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Mirror Mirror Expansion

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Mirror Mirror Expansion: 131 cards
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23 35th Rule of Acquisition Event  search
2 A Fast Ship Would Be Nice Dilemma  search
15 Agonizer Equipment  search
31 Agony Booth Incidents  search
116 Alliance Galor Ships: Cardassian  search
114 Alliance Interceptor Ships: Bajoran  search
124 Alliance K'Vort Ships: Klingon  search
26 Alliance Nor Facilities: Stations  search
125 Alliance Vor'Cha Ships: Klingon  search
58 Aramax Personnel: Cardassian  search
3 Artillery Attack Dilemma  search
115 Bajoran Warship Ships: Bajoran  search
13 Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe Doorways  search
100 Balok Personnel: Non-aligned  search
49 Bareil Personnel: Bajoran  R+  search
129 Battle Cruiser Ships: Romulan  search
24 Blood Screening Event  search
64 Captain Bashir Personnel: Federation  R+  search
65 Captain Dax Personnel: Federation  R+  search
66 Chief Engineer Scott Personnel: Federation  R+  search
67 Chief Navigator Chekov Personnel: Federation  R+  search
68 Chief Surgeon McCoy Personnel: Federation  R+  search
4 Chula: The Game Dilemma  search
16 Classic Disruptor Equipment  search
69 Comm Officer Uhura Personnel: Federation  R+  search
109 Commander Charvanek Personnel: Romulan  R+  search
50 Commander Leeta Personnel: Bajoran  search
46 Construct Starship Objectives  search
70 Crewman Wilson Personnel: Federation  search
32 Crossover Incidents  search
110 D'vano Personnel: Romulan  search
118 Defiant Ships: Federation  R+  search
5 Denevan Neural Parasites Dilemma  search
41 Disrupt Alliance Mission  search
6 Distraction Dilemma  search
59 Dorza Personnel: Cardassian  search
71 Dr. Farralon Personnel: Federation  search
101 Dr. Roger Korby Personnel: Non-aligned  search
33 Emblem of the Alliance Incidents  search
34 Emblem of the Empire Incidents  search
7 Emergency Conversion Dilemma  search
117 Enhanced Attack Ship Ships: Dominion  search
72 Ensign Davis Personnel: Federation  search
73 Ensign Gaffney Personnel: Federation  search
102 Ezri Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
42 Feldomite Rush Mission  search
17 Ferengi Whip Equipment  search
128 Fesarius Ships: Non-aligned  search
74 First Officer Spock Personnel: Federation  UR  search
103 Fontaine Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
47 For Cardassia! Objectives  search
51 Gantt Personnel: Bajoran  search
8 Gorn Encounter Dilemma  search
111 Gorrus Personnel: Romulan  search
131 Halkan Council Time Locations  search
43 Historical Research Mission  search
9 Horta Dilemma  search
35 Hostage Trade Incidents  search
39 I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer Interrupt  search
126 I.K.C. Ki'tang Ships: Klingon  search
119 I.S.S. Constitution Ships: Federation  search
120 I.S.S. Enterprise Ships: Federation  R+  search
75 Jake Sisko Personnel: Federation  R+  search
76 James Tiberius Kirk Personnel: Federation  R+  search
52 Javek Len Personnel: Bajoran  search
10 Kelvan Show of Force Dilemma  search
30 Klingon Empire Outpost Facilities: Outposts  search
92 Korvek Personnel: Klingon  search
93 Loreva Personnel: Klingon  search
77 Lt. Kyle Personnel: Federation  search
78 Lt. Moreau Personnel: Federation  search
63 Luaran Personnel: Dominion  search
79 Marauder Personnel: Federation  search
80 Marlena Moreau Personnel: Federation  R+  search
44 Mine Dilithium Mission  search
18 Mirror Dagger Equipment  search
123 Mirror Ferengi Shuttle Ships: Ferengi  search
27 Mirror Terok Nor Facilities: Stations  R+  search
81 Mr. Andrews Personnel: Federation  search
88 Mr. Brunt Personnel: Ferengi  R+  search
89 Mr. Nog Personnel: Ferengi  R+  search
90 Mr. Quark Personnel: Ferengi  R+  search
91 Mr. Rom Personnel: Ferengi  R+  search
104 Mr. Sisko Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
82 Mr. Tuvok Personnel: Federation  search
19 Multidimensional Transport Device Equipment  search
36 No Way Out Incidents  search
83 Nurse Chapel Personnel: Federation  R+  search
130 Ops: Mirror Universe Sites  search
60 Overseer Mardel Personnel: Cardassian  search
53 Overseer Odo Personnel: Bajoran  R+  search
105 Professor Sisko Personnel: Non-aligned  R+  search
84 Prot Personnel: Federation  search
11 Quantum Fissure Dilemma  search
121 Rebel Interceptor Ships: Federation  search
127 Regency 1 Ships: Klingon  search
94 Regent Worf Personnel: Klingon  R+  search
95 Rinox Personnel: Klingon  search
54 Romara Cal Personnel: Bajoran  search
20 Romulan Cloaking Device Equipment  search
12 Royale Casino: Slots Dilemma  search
106 Ruk Personnel: Non-aligned  search
96 Rukor Personnel: Klingon  search
45 Search for Rebels Mission  search
61 Security Chief Garak Personnel: Cardassian  R+  search
85 Security Chief Sulu Personnel: Federation  R+  search
21 Self-Sealing Stem Bolts Equipment  search
86 Smiley Personnel: Federation  R+  search
22 Stolen Cloaking Device Equipment  search
112 Subcommander Tal Personnel: Romulan  search
97 T'Vor Personnel: Klingon  search
113 Tagus Personnel: Romulan  search
1 Tantalus Field Artifacts  search
55 Taymar Bern Personnel: Bajoran  search
98 Telok Personnel: Klingon  search
28 Terran Outpost Facilities: Outposts  search
29 Terran Rebellion HQ Facilities: Headquarters  search
37 The Art of Diplomacy Incidents  search
48 The Emperor's New Cloak Objectives  search
14 The Guardian of Forever Doorways  search
56 The Intendant Personnel: Bajoran  R+  search
107 Thomas Paris Personnel: Non-aligned  search
62 Thrax Personnel: Cardassian  search
87 Transporter Chief Kyle Personnel: Federation  search
38 Transporter Mixup Incidents  search
25 Treaty: Federation/Dominion Event  search
122 Type 18 Shuttlepod Ships: Federation  search
99 Vartoq Personnel: Klingon  search
40 Vulcan "Death Grip" Interrupt  search
57 Weyoun of Borg Personnel: Borg  R+  search
108 Wyatt Earp Personnel: Non-aligned  search

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