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D Special Series 2: Dual Start Deck, Guidepost Genesis & Cosmo Elimination

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
D Special Series 2: Dual Start Deck, Guidepost Genesis & Cosmo Elimination: 30 cards
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D-SS02-0010 Aquarius Starsentinel, Aquario Monster  search
D-SS02-0006 Divine Guidance Spell  search
D-SS02-0022 Dragoneraser, Defiler Monster  search
D-SS02-0021 Dragoneraser, Jamming Monster  search
D-SS02-0027 Earth Barrier Spell  search
D-SS02-0023 Eliminator, Discarnea Monster  search
D-SS02-0020 Eliminator, Jerkline Monster  search
D-SS02-0024 Eliminator, Qualia Monster  search
D-SS02-0002 Endeavor Star Deity, Tierkreis Monster  search
D-SS02-0007 Espada Runar Item  search
D-SS02-0005-A Future Astrology Spell  search
D-SS02-0005-B Future Astrology Spell  search
D-SS02-0009 Gemini Starsentinel, Gemios Monster  search
D-SS02-0001 Hollowed Arms, Zodiac Monster  search
D-SS02-0028 Legblade Rejecter Item  search
D-SS02-0018 Legend World (card) Flag  search
D-SS02-0013 Light Horn of the False Deity Spell  search
D-SS02-0012 Maiden Starsentinel, Virgen Monster  search
D-SS02-0016 Medusa Shield Spell  search
D-SS02-0003 Meteorarms, Nebulosa Monster  search
D-SS02-0004 Meteorarms, Pisca Pisca Monster  search
D-SS02-0025 Null Place Spell  search
D-SS02-0008 Scorpio Starsentinel, Escorpia Monster  search
D-SS02-0014 Sentinels of the Stars Spell  search
D-SS02-0026 Speculight Ring Spell  search
D-SS02-0029 Star Dragon World (card) Flag  search
D-SS02-0017 Star Pole Sword, Estrela Item  search
D-SS02-0015 Symbel Gard Spell  search
D-SS02-0019 The Law, Gairaplus Monster  search
D-SS02-0011 Valkyrie, All-knowing Alwidol Monster  search

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