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BSC26: 57 cards
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SD06-016 Burst Wall Magic/Burst  Uncommon  search
11 Destoroyah (Flying Form) Spirit  Common  search
36 Fake Godzilla Spirit  Common  search
25 Gaira Spirit  Common  search
33 Garu Garu Spirit  Common  search
39 Garu Garu II Spirit  Rare  search
3 Godzilla (1954) Spirit  Common  search
4 Godzilla (1965) Spirit  Rare  search
7 Godzilla (1971) Spirit  Common  search
15 Godzilla (1989) Spirit  Master Rare  search
24 Kumonga Spirit  Common  search
51 Laser Gravitational Beam Spell  Common  search
22 Lightspeed Mode Mothra Spirit  Common  search
20 Matango Spirit  Common  search
40 MOGERA II-SRF Spirit  Master Rare  search
21 Primitive Mothra Spirit  Common  search
26 Sanda Spirit  Common  search
49 Scales & Prism Beam Spell  Common  search
2 Shin-Godzilla (First Form) Spirit  Common  search
x01 Shin-Godzilla (Fourth Form) Spirit  X Rare  search
5 Shin-Godzilla (Second Form) Spirit  Common  search
12 Shin-Godzilla (Third Form) Spirit  Rare  search
47 Shin-Godzilla Resistance Strategy Spell  Common  search
37 Super XII Spirit  Rare  search
41 The Anti-G MFS Type-3 Kiryu (Berserk) Spirit  Master Rare  search
42 The Anti-G MFS Type-3 Kiryu (Modified) Spirit  Rare  search
x04 The Anti-G Weapon Super MechaGodzilla Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
x04a The Anti-G Weapon Super MechaGodzilla Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
x03 The BioKaiju Biollante Spirit  X Rare  search
x03a The BioKaiju Biollante Spirit  X Rare  search
18 The CompleteLifeform Destoroyah Spirit  Master Rare  search
19 The CyborgKaiju Gigan Spirit  Master Rare  search
x05 The CyborgKaiju Mecha-King Ghidorah Spirit  X Rare  search
34 The CyborgKaiju MechaGodzilla Spirit  Common  search
13 The DemonicAquaBeast Dagahra Spirit  Common  search
16 The DemonKing Yamata-no-Orochi Spirit  Master Rare  search
31 The DestructionDemonicBeast Battra Spirit  Rare  search
27 The GiantMoth Mothra Spirit  Master Rare  search
6 The God of Destruction SpaceGodzilla Spirit  Common  search
23 The GuardianDeityBeast Mothra Spirit  Common  search
30 The GuardianDeityBeast Rainbow Mothra Spirit  Rare  search
29 The InsectKaiju Megalon Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
43 The Invasion of Shin-Godzilla Nexus  Common  search
x02 The KaijuKing Burning Godzilla Spirit  X Rare  search
44 The KaijuKing Emerges Nexus  Common  search
10 The KaijuKing Godzilla (2000) Spirit  Rare  search
35 The Maser Tank 92 Spirit  Common  search
32 The RobotKaiju Moguera Spirit  Common  search
45 The Rose Blooming in the Lake Nexus  Rare  search
1 The SeaDragon Manda Spirit  Common  search
8 The SkyGiantKaiju Rodan Spirit  Common  search
17 The SmogKaiju Hedorah Spirit  Rare  search
14 The SpaceSuperDemonicBeast Desghidorah Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
9 The SpaceSuperKaiju King Ghidorah Spirit  Common  search
38 The SpecialFighter Griffon Spirit  Common  search
46 The Wreckage of Mecha-King Ghidorah's Head Nexus  Common  search
28 Underwater Mode Mothra Spirit  Common  search

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