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D Extra Booster 3: Heaven & Hell

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D Extra Booster 3: Heaven & Hell: 70 cards
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D-EB03-0038 Aeon Envoy, Soma Monster  search
D-EB03-0069 Armorknight Cougar "A" Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0011 Armorknight Cougar "A" Monster  RR  search
D-EB03-0002 Avalon, "Benedict Ray" Impact Monster  RRR  search
D-EB03-0056 Black Beast Battle Arts Spell  search
D-EB03-0060 Blazing in My Hands is a White Light of Black! Impact  search
D-EB03-0037 Blitz Envoy, Shinybell Monster  search
D-EB03-0023 Chaotic Hunt Jailer, Soku Monster  search
D-EB03-0026 Damian's Decision Spell  search
D-EB03-0017 Deity Age Envoy, Michaelis Monster  search
D-EB03-0005 Deity Dragon Envoy, Muriel Monster  RR  search
D-EB03-0042 Deity of Law Spell  search
D-EB03-0011 Demon Way, Akeshigure Spell  RR  search
D-EB03-0027 Demon Way, Jigokuezu Spell  search
D-EB03-0043 Dragon Blessing Spell  search
D-EB03-0015 Dragon Protector of the Celestial Gate, Luminalion Monster  search
D-EB03-0020 Dragon Sky Regression Spell  search
D-EB03-0040 Encouragement of the White Veil Spell  search
D-EB03-0007 Eternal Envoy, Aettir Monster  RR  search
D-EB03-0059 Executioner Hammer, Helles Fander Item  search
D-EB03-0049 Formless Jailer, Izumonokami Monster  search
D-EB03-0004 Gagalgarios, "Prison Pyre Demonic Wave!" Impact Monster  RRR  search
D-EB03-0019 Gate of Pardon, -Forgiven- Spell  search
D-EB03-0030 Gate of Verdict, -Judgement- Spell  search
D-EB03-0052 Glutton Jailer, Glugiu Monster  search
D-EB03-0013 Guardian Deity Dragon of Paradise, Avalon Monster  search
D-EB03-0061 Guardian Deity Dragon of Paradise, Avalon Monster  BR  search
D-EB03-0050 Hazel Emperor Jailer, AlKing Monster  search
D-EB03-0025 Headhunt Jailer, Sai Monster  search
D-EB03-0053 Headslay Jailer, Brujeria Monster  search
D-EB03-0068 Headslay Jailer, Brujeria Monster  search
D-EB03-0018 Heavens Shield Spell  search
D-EB03-0029 Helles Shield Spell  search
D-EB03-0028 Inferno Rule Spell  search
D-EB03-0039 Infinitude Envoy, Amrita Monster  search
D-EB03-0006 Justice Envoy, Angel Frill Monster  RR  search
D-EB03-SP1 Legend World Flag  SP  search
D-EB03-0047 Lethal Poison Jailer, Silhouette Leroy Monster  search
D-EB03-0066 Lethal Poison Jailer, Silhouette Leroy Monster  search
D-EB03-0057 Little Light Spell  search
D-EB03-0010 Master of the Evil Shadow Executioners, Silhouette Damian Monster  RR  search
D-EB03-0024 Master of the Searing Executioners, Gagalgarios Monster  search
D-EB03-0062 Master of the Searing Executioners, Gagalgarios Monster  BR  search
D-EB03-0031 Melody Envoy, Sword Flute Dragon Monster  search
D-EB03-0032 Nativity Envoy, Bloom Dragon Jr. Monster  search
D-EB03-0044 Nirvana Sword, Heavens Marius Item  search
X-BTO4A-0049 Order Axe "Wild Axe" Item  Rare  search
D-EB03-0055 Own-Style, Sliding Fang Spell  search
D-EB03-0001 Perpetual Envoy, Elixiel Monster  RRR  search
D-EB03-0034 Pure White Envoy, Whitia Monster  search
D-EB03-0067 Purgatory Sword, Black Givson Item  search
D-EB03-0012 Purgatory Sword, Silver Givson Item  RR  search
D-EB03-0033 Regeneration Envoy, Feather Dragon Mellow Monster  search
D-EB03-0058 Shadow Crusader Spell  search
D-EB03-0021 Sky Dragon Divinity Spell  search
D-EB03-0008 Sky Pillar Armor, Doreamarti Item  RR  search
D-EB03-0003 Sound Speed Jailer, Helle Gepard Monster  RRR  search
D-EB03-0036 Sparkling Envoy, Kirarian Monster  search
D-EB03-SP2 Star Dragon World Flag  SP  search
D-EB03-0016 Swoop Envoy, Angelus Monster  search
D-EB03-0046 Sword Edge Jailer, Zagulus Monster  search
D-EB03-0048 Sword Mountain Jailer, Oniyamaarashi Monster  search
D-EB03-0009 Tempest Jailer, Helle Cougar Monster  RR  search
D-EB03-0041 The Shield of Justice will Never Shatter! Spell  search
D-EB03-0054 Thousand Limbed Jailer, Cadvel Monster  search
D-EB03-0051 Treasure Jailer, Sonderdach Monster  search
D-EB03-0035 Trust Envoy, Sephleed Monster  search
D-EB03-0014 Unsullied Executor Dragon, Judge Charuthea Monster  search
D-EB03-0022 Violent Jailer, Dogaragan Monster  search
D-EB03-0045 ↑Glee Glee↑Big Wave☆ Impact  search

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