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2016 Mega-Tins

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card,
or click on the price tag to purchase that card at the best prices:
2016 Mega-Tins: 16 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
CT13-EN011 Aether, the Evil Empowering Dragon Monster / Effect / Pendulum  Super Rare  search
CT13-EN009 Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon Monster / Effect / Synchro  Ultra Rare  search
CT13-EN008 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monster  Ultra Rare  search
CT13-EN005 D/D/D Flame King Genghis Monster / Effect / Fusion  Super Rare  search
CT13-EN010 D/D/D Gust King Alexander Monster / Effect / Synchro  Super Rare  search
CT13-EN003 Dark Magician Monster  Ultra Rare  search
CT13-EN006 Dragonox, the Empowered Warrior Monster / Effect / Pendulum  Super Rare  search
CT13-EN004 Ebon High Magician Monster / Effect / Xyz  Ultra Rare  search
CT13-EN012 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit Monster / Effect / Tuner  Super Rare  search
CT13-EN002 Obelisk the Tormentor Monster / Effect  Secret Rare  search
CT13-EN007 Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer Monster / Effect / Pendulum  Super Rare  search
LVB1-JP104 Photon Advancer Monster / Effect  Rare  search
LVB1-JP106 Photon Orbital Monster / Effect  Rare  search
LVB1-JP105 Photon Vanisher Monster / Effect  Rare  search
CT13-EN001 Slifer the Sky Dragon Monster / Effect  Secret Rare  search
CYHO-EN197 Talkback Lancer Monster / Effect / Link  Rare  search
Total price for whole set:

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