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Voyager Expansion

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Voyager Expansion: 224 cards
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78 Acquire Technology Mission  search
79 Aftermath Mission  search
1 Aggressive Behavior Dilemma  search
80 Ambush Ship Mission  search
46 Ancestral Vision Event  search
81 Answer Distress Signal Mission  search
161 Arturis Personnel: Non-aligned  search
2 Assassin's Blade Dilemma  search
107 Assign Mission Specialists Objectives  search
82 Assist Cooperative Mission  search
3 Astral Eddy Dilemma  search
68 Auto-Destruct Sequence Interrupt  search
114 Ayala Personnel: Federation  search
114* Ayala Personnel: Non-aligned  search
115 B'Elanna Torres Personnel: Federation  search
115* B'Elanna Torres Personnel: Non-aligned  search
4 Balancing Act Dilemma  search
30 Barzan Wormhole Doorways  search
69 Beyond The Subatomic Interrupt  search
33 Bio-Neural Gel Pack Equipment  search
58 Blue Alert Incidents  search
108 Boarding Party Objectives  search
198 Bothan Vessel Ships: Non-aligned  search
47 Captain's Log Event  search
59 Caretaker's Array Incidents  search
83 Catalog Phenomena Mission  search
116 Cavit Personnel: Federation  search
117 Chakotay Personnel: Federation  search
117* Chakotay Personnel: Non-aligned  search
118 Chell Personnel: Federation  search
118* Chell Personnel: Non-aligned  search
5 Civil Unrest Dilemma  search
84 Combat Training Mission  search
109 Commandeer Ship Objectives  search
6 Common Thief Dilemma  search
85 Contact Resistance Mission  search
60 Containment Field Incidents  search
142 Corez Personnel: Kazon  search
7 Crisis Dilemma  search
143 Culluh Personnel: Kazon  search
86 Cure Deadly Virus Mission  search
177 Danara Pel Personnel: Vidiian  search
967 DELETE - Ayala Personnel: Non-aligned  search
968 DELETE - B'Elanna Torres Personnel: Non-aligned  search
969 DELETE - Chakotay Personnel: Non-aligned  search
970 DELETE - Chell Personnel: Non-aligned  search
962 DELETE - Seska Personnel: Kazon  search
937 DELETE -Tabor Personnel: Federation  search
190 Delta Flyer Ships: Federation  search
61 Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission Incidents  search
178 Dereth Personnel: Vidiian  search
70 Distortion Of Space/Time Continuum Interrupt  search
110 Divert Power Objectives  search
140 Dr. Arridor Personnel: Ferengi  search
119 Dr. Fitzgerald Personnel: Federation  search
162 Dr. Ma'Bor Jetrel Personnel: Non-aligned  search
163 Dr. Neria Personnel: Non-aligned  search
174 Dr. Telek R'Mor Personnel: Romulan  search
179 Drenol Personnel: Vidiian  search
34 Engineering Kit Equipment  search
35 Engineering Tricorder Equipment  search
71 Escape Pod Interrupt  search
87 Expose Plot Mission  search
48 Fair Play Event  search
8 Female's Love Interest Dilemma  search
9 Flash Plasma Storm Dilemma  search
10 Gravimetric Distortion Dilemma  search
144 Haliz Personnel: Kazon  search
145 Halok Personnel: Kazon  search
62 Handshake Incidents  search
11 Hanonian Land Eel Dilemma  search
146 Haron Personnel: Kazon  search
120 Harry Kim Personnel: Federation  search
12 Hazardous Duty Dilemma  search
88 Heal Life-Form Mission  search
63 Home Away From Home Incidents  search
180 Hophalin Personnel: Vidiian  search
13 Hull Breach Dilemma  search
14 Implication Dilemma  search
89 Inversion Mystery Mission  search
90 Investigate Quantum Singularity Mission  search
147 Jabin Personnel: Kazon  search
121 Joseph Carey Personnel: Federation  search
49 Kal-Toh Event  search
148 Karden Personnel: Kazon  search
122 Kathryn Janeway Personnel: Federation  search
15 Kazon Bomb Dilemma  search
91 Kazon Conference Mission  search
36 Kazon Disruptor Equipment  search
37 Kazon Disruptor Rifle Equipment  search
55 Kazon Outpost Facilities: Outposts  search
195 Kazon Raider Ships: Kazon  search
196 Kazon Shuttle Ships: Kazon  search
197 Kazon Warship Ships: Kazon  search
164 Kes Personnel: Non-aligned  search
164* Kes Personnel: Federation  search
141 Kol Personnel: Ferengi  search
16 Komar Possession Dilemma  search
165 Kurros Personnel: Non-aligned  search
17 Lack Of Preparation Dilemma  search
92 Liberation Mission  search
123 Lon Suder Personnel: Federation  search
123* Lon Suder Personnel: Non-aligned  search
149 Loran Personnel: Kazon  search
181 Losarus Personnel: Vidiian  search
50 Lower Decks Event  search
18 Macrovirus Dilemma  search
166 Magistrate Drang Personnel: Non-aligned  search
19 Male's Love Interest Dilemma  search
150 Maniz Personnel: Kazon  search
124 Mariah Henley Personnel: Federation  search
124* Mariah Henley Personnel: Non-aligned  search
125 Marla Gilmore Personnel: Federation  search
125* Marla Gilmore Personnel: Non-aligned  search
20 Matriarchal Society Dilemma  search
126 Maxwell Burke Personnel: Federation  search
126* Maxwell Burke Personnel: Non-aligned  search
38 Medical Kit Equipment  search
39 Medical PADD Equipment  search
151 Minnis Personnel: Kazon  search
51 Mission Debriefing Event  search
127 Mitchell Personnel: Federation  search
40 Mobile Holo-Emitter Equipment  search
128 Mortimer Harren Personnel: Federation  search
182 Motura Personnel: Vidiian  search
72 Mutation Interrupt  search
183 Nadirum Personnel: Vidiian  search
73 Nanoprobe Resuscitation Interrupt  search
152 Narret Personnel: Kazon  search
21 Navigational Hazards Dilemma  search
167 Neelix Personnel: Non-aligned  search
167* Neelix Personnel: Federation  search
56 Nekrit Supply Depot Facilities: Outposts  search
175 Nevala Personnel: Romulan  search
168 Nimira Personnel: Non-aligned  search
184 Nirata Personnel: Vidiian  search
129 Noah Lessing Personnel: Federation  search
129* Noah Lessing Personnel: Non-aligned  search
111 Organ Theft Objectives  search
169 Paxim Personnel: Non-aligned  search
170 Penk Personnel: Non-aligned  search
93 Prevent Annihilation Mission  search
94 Prison Break Mission  search
74 Quinn Interrupt  search
153 Rabek Personnel: Kazon  search
22 Radioactive Garbage Scow Dilemma  search
154 Razik Personnel: Kazon  search
31 Ready Room Door Doorways  search
95 Reinitialize Warp Reaction Mission  search
176 Rekar Personnel: Romulan  search
96 Research Phage Mission  search
97 Restock Supplies Mission  search
98 Restore Victims Mission  search
155 Rettick Personnel: Kazon  search
99 Return Life-form Mission  search
100 Revive Settlers Mission  search
156 Ril Personnel: Kazon  search
130 Rollins Personnel: Federation  search
131 Rudolph Ransom Personnel: Federation  search
131* Rudolph Ransom Personnel: Non-aligned  search
157 Saldin Personnel: Kazon  search
101 Salvage Operation Mission  search
132 Samantha Wildman Personnel: Federation  search
41 Science PADD Equipment  search
113 Seska Personnel: Cardassian  search
113* Seska Personnel: Kazon  search
185 Sethis Personnel: Vidiian  search
171 Seven of Nine Personnel: Non-aligned  search
171* Seven of Nine Personnel: Federation  search
186 Sorum Personnel: Vidiian  search
23 Spatial Rift Dilemma  search
133 Stadi Personnel: Federation  search
42 Starfleet Type II Phaser Equipment  search
43 Starfleet Type III Phaser Rifle Equipment  search
102 Stop Bombardment Mission  search
103 Study Interment Site Mission  search
104 Study Interstellar Colony Mission  search
24 Subspace Fracture Dilemma  search
187 Sulan Personnel: Vidiian  search
112 Tabor Personnel: Bajoran  search
112* Tabor Personnel: Federation  search
105 Tak Tak Negotiation Mission  search
172 Tanis Personnel: Non-aligned  search
188 Telari Personnel: Vidiian  search
32 Temporal Micro-Wormhole Doorways  search
158 Tersa Personnel: Kazon  search
189 Thaden Personnel: Vidiian  search
52 The Big Picture Event  search
25 The Cloud Dilemma  search
134 The Doctor Personnel: Federation  search
75 The Gift Interrupt  search
64 The Kazon Collective Incidents  search
53 The Next Emanation Event  search
173 The Pendari Champion Personnel: Non-aligned  UR  search
76 The Phage Interrupt  search
77 The Power Interrupt  search
26 The Swarm Dilemma  search
65 The Vidiian Sodality Incidents  search
135 Thompson Personnel: Federation  search
135* Thompson Personnel: Non-aligned  search
159 Tierna Personnel: Kazon  search
136 Tom Paris Personnel: Federation  search
27 Trabe Grenade Dilemma  search
44 Transporter Control Module Equipment  search
137 Tuvok Personnel: Federation  search
28 Twisted Dilemma  search
191 Type 9 Shuttlecraft Ships: Federation  search
192 U.S.S. Equinox Ships: Federation  search
192* U.S.S. Equinox Ships: Non-aligned  search
193 U.S.S. Intrepid Ships: Federation  search
194 U.S.S. Voyager Ships: Federation  search
106 Unseat Dictator Mission  search
160 Valek Personnel: Kazon  search
66 Vidiian Boarding Claw Incidents  search
199 Vidiian Cruiser Ships: Vidiian  search
45 Vidiian Harvester Equipment  search
200 Vidiian Interceptor Ships: Vidiian  search
57 Vidiian Outpost Facilities: Outposts  search
201 Vidiian Scout Vessel Ships: Vidiian  search
54 Villagers With Torches Event  search
29 Volcanic Eruption Dilemma  search
138 Vorik Personnel: Federation  search
67 War Council Incidents  search
139 William Telfer Personnel: Federation  search

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