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Clan Rivals

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Clan Rivals: 21 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Akodo Shusaku Personality  Fixed  search
13 Barbican Holding  Fixed  search
20 Cascading Fire Spell  Fixed  search
2 Doji Masaru Personality  Fixed  search
3 Helm of Thunder (Experienced) Item  Fixed  search
4 Hida Sadaharu Personality  Fixed  search
18 Isawa Mino Personality  Fixed  search
5 Moto Hanzhi Personality  Fixed  search
15 Nemesis Action  Fixed  search
17 Occult Murders Event  Fixed  search
14 Ono Item  Fixed  search
9 Recruiting Drive Action  Fixed  search
16 Shiba Technique Action  Fixed  search
6 Shosuro Omezo Personality  Fixed  search
19 Tamori Shiki Personality  Fixed  search
7 Tetsubo of Thunder Item  Fixed  search
11 The Damned Follower  Fixed  search
21 The Fury of Osano-Wo Spell  Fixed  search
10 Tsuruchi Technique Action  Fixed  search
12 Untested Troops Follower  Fixed  search
8 Yoritomo Rui Personality  Fixed  search

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