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Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations

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Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations: 54 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
25 Aggravated Assault Enchantment  search
31 Armageddon Sorcery  search
19 Attrition Enchantment  search
1 Austere Command Sorcery  search
38 Avatar of Woe Creature  search
2 Aven Mindcensor Creature  search
46 Blood Moon Enchantment  search
47 Boil Instant  search
20 Bontu the Glorified Legendary Creature  search
32 Capsize Instant  search
26 Chain Lightning Instant  search
50 Choke Enchantment  search
8 Consecrated Sphinx Creature  search
3 Containment Priest Creature  search
9 Counterbalance Enchantment  search
10 Counterspell Instant  search
11 Cryptic Command Instant  search
39 Damnation Sorcery  search
21 Dark Ritual Instant  search
12 Daze Instant  search
40 Desolation Angel Creature  search
41 Diabolic Edict Instant  search
22 Diabolic Intent Sorcery  search
13 Divert Instant  search
42 Doomsday Sorcery  search
23 Entomb Instant  search
33 Forbid Instant  search
14 Force of Will Instant  search
27 Hazoret the Fervent Legendary Creature  search
15 Kefnet the Mindful Legendary Creature  search
52 Lord of Extinction Creature  search
4 Loyal Retainers Creature  search
29 Maelstrom Pulse Sorcery  search
24 Mind Twist Sorcery  search
43 No Mercy Enchantment  search
5 Oketra the True Legendary Creature  search
34 Omniscience Enchantment  search
35 Opposition Enchantment  search
16 Pact of Negation Instant  search
28 Rhonas the Indomitable Legendary Creature  search
48 Shatterstorm Sorcery  search
44 Slaughter Pact Instant  search
17 Spell Pierce Instant  search
18 Stifle Instant  search
36 Sunder Instant  search
51 The Locust God Legendary Creature  search
53 The Scarab God Legendary Creature  search
54 The Scorpion God Legendary Creature  search
45 Thoughtseize Sorcery  search
37 Threads of Disloyalty Enchantment  search
49 Through the Breach Instant  search
30 Vindicate Sorcery  search
6 Worship Enchantment  search
7 Wrath of God Sorcery  search
Total price for whole set:

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