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A Throne of Blades

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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A Throne of Blades: 145 cards
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138 Against the Common Foe Plot  search
78 Ambassador of the Dragon Character  search
59 Ambassador of the Kraken Character  search
23 Ambassador of the Lion Character  search
41 Ambassador of the Stag Character  search
9 Ambassador of the Wolf Character  search
86 Balerion Location  search
73 Blood of my Blood Attachment  search
42 Celtigar Bannerman Character  search
88 City of Bones Location  search
24 Corrupt Councilman Character  search
32 Council Bureaucrat Character  search
108 Crushing Victory Event  search
109 Cutting the Braid Event  search
58 Dagmer Cleftjaw Character  search
110 Dark Prophecy Event  search
34 Deep Ore Vein Location  search
60 Deep Sea Buccaneers Character  search
69 Destroyer Fleet Location  search
55 Discretion Attachment  search
98 Disgraced Lordling Character  search
79 Dothraki Screamers Character  search
61 Drowned Convert Character  search
80 Eastern Mercenary Character  search
25 Envoy of Highgarden Character  search
53 Estates of Highgarden Location  search
37 Ever Vigilant Attachment  search
111 Famine Event  search
70 Flagship Location  search
26 Footmen of the Reach Character  search
139 Forced March Plot  search
17 Ford on the Trident Location  search
140 Fortified Position Plot  search
112 Funeral Pyre Event  search
52 Gates of Storm's End Location  search
1 Ghost Attachment  search
27 Gossiping Bard Character  search
89 Graveyard of the Gods Location  search
62 Great Axe Warrior Character  search
104 Great Sept of Baelor Location  search
2 Grey Wind Attachment  search
76 Grey Worm Character  search
63 Grizzled Shiphand Character  search
56 Heart of Iron Attachment  search
19 Heavy Taxes Attachment  search
94 High Septon Character  search
29 Highborn Character  search
43 House Celtigar Retainer Character  search
28 House Herald Character  search
90 House of the Undying Location  search
10 House Tully Knight Character  search
113 Insult to Injury Event  search
64 Iron Raiders Character  search
95 Janos Slynt Character  search
107 Jousting Arena Location  search
11 Kennel Master Character  search
74 Khal Attachment  search
75 Khaleesi's Favor Attachment  search
125 King's Gallows Location  search
40 Knight of Flowers Character  search
12 Knight of the Red Fork Character  search
3 Lady Attachment  search
114 Lightning Raid Event  search
99 Lord Tyrion's Host Character  search
91 Lordship Attachment  search
30 Lurkers at Harrenhal Character  search
96 Maester Aemon Character  search
115 Maester's Conclave Event  search
6 Mark of the Wolf Attachment  search
44 Masked Sorcereress Character  search
127 Mining Event  search
45 Mistress of Shadows Character  search
100 Mountain Warriors Character  search
57 Naval Tactician Attachment  search
4 Nymeria Attachment  search
116 Oath of the Drowned God Event  search
118 Ours is the Old Way Event  search
119 Overwhelming Numbers Event  search
120 Peace Envoys Event  search
101 Petty Noble Character  search
141 Plans within Plans Plot  search
92 Power Behind the Throne Attachment  search
65 Privateer Character  search
121 Prosperity and Plenty Event  search
81 Pureborn Character  search
50 Pyre of the False Gods Location  search
82 Qartheen Cutpurse Character  search
77 Quaithe of the Shadow Character  search
21 Raff the Sweetling Character  search
122 Rally to the Throne Event  search
123 Rampage Event  search
102 Ranging Party Character  search
46 Red Devotee Character  search
20 Ridicule Attachment  search
14 Riverrun Location  search
47 Royal Guard Character  search
142 Rule by Decree Plot  search
71 Salt Mines Location  search
66 Saltcliffe Captain Character  search
93 Scroll and Seal Event  search
35 Secret Passage Location  search
48 Septon of Dragonstone Character  search
103 Septon of King's Landing Character  search
31 Septon of Lannisport Character  search
67 Septon of Pyke Character  search
13 Septon of Winterfell Character  search
7 Ser Edmure Tully Character  search
83 Servitors of the Thirteen Character  search
124 Show of Strength Event  search
49 Soldier of the Light Character  search
117 Sorefoot King Event  search
143 Spending the Winter Stores Plot  search
144 Stalemate Plot  search
126 Starve them Out! Event  search
72 Straits of Blazewater Bay Location  search
36 Street of Splendor Location  search
5 Summer Attachment  search
8 The Blackfish Character  search
38 The Dragon's Mouth Attachment  search
128 The Gold Price Event  search
22 The Hound Character  search
129 The Iron Price Event  search
15 The Iron Throne Location  search
33 The Iron Throne Location  search
51 The Iron Throne Location  search
68 The Iron Throne Location  search
87 The Iron Throne Location  search
145 The Others are Massing Plot  search
105 The Red Keep Location  search
130 The Seven's Blessing Event  search
106 The Shadow Tower Location  search
131 The Sword in the Darkness Event  search
132 Thrown to the Wolves Event  search
84 Thundering Cavalry Character  search
54 Trade Port Location  search
133 Trickery Event  search
39 True King Attachment  search
134 Turning the Tide Event  search
135 Twisting the Blade Event  search
136 Valiant Protector Event  search
85 Warlock of Qarth Character  search
137 Wedding Gift Event  search
18 Winterfell Kennels Location  search
16 Woods of the North Location  search
97 Yoren Character  search

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