th Spirit  X Rare  search
50 The Fruitsel Orangeo Spirit  Common  search
47 The Fruitsel Ringostarr Spirit  Common  search
45 The Fruitsel Straw-Berry Spirit  Common  search
52 The Fruitsel Suikadon Spirit  Common  search
84 The GiantFace Rocks Forest Nexus  Rare  search
55 The GourmentFairy Sweets Spirit/Soul Burst  Rare  search
54 The GourmetFairy Patissiere Spirit/Soul Burst  Master Rare  search
33 The GreatBirdTree Ancient-Moa Spirit  Common  search
x07 The Green OriginDragon Viridiorus Spirit  X Rare  search
41 The HeavenlyDemonKing God-Sechs -Type Five- Spirit  Rare  search
x08 The HeavenlyDemonKing God-Sechs -Type The End- Spirit  X Rare  search
78 The HeavenlyWingsTree Flourishing in the White Clouds Nexus  Rare  search
21 The InfernalDragon Zon-Tharg Spirit  Master Rare  search
CP01 The JadeEmperorDragon Daiteiou Spirit  X Rare  search
81 The Kitchenhenge Ruins Nexus  Common  search
18 The KnightDeathDragon Glaizus Spirit  Rare  search
58 The MarineCorps Kojirac Spirit  Common  search
62 The MarineCorps Sharga Spirit  Master Rare  search
56 The MarineCorps Suna-Meri Spirit  Common  search
74 The Mountain Similar to Hometown's Mountain Nexus  Common  search
64 The OceanGeneral Kanimedes Spirit  Common  search
22 The OnmyouOgre Tsuchimikado Spirit/Soul Burst  Rare  search
9 The Roaring Rapide Spirit  Common  search
x03 The RoosterTwelveGodKing Gale-Phoenix Spirit  X Rare  search
10 The RowdyBladeDragon Dynasword Spirit  Common  search
19 The SaintSnake Azulia Spirit  Common  search
29 The SecondKnight Euros-Falcon Spirit  Rare  search
36 The SecondSoldier Mehssiah Spirit  Common  search
7 The SeventhBeastDragon Draleon Spirit  Rare  search
x04 The SheepTwelveGodKing Glorious-Sheep Spirit  X Rare  search
30 The ShelledSwordsman Laminifencer Spirit  Common  search
x02 The SixHellsSorcerer Dies-Wraith Spirit  X Rare  search
38 The SixthArtifact Ibericsen Spirit  Common  search
39 The SixthArtifact Ibericsen -Machine Beast Mode- Spirit  Common  search
8 The SoulBlader Samurai-Dragon-Heaven Spirit  Rare  search
3 The SoulLancer Hisame Spirit  Common  search
x01 The SoulMaster Bugeisha-Dragon Spirit  X Rare  search
6 The SoulRider Seiga Spirit  Common  search
2 The SoulSaber Rindou Spirit  Common  search
28 The StrayNinja Mantislo Spirit  Rare  search
26 The TenthApostle Yurikamo Spirit  Common  search
x06 The ThousandBeastsKing Dos-Deimos Spirit/Soul Burst  X Rare  search
66 The ThunderGod WisdomKing Spirit  Rare  search
24 The WindDemon Tashigi Spirit  Common  search
65 The WindGod WisdomKing Spirit  Rare  search
51 The WiseBeast Sphinx Spirit  Common  search
49 The YoukaiPrince Kidracula Spirit  Common  search
67 War Dragon Demon-God Brave  Master Rare  search
102 Wind-Thunder Break Spell  Rare  search
99 Yellow Sun Spell  Rare  search

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